5/21/2021 | 5:00 PM | FFA5 | Pence, Fauci From Virus To Human Trafficking




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  • God bless you all. Stay safe David and Steve. These people are so sick. God be with us all and the children.

  • 3rd interview with these guys … the content is at the same time tough yet delivered so gently. God bless you all.

  • So sad & heartbreaking to see so many people in our country turns a blind eye to such evil. GOD will judge soon & woe with these demons who trample THE BLOOD OF CHRIST. GOD bless you David & Steve & all that stand in the gap. Praying for your safety & all the children these demonic people have injuries & families of those who have been killed.

  • Praying for David, Steve, and all. God protect the kids and families trapped in this, and expose these people. May they repent, and be saved, if possible.

  • I never knew been truthful to brothers and Sisters of the book (the People of the Book: follower of the Torah, Bible, Quran) all of them have the same message the difference, each book some messenger are added but the foundation is the same. We are United. No Wall.

    Since day one of the pandemic revelation, i felt was a lie, because Coronavirus was already in the medical terms and was found in a french cartoon Asterix Obelix printed in 2017. Exposed many truth regarding this lie, knowing evil human are behind. You should all know they are the same evils who corrupt the Torah and Bible to enslave you , to turn your eyes from the real belief and faith to control you. Now you saw with your own eyes and ears hearing the lies and manipulation by them, Now if we say Torah and Bible was corrupt will you believe us ?

    We say so, cause we care. not looking to hurt your feeling. Stop Reading the new testament, Stick with the Bible the oldest you can find. let go back to the virus.

    The leaders has to be put in trial, and face capitol punishment, Obama is the head behind it trust me he is guilty. If he wasn’t why was he warning the American for a future pandemic attack 2014 as the year Can be found on youtube. After revealing lots of probability was found true with time, Facebook, linkedin, closed the accounts. I am still here writing. Because people of the Books who believes and has faith in their creator fears none than their our the one of all for all humanity the creator in Hebrew also says Aleh for Allah, one thing it is not the human who came up with such name, He and only he chosen the 99 names.

    If they want religious War, lets give them that War they want so much, they know well, they will not win not even for a single day. Now the important is to apprehend the criminals, be trial judge for capitol punishment. Criminals need to understand life of humanity is not a game to play with. God sent us on earth to complete our test a test that Adam failed. Not to be victims of the satanist humans who are kissing the feet of satan. Take back your faith stronger than ever, stop relying on those who are willing to eradicate you, stay united, stay close to each other, help yourself help your family help friend help everyone around you, love each other , fight the evil whisper in everyone , care, build, educate, protect, each other. One thing most of all love your wife, family and children, love yourself to be healthy to keep on.

    Let them not, impress you, let them not walk on you. The only who decides of your time to expire is your creator. Our Creator , The Creator. no one else. Than He. Raise your belief and faith walk proud as a human, because God created us on his image with love. For that be the example of humanity the ambassador of God on Earth. God bless you all , shield you from satanist.

  • Thank you James Grundvig! You are number one!
    Of course, John Michael Chambers comes first. But both JMC and JG, are the keys for the success of AMP NETWORK! It is THE BEST SHOW, presenting very crucial and valuable material of our present time! Having the will to fight and protecting its core, the Us constitution of this GREATEST NATION!
    We are most grateful for you and making sure to share every program you present! America Media Periscope, is one of the most important news network, from its start, when it was launched!

    Thank you for inviting very important guests on both Freedom Friday, and Making Sense out of the Madness.

    G-d blesses America and its Patriots who voted and believe in the good cause to help save America! We are blessed to have our brave and the greatest President of the USA, DJ Trump!

    Thank you:)
    MAGA supporter!

  • Completely agree: AMP NETWORK! It is THE BEST SHOW, presenting very crucial and valuable material of our present time! Having the will to fight and protecting its core, the Us constitution of this GREATEST NATION! BRAVO !
    Thank you for your reports that redpill us to awaken us to the horrifying truth:
    We the people of the USA (and the whole planet Earth) are being manipulated by very dangerous psychopaths satanists !
    Wake up peoples of the Earth ! God deliver us from evil. Please God, Guide us and give us the courage to fight back with the real patriots of USA : general Flynn, Lin Wood, Sydney Powel, Mike Lyndell… and Donald J. Trump who won the 2020 election by a landslide.