America's Patriot Only Network

America's Patriot Only Network

07/25/2021 | Behind the Scenes with JMC

Table of Contents

  • JMC Health Update – August Return? New MSOM Format? 
  • Military Urges Officers To Get Their Houses In Order  
  • Pray for Us All and Pray for Patriot Street Fighter Scott McKay   
  • US Military vs. US Military? 
  • Devolution? 
  • How did we know – Collective Consciousness 
  • Buckle up – We’re in for a challenging 60 days – Stay the Course 
  • The Best Is Yet To Come 
  • Clay Clark’s Reopen America Tour – Did you see our CA footage? 
  • Important Updates and Announcements 





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8 replies on “07/25/2021 | Behind the Scenes with JMC”

So thankful that you are getting better. Looking forward to your return. Miss watching MOSM live , but can’t because of the schedule changes. Still watch it later though. I’ve pretty much stopped watching other channels. AMP covers a lot. Specially with the new shows being added.
Thanks again for being a patriot and holding the line.

My guess: desertification Oct, 10’s of thousands vaccinated people dying & hospitalized blaming unvaccinated, high inflation & engineered shortages, BLM& ANTIFA rioting democrat mayors & Governors calling up National Guard then hog tying them so Biden Admin (Austin Milley) declares martial law . November should be exciting!!

John, my husband and I just finished listening to your most recent podcast. First of all, we are so happy to hear you again and to know that you are getting well. You’re such a fighter and one of the mighty warriors. God bless your soul. Psalm 91. Ephesians 6. We will keep our glasses half full. Rebecca

John, I have not been able to connect with MSOM And have missed you and all of the great people on your platform. I am so sorry you have been so ill. Know that you are in my prayers for a complete recovery and continued good health and prosperity. Bless you for your dedication and effort for good and for God, on behalf of Americans and people across the world.
Love, prayers and blessings,
ELouise Flagg

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