America's Patriot Only Network

America's Patriot Only Network

4/29/2021 | CoC | Scott McKay

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John Michael Chambers is joined by fellow Patriot Streetfighter Scott McKay. Watch the exclusive interview here on American Media Periscope.




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14 replies on “4/29/2021 | CoC | Scott McKay”

Awesome program, Thankful for Scott and AMP. I watch every day because the information is real and gives us hope for our nation.

“The matrix we live in is a huge psyop,” … “leading us to believe the satanic guidelines that THEY follow are spiritually healthy…”
OK, AGREED, BUT WHY do you wear a ring and have a satanic skull wall plaque honoring DEATH/SATAN! My family member has skulls and other satanic tattoos (the scream etc.) covering her body and claims to love Jesus. I, just three days ago, learned that she has, possibly terminal, lymph node cancer.
OK, TELL ME, how do you justify memorializing death and supposedly be honoring “the temple of the LORD”, your body and environment???
I wouldn’t have those satanic (small ‘s’ on purpose) road signs anywhere near myself, my home, or my family arena!

Oh, how I too wait and long for “the hammer”! However, your viewpoint of a methodical take-down is SPOT ON! Two of my family members, who scoffed at my numerous warnings, one Catholic, one Protestant, now know the Whole Truth … they loved Him “because He first loved us” … and are with Him now … Praise HIM for His Magnificent Love!!! SHALOM <

Prayer warriors KEEP PRAYING. The battle is the Lord’s battle but His people MUST be engaged. We wrestle NOT against flesh & blood but against the rulers of this world’s darkness (Demons). Greater is HE who is in us than he who is in the world. Father, we bind every unclean spirit assigned to this battle and we loose your warrior angels to fight in the heavenly realm. We decree and declare VICTORY in the Mighty name of Jesus, not for us but for Your name’s sake, for Your glory and for Your praise. KEEP PRAYING. Thank you Patriot Street Fighter.

Listen to him, he doesn’t believe in the God of the Bible! We aren’t here for spiritual ascension as a planet and ‘heaven or hell is where we are and what we make of it’. What happened to All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God? Where is the need for a Savior? Hell is a very real place and the only way to escape it is through Jesus. “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no one gets to the Father, but through Me. John 14.6
And the rapture is not to send people to hell. Its when Jesus calls his church up to meet him. The Bible warns of many people being deceived in the last days. Scott is definitely a true patriot and I admire his willingness to fight the cabal, but his spiritual beliefs are deceiving many.

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