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America's Patriot Only Network

4/26/2021 | 7:00 PM | MSOM EP.253 | Awakening From The Zombie Apocalypse With David Nino Rodriguez

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Nearly 60% of Americans are concerned about running out of money.





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5 replies on “4/26/2021 | 7:00 PM | MSOM EP.253 | Awakening From The Zombie Apocalypse With David Nino Rodriguez”

Agree – yet it wasn’t easy for them this is century long eseries of events palaying out, Great Depression, Vietnam, 9/11 – predictive programming for decades and pre-planning by deep state for decades- CNN demographic unfortunately reaches the older generations the elderly the most vulnerable that are not digitally savvy – we need to ask why is Gates is still alive and Klaus Schwab and the rest – when you start examining the mRNA tech it goes right to DARPA and all agencies owned by the deep state – why has the Bilderberger been allowed and not stop I mean in reality they should’ve all been rounded up at the last Bilderberger event — Charlie Ward says its all pantomime and its all under control and that’s a half-truth as they are not going to just lay over and die, and they will ask for a truce yet as they advance – Lindell di not get that Intel by himself — real raw news .com reported Hilary Clinton was convicted and put to death in a military tribunal that is one of the largest stories right now and that would a a huge key EYE opener to awaken all teh masses — followed by arresting Fauci and shuting down the CDC — so we are being told militray is doing the real job behind the scenes which I believe and those need to be honored yet the masses need full awakening and teh militray needs to take them down — the courts and the games crooked dems are playing in concert to cover there Treason is a delay that can not continue no matter what — go over to Jordan Maxwell Research Society adn anyone taht just takes face value on any of this is a fool whether that be new QFS and all else it needs to be detailed — peaceful proets at all tehse Corproate ehadquartes CDC, facebook, Twitter , Google etc need to be happening adn ask yourself why is it that Antifa and BLM have not been fully taken down or listed as Domestic Trerrorist Organizations????????? and if the system is not changed then all of the running for office is a waste as the sytem itself is flawed…wake up we have the info – the righ ttime is now ist not about these audits its about the global manuevers being had right now – and why in hell would anyone collective allow this to continue past May? a day late a dollar short a stitch in time saves nine

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