5/24/2021 | 6:00 PM | MSOM EP.270 | Groundbreaking CDC Lawsuit. Atty. Thomas Renz & A Striking Visit From The Health Ranger Himself, Mike Adams




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  • I have been a devoted listener and premium member for many months now. Even my 5 patriot children know about AMP and MSOM and other shows. The Sean Morgan Report is my eldest son’s favorite (he is 11). It has been, and remains, a blessing to be traveling down this path in history with you. I love that you have been interviewing several of my other favorite show hosts including Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward, and Mike Adams. I’d love to see you interview David Zublick as well. Finishing a 4 week patriotic tour of many of these United States. So many great patriots out there. Now that we are drunk on patriotism, time to bring it all back with us to our home in Southern California. Stopped wearing the slave muzzles over 14 months ago… interesting standing up for our country, given where we live. Holding the line in So Cal. We know it’s not quite the end…but we’re close. Thank you for your good works.

  • The casualties are unacceptable – “equifinality”
    calling this a war and it is then wtf is the military??? As the greatest threat facing humanity in America is the lack of the white hat military taking actions when it was known and needed on the morning of Nov 4th, 2020, and the delay to allow this to play out this far… it was just said that 30M people could die in America in less than 2 years WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I can’t help but to agree with you, WTF is the Miltary? In my opinIon there is overwhelming evidence that gives justification for miltary action NOW! It’s conceivable that they are trying to make this thing “bloodless”, but as time goes on I wonder if that is even posible! We are quickly aproaching the point where we EITHER fight back or ACCEPT Slavery!

  • Excellent program, as always! One thought on “operation warp speed”, I find it hard to believe that Trump would purposely push something knowing it would kill innocent people. But I do believe that the deep state operatives may have convinced him to do it, knowing that when the truth comes out, people would blame Trump, and that would hurt his chances of re-election.

  • Mike Adams conveyed some incorrect information .

    Luk Montagnier DID NOT say those with the vaccine will or all will or any words to that effect .
    It is not in any video I can find of him nor any papers he has put out .

    I wrote my concern to Mike Adams at Natural News and the response – nothing stone silence .
    I agree there is a problem . Putting out incorrect information is also harm full .
    Thank you
    Duncan Adams

  • I’m a Filipino residing in Las Vegas NV. I am always streaming your MSOM. Can you try to get to interview lawyers who are filing cases for crime against humanity or murder against doctors, Fauci, CDC and all those writing medical journals about this scamdemic/plandemic which caused people to die or seriously ill due to the jab.