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5/6/2021 | 7:00 PM | MSOM EP.261 | COVID Dirty Bomb, Bill Gates Divorce, US Military Election Involvement And More – Alexandra Bruce, James Grundvig

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10 replies on “5/6/2021 | 7:00 PM | MSOM EP.261 | COVID Dirty Bomb, Bill Gates Divorce, US Military Election Involvement And More – Alexandra Bruce, James Grundvig”

I am a premium member and was not able to view the May 6th MSM. I logged in at shortly before 7:00 PM and the show never started broadcasting until approximately 7:53PM? I had no issues with my internet connection as I was able to view other things while waiting for your broadcast to begin. What point is there to pay for a subscription that cannot be viewed until the following day? By that time it is available elsewhere for free!

All pre-recorded shows are published at 6 PM EST. MSOM which is live daily Mon-Thrs at 7 PM EST is live an viewabale on our site and some social media platforms. It takes anywhere from45-90 to transcoded and render the file AFTER it is live. It is then, at that time, posted on the site.

First off, I am a paid subscriber to [email protected] website, but I follow you on Rumble as well. I have no idea why you, John Michael Chambers, insist on putting Alexandria Bruce as some type of patriot when she is a very divisive and misleading commentator. I only listen to your Thursday show up until James Grundvig [whom I admire and follow his other shows] gives his commentary and then come back after Bruce is finished with her ‘information’ so that I can get Grundvig’s perspective about what she has ‘revealed’. Sorry to say, it took until 5/10/21 for me to be able to stomach watching her segment. So….. here we go!

At 54:15 Bruce’s commentary begins. As you get into her dialog, around 1:16 she becomes ‘personal’ referring to Mike (Michael McKibben’s team as if she has a one-on-one relationship with him) and uses the excellent reporting done by American Intelligence Media [AIM] after President Trump’s election in 2016 to cast doubt on our Military as a source for regaining control over the Country. Since the narrative from ‘Q’ has been that the ‘Military is the only Way’, why is Alexandria insisting that the Military is some type of traitorous organization?

In the same breath, she accuses the Military of using Tampa, Florida as their base to do harm to America – which is a not-so-cloaked veil round-a-bout accusation against Governor DeSantis of Florida. Oh…. And isn’t the base of President Trump in Florida? Are there not many Generals in Florida as well, including Lt. General Michael Flynn?

I take issue with Bruce’s misrepresentation of Michael McKibben as someone who agrees with her when if you know his background, he was introduced on ‘AIM’ after they publicized how his patent was stolen by the government and is being used as the foundation platform for controlling Social Media (read his federal lawsuit and the reporting thereof in the Archives of American Intelligence Media American Intelligence Media – Note: this site was quite active until the fraudulent election of Nov. 3, 2020 ).

In no way is this woman associated with Michael McKibben – but just like me, learned of him years ago when his former attorney – a heavy hitting Globalist Elite, set he and his company up to have their patent stolen. Bruce is dubious and leaves out a lot of important information that conflicts with her commentary use of McKibben’s work.

Is she attempting to ‘shape the narrative of AMP’ by providing half-ass documentation or is she ‘really’ ignorant of the backgrounds of those she puts forward to throw shade on the Patriots (I’m just sayin….).

Perhaps you and James are the geniuses, John; I mean you do expose her at the end of her ‘commentaries’ by allowing the very informative and wise James basically to call out facts against her fiction. There is so much more I could say on the subject of the really astute and capable Mike McKibben, but deep dive into his lawsuit to learn just how formidable and talented his machine language skills really are.

I am not surprised and always suspected from at least three years ago, he would catch the eye of President Trump and become part of the President’s kick-ass team since AIM pushed so hard to bring him to President Trump’s attention.

At 1:18:45; James puts Bruce’s comments into proper prospective by acknowledging that there are Obama hold-overs in the military. Seems Bruce put the spotlight on them to cast doubt on the whole operation. Much like what the Deep State does when projecting their crimes on the innocent.

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