America's Patriot Only Network

America's Patriot Only Network

08/22/2021 | Behind the Scenes with JMC

Table of Contents

  • AMP’s Gone Dark?
  • Deplatformed – Debanked –  Internal Hits  
  • AMP – Bigger, Better than Ever Before
  • Ten Important Questions Answered 
  • Assange on Afghanistan 
  • Newsome Recall Strewn with Fraud 
  • FDA Vax Approval?  
  • Red Line in the Sand – Military the Way Through – Hunker Down Now! 
  • Clay Clark’s Reopen America Tour – MI, CO, TX 
  • Important Updates and Announcements 





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8 replies on “08/22/2021 | Behind the Scenes with JMC”

Greetings to John Michael Chambers. We praise the Lord Jesus for you and AMP! You are a gift to the American people. The Lord is using you to keep us informed and connected! You are a very gifted speaker. We are still handing out the AMP business cards we created to people when we are out and about. Thomas Jefferson said “if we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed. “
Take care and God bless. Paul and Sue from Omaha, Nebraska

Thanks for all you do. I think you may be reading from the wrong Gen Flynn telegram account. Not 100% sure. There are many fake accounts on Telegram. Hard to ID the real ones!

As an ole Marine, I believe that if our real President does not come back in this month, that this country will see a civil war come. Our fore fathers would not have waited a month to wage physical war against this evil. Blood will be let but it is usless to wake for this whole nation to wake up. It is time to start this war now. If President Trump can do all he says he can do, NOW IS THE TIME TO STRIKE!!!!!

John I miss seeing you and look forward to your return and the new platform. It is going to be hard the next few days as I get all my news from AMP! May God bless you and heal you and have mercy on the majority of us waiting for the return to righteousness and truth!! WWG1WGA

Ahoy Shipmates,
I love the AMP programs. They have been one of the few reliable running lights throughout the darkness that is 2021. Thank God for John Michael Chambers and his crew, especially James Grundvig, Alexandra Bruce, and Lt. Scott Bennett., and all their special guests, most importantly “The Man” Juan O Savin. American heroes everyone one of you! These amazing people have been like a lifeline for me and my circle of patriots. I love you all and can never thank you enough, or accurately express exactly how much respect I have for each of you!! My motto is: It will all be ok in the end, if its not ok, its not the end.

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