America's Patriot Only Network

America's Patriot Only Network

04/11/2021 | Behind the Scenes with JMC

Table of Contents

  • The Return of President Donald J. Trump
  • General Flynn Summary
  • Insights from JMC
  • Important Announcements




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16 replies on “04/11/2021 | Behind the Scenes with JMC”

I LOVE being a member of AMP and appreciate all your hard work to get us the real news and help us “connect the dots”. Praying for your continued health and safety. God is so faithful!

May our Father, the only Lord God, continue to bless and establish the work of your hands.

My wife and I live in the hope of your words coming true. Without that hope we would both be deeply depressed on the condition of this present government. God bless, we are praying for you and this country, and believe in your mantra “If it is not alright in the end, then it is not the end”.

PS – I have not been able to get to the archives of Freedom Friday and the Shell Games.
Is that my Mac’s fault or am I not looking in the right place. I am clicking on the shows and it is only giving me outdated shows. I can’t even get last Friday’s FF?

What about these innocent babies/children being trafficking in the USA right now at the southern boarder? They are being taking by unsavory people, while crying for their parents. I believe most of these children are kidnapped. How can we under President Trump rescuing them?

The more people I see getting the shot and some being ill with Covid like symptoms the more get impatient for everything to move quicker. However I know things don’t move like I want them to. Thank you for the STABLIZATION. I am keeping to my plan and it is working fine for now. May your guardian watch over you and those around you.

Thanks for doing these JMC! I would like to know if Pence will be coming back as VP with Trump since he was on the ballot.. ☹️ I hope there is a way around that!!!! Any intel on that?

I like some of your “read between the lines” ” belligerent occupiers ” DOD…caught on to some other ones too…. Right now there are some 13.11 being shown (Known) Thank you !!! Doing some research as well from what I have been given through all of you great (Q)Patriots

Hello Mr. Chambers.You are such a gifted speaker.We subscribed to your premium member ship a couple of months ago and we never received a hard copy of your book. We sent you $50 at that time as well. Please send as book to 6611 North 78th Avenue, Omaha NE 68122. You Are the best. Sue and Paul Wickliffe

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