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America's Patriot Only Network

08/08/2021 | Behind the Scenes with JMC

Table of Contents

  • Juan O Savin on MSOM Monday August 9 
  • The Deep State and Patriot Showdown is upon us 
  • Federal Govt. Emergency Broadcast Ping test August 11 
  • What is the Red Line in the Sand for the military to act? 
  • Buckle up – We’re in for a challenging 60 days – Stay the Course 
  • Clay Clark’s Reopen America Tour – MI, CO, TX 
  • Important Updates and Announcements 






8 replies on “08/08/2021 | Behind the Scenes with JMC”

Thanks again John for all you do. I’m praying for your continued recovery.
I do have a question though. When I listen to this podcast I have to keep touching my screen or it stops and goes blank. Is there away to listen that I don’t have to keep touching my screen?


Hi John! So glad you are continuing to get better and will likely be back next month. Miss you though Sean and James have done a great job filling in. There is one burning question I have that I wish I could ask Juan and hope Sean and James ask him Monday night: .
Does Trump know by now or all along this was a Plandemic as Dr Judy Mikovitz and others explain….a big psychological operation and propaganda war to get people in fear and then injected with the spike to keep this going and going and allow them push the rest of their totalitarian take down? Self perpetuating too — injection induced Variant after variant, booster after booster, fear wave after fear wave and suppress the proven early treatments we’ve had all along? I think Trump might know well and is using it against them and hope he does and has a plan to rid the system of these monsters like Fauci and these 3 letter agency heads and gain of function mad men once and for all!’ I think the election crime and these crimes against humanity both aided by the CCP must
be exposed once and for all. It will unite Americans and the globe! It will send evil into hiding and set them back many years!

Been addressed by us at AMP many times. It’s complicated. I am hoping to do a special report on that topic alone to answer these important questions and concerns. Stay tuned. Thank you.

Hello John..
You sound better by the way.. Continue on my good sir..
Now….according to your comment… You said the military will move in and not wait for 80 percent ….if the Tranical Left announces all Americans to get vaxed…
Got it..
…..But what about if on August 11…they announce lockdown to All Americans.? Does that count for military to move in as well?
I ask…because there are other Patriot platforms that are predicting August 11 as well….but adding that Biden will be speaking and announcing this.. about it? Does a national lockdown count for a Red Line Cross?


That date has come and gone. This is a MILITARY OPERATION. We don’t know what we don’t know. From all I have gathered, I think my podcast comment remains. I am hopeful we get to 80% + but the DS is moving in on us so hard and so fast, I have my doubts about hitting that 80% beofre a move is made. We wil know soon for sure…

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