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5 Helpful Tips on How to Use Voice Commands With Your Roku Remote

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Voice commands are incredibly handy when using your Roku player or Roku TV. Instead of manually navigating through menus or using the remote’s arrow keys to select options, you can simply speak a command and the Roku player or Roku TV will perform the action you requested.

You can use voice commands with Roku devices in several different ways. Here are a few helpful tips on how to use voice commands with your Roku remote.

Set Up Voice Commands

To use voice commands with your Roku player or Roku TV, your device and the remote you’re using must be connected to the same network. You must also make sure that the “OK, voice control” option is enabled on your Roku device.

If you have an older Roku device, you may have to enable the voice command option on the device’s Settings menu. Newer devices may have this feature built into the device itself.

If you’re not sure how to find the voice command option on your device, consult the device’s manual. The voice command option should be located somewhere on the device’s menus.

After enabling the voice command option on your Roku device and pairing your remote, you’re all set to use voice commands!

Use Voice Commands on Your Roku

Voice commands work with any Roku channel that has an available voice command. For example, if you have the NBA League Pass, you can use voice commands to play games, view stats, and more.

To use voice commands on your Roku, simply say a command while you have the voice command option enabled on your remote. Here are a few examples of common voice commands:

“Show me movies based on dinosaurs.”

“Play World War Z on my TV.”

“Find The Mill and Boastburgers.”

You can also issue voice commands from the Roku mobile app. After installing the app, select the “Settings” icon on the home screen, then select “Voice Control.” From here, you can enable the “OK, voice control” option, select a language, and choose between “When Playing a Game” or “When Not Playing a Game.”

Use the Search Feature

The “Search” feature on Roku devices allows you to perform various actions using only your voice. Simply press and hold the “Search” button on your remote until the green light flashes twice, then say an action word. You can perform several different types of searches. Here are a few examples:

“Find M Night Shyamalan.”

“What are my TV show times?”

“Show me the best horror movies.”

You can also perform “Smart Search” queries. This allows you to do advanced searches like pull in metadata from multiple services, like your Amazon account or YouTube subscriptions, then provide a single search query that reveals all the information you want to see.

Use the Channel Guide

The “Channel Guide” feature on Roku devices allows you to view information and watch streams from various TV channels directly on the Roku player or Roku TV.

Here’s how it works: After installing a channel with the “Add-on” icon on your Roku player or Roku TV, open the “Channel Guide” application on your device. Your new channel should appear in the list, and you can use the “Up Next” option to preview upcoming streams or the “Search” option to find a specific show.

To use the Channel Guide feature on your Roku, your device and the channel must be connected to the same network.

Train Movie and TV Show Voice Commands

Voice commands can be a great way to control your Roku device, but they can also be a great way to control your habits. You can create “train” or “pgup” and “pgdown” voice commands for your most-used functions. This allows you to say “OK, Voice Control” followed by your command and the remote will do whatever you want it to, without having to look at the remote’s menus.

For example, saying “OK, Voice Control, play Finding Nemo” will play the movie “Finding Nemo” on your Roku device without you having to navigate through menus.

Try Different Roku Channel Voice Commands

Voice commands are one of many ways to navigate your Roku player or Roku TV. If you’re looking for other ways to use your remote, consider trying these channel voice commands out:

“Show me the best new movies.”

“Play me the best kids’ shows.”

“Find the best sports on TV.”

You can also try these voice commands as an alternative to the traditional “OK, voice control” command:

“Hey, Roku.”

“Hey, Roku. Play.”

“Hey, Roku. Next.”

Other Voice Command Tips

Some voice commands require Roku devices to be connected to the same network. For example, you cannot say “Show me my live TV” if you’re not also connecting the Roku player to a cable or satellite TV box.

Not all voice commands work with all channels. Some channel voice commands work only when you’re watching a specific channel, like the ones listed above. Check the channel description on the Roku channel store to see which voice commands work with the channel you’re viewing.

If you do not feel confident using voice commands, you can always use the traditional method of manually navigating through menus and selecting options. However, voice commands are a much more convenient way to navigate your Roku player or Roku TV.

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