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5/10/2021 | 7:00 PM | MSOM EP.262 | Scott McKay In The House, White Hats Reveal Their Work Behind The Scenes. Gates, Fauci And More.

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Nearly 60% of Americans are concerned about running out of money.





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14 replies on “5/10/2021 | 7:00 PM | MSOM EP.262 | Scott McKay In The House, White Hats Reveal Their Work Behind The Scenes. Gates, Fauci And More.”

At about 25 minutes in……Mr. James Grundvig announces that mainstream is NOW reporting….that America had its financial hand in the Wuhan lab for this development of the covid 19 virus. Yet, can someome post links to this please. I’ve yet to see it on Fox…CNN…ABC….New York Times…etc..

There is something on that. It was created in the U.S. by Fauci and Obama, and brought to China. Fauci is the key to this shit along with Obama. Look it up.

So..Scott Mccay is the patriot that told us…. These globalist are getting arrested in March.. He even said Come Innaguration …..the military’s gonna take out the Biden camp.. Now, 5 months later….Scott redirects hos position in that he now holds that Trump is probably not coming back….but that “WE the People”… will save America..

How can anyone take Scott and many others as a credible source? How do we know that whatever Scott says now…..he might change his position in the near future?

Try not to get to caught up in all the “predictions” these guys make. The most important thing is what is happening! WHAT are people actually doing, what resistence is out there! Don’t get into the mind set that our side is helpless! It’s not over untill these leftist bastards get the guns, and that’s NOWHERE NEAR happening out here in rural america! Don’t just take what’s going on inthe big blue citiesas the way it is! ! that is only a small part of the whole nation!

Corporations use Arbitration ALL the time. Most ALL of corporation having CONTRACT/S use it, and have an Arbitration clause. They most use State arbitration. We People, in my opinion because ALL disputes with the Corporate Government operates in commercial business, we INVOKE the 1925 ARBITRATION ACT. We make a Unilateral, Expressed, Binding, Enforceable contract offer Conditional upon PROOF OF CLAIM/S. They are obligated to reply/respond within ten days, if not then they default/breech contract. Within the Contract will have been inserted an ARBITRATION CLAUSE, also one of the terms and conditions is that should they default we/people get to choose an Arbitrator only as to wether or not the Contract was breached, all parties got notice, etc. and there was an arbitration clause. ARBITRATION IS VALUABLE TOOL as there is NO ANSWERS IN CORPORATE COURTS today, and do not we/people wish to stay out of them? I have tries several times reachingout to Lt. Scott And James Grundvig to further look into the topic and connect if have questions. Hope somebody is hearing this… perhaps attorneys that have been AMP. … WWG1WGA 🙂

Hammer down with “Alternative” Resolution Disputes, namely ARBITRATION (Federal and not State), as a, if not the REMEDY. … Specifically having ANY DISPUTES with ANY corrupt corporation. … Refer my previous comment. … M.O.M.101 🙂 P.S. Keep it coming John and team. Doing GREAT things…… Much love, appreciation, and Blessings 🙂

Bummer, have tried unsuccessful to get download on this video and after sharing the link on FB , and it did post there, then ten minutes later was gone. Hummm. So I guess I’ll record it, with my electronic secretary, to at least have it for reference/library. Oh well, sumthin felt should share. M.O.M.101

I am so afraid cause Govenor in Ohio is nuts. I’m old live on SSA now what?
I live on housing and food stamps. Now what? I’m so afraid my green dot account for my banking continues being taken from. I dont know bout how to save my data, I’m hooked to google chrome it automatically updates, but I got to bkup data. Dont know if or what on my Galaxy S8 I’m safe to use. I’m old. Need help At&T is cell co. I dont trust them either. I so desperately need help help help. I’m worried in more ways than one. Probably all my emails and ph I know has been compromised. My yahoo email my gmail now what? What? Want Fl so badly I’m so scared!!!!!I pray Scott McKay, Pryme, and u rest got my contact. So scary cant even sleep. Such a nightmare. I’m disabled 66 ohio town just nuts! Connected on here by the drip found ur site! So confused dont remember even password given to Pryme I just use utube like forever. It has opened my eyes!my no 7408146840

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