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5/19/2021 | 6:00 PM | Wake Up Black America Episode 5 | Obama Anti-Christ, Hitler Connection Exposed

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10 replies on “5/19/2021 | 6:00 PM | Wake Up Black America Episode 5 | Obama Anti-Christ, Hitler Connection Exposed”

I have seen videos claiming Obama’s father was Indonesian, no way. Being in Army for 26years I have seen 1/2 American (black, latino, white) and 1/2 Asian including my children. He’s 1/2 black and white. It is possible his mother is related to Hitler.

Not ONLY Black America. White America was just as enthralled with him. White America adored him almost as much as Black America. This in and of itself proves that there really is no ‘systemic racism’ in America, regardless on how the media tries to shove it down our throats that there is.

Pryme Minister,
Thank you for this revelation. The bloodlines are sickening!
Please interview David Charles Mills, author of UNHOLY: The Slave’s Bible.
a tool of oppression, FOR ECONOMIC GAIN – BY BRITISH CHRISTIANS – who chopped
up the King James Bible into 200+ chapters – to create obedient workers. When studying
the pervasive Calvin doctrine on predestination at that time – (and it still exists) – there were people GOD chose to go to heaven and there were people who weren’t chosen, easily identified as sons of Ham who were condemned to be servants, or, like the missionary society that corrupted the KJV, there are non-humans, so teach them to be obedient for economic gain. This thinking is against GOD. Our Bible’s are still being corrupted today leading people into the One World Religion. NO ONE CAN OWN GOD’S WORD. Read your copyright. Is the publisher GOD? I don’t think so. Especially when he also publishes the Satan Bible. The Church must know the Truth. (You can delete this message if you don’t like it.) JKB

Just saw this now. Great show. I always knew Obama was a fraud and this certainly proves it. Many fell for him. I didn’t even think he was that great of a speaker and could not understand why everyone thought so highly of this fake.

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