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4/21/2021 | Conversations of Consequence | With Simon Parkes

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38 replies on “4/21/2021 | Conversations of Consequence | With Simon Parkes”

I have been listening to Simon Parkes for over 6 months now and have found his information to be so uplifting and informative. It is an awesome thing for me to see so many of these personalities that I have been listening to for months, all coming together and interviewing each other. This is beautiful. We are holding the line out here in Southern California, the belly of the beast. These types of interviews and programs help give us the strength and information to carry on under the severe oppression we feel here. So many people I know have given up in California, and left. I believe California went red for Trump. I am staying here to fight for my home and my state. Please keep praying for us patriots out here who are fighting the good fight, maskless no matter what, and raising young patriots to know God and to know evil when they see it, and know what to do to fight it.

me i saw the whole interview with Simon Parkes, thanks God, so interesting and informative. John Michael Chambers asked good questions. Even if there were a lot of noises, i managed to understand almost all the words. I think Trudeau was programmed and sexually abused as a child by his father and father’s friends. I think a lot of political figures have been chosen and programmed…were sexually abused in their childhood. I wish Simon Parkes would be the healer of Justin Trudeau one day, not so far away. I would have liked Simon to share more about his UFO experiences. Maybe next time? Thank you so much from Québec City. WWG1WGA

I watched about half of this and then the video just stopped… tried logging out and in twice, still nothing… the video would not load again. What I was able to watch was an excellent interview… one of the best ones I have seen with Simon Parkes. It cut out just after the discussion on Pence. I know it will be fixed most likely by tomorrow and I look forward to replaying this anyway… it
covers so much it’s worth watching twice. Thank you for this!

Wonderful interview with very candid intel! Simon Parkes is truly a light in the darkness for all of us. God Bless you John for these interviews and God Bless Simon Parkes. Thank you so much.

Great show! You got a lot out of Simon, John. I’m in Largo, love your show! James is excellent! And I’ve been a member of CC for a couple yrs or more, love Simon & Becky. Going to be nice having Simon in sunny Florida, with the best Governor going,!

Great Q and A’s from both John and Simon Parkes. As much as it sounds so unbelievable, I have faith and hope that this is our journey and all of the prayers from “We the People” will be answered sooner than later!!!!

Thanks for the way you introduced Simon. He has been vilified by others and I hadn’t been sure about him. Based on the fact that he was on *your* platform gave him some credence in my mind and then when I heard his history, as related by you, and the history of his family, I had a greater understanding of who he is and was therefore more fully disposed to listen to what he had to say. I am so glad I did! Thanks for having him on and I look forward to more of your interviews with him.

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