America's Patriot Only Network

America's Patriot Only Network

03/28/2021 | Behind the Scenes with JMC – PART 1 OF 2

Table of Contents

  • What happened on March 11th?
  • What’s to come April – August
  • Juan O Savin – Rulers of Darkness Hate America
  • My discussion with Charlie Ward 
  • Ted Cruz letter to Sec. of Defense 
  • Trump’s new social media platform coming soon
  • Container ship – Evergreen – Mossad-Barack – Kids?
  • Important AMP and Patriot announcements




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6 replies on “03/28/2021 | Behind the Scenes with JMC – PART 1 OF 2”

I am a new member and I thank God for you and others like yourself who are sharing the truth! Continue with the good work and may God continue to bless your ministry as He uses you to expose the lies and deception that is taking place! Praying for you guys!

Just joined the premium side the end of last week. I really enjoy MSOM. You and James are real voices of truth. I’m grateful that I’ve found you. I’m seeing already that this is going to be a great investment. Looking forward to the zoom meeting Tuesday night.
Keep up the great work! Praying for America and the voices of truth out there!

Glad to meet you at Tulsa! (And getting my picture taken with you!!) I’m a new premium member (2 months) and can’t thank you enough for your positive attitude even in the midst of chaos! You have no idea the comfort we get from your opening and closing monologue. And thank you for creating American media periscope and having fabulous guests. You are a gift for Patriots!

It was a huge highlight to meet you in Tulsa and have our picture taken together! It’s hard to express the gratitude I have for you… creating American media periscope and inviting the knowledgeable guests with awesome James as your co- host. The comfort you give in your calm attitude as well as your opening and closing monologues is more than maybe you’ll ever know. I watch AMP daily. Prayers for all of you at AMP and a big thank you from a grateful patriot! WEG1WGA!!

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