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Betrayal by Military Leaders and Covid 19 Vaccine Death Shot | Shell Games Ep. 28

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Betrayal by Military Leaders and Covid 19 Vaccine Death Shot | Shell Games Ep. 28




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19 replies on “Betrayal by Military Leaders and Covid 19 Vaccine Death Shot | Shell Games Ep. 28”

I heard that Trump pushed the vaccine through to prevent permanent lockdown. I guess he felt people would be able to make their own decision as whether to get it or not.

I think I saw the same show. Trump did not look right and he had on a blue tie. He never wears blue tie. Something is really going on here. Some of the investigators needs to tell us what. Thanks folks for your all your hard work.

I thought Biden was an actor and that the real Biden was either in prison or deceased. I guess the plan changed and we have to adjust our perspectives. Praying for a positive outcome for the USA.

I was just thinking the same thing, “which Biden?” LOL and the folks talking about clones and doubles/actors aren’t staying online much longer as people realize they aren’t competent.

Scott you need to reflect on your arrogant comment about people who took the shot. I convinced my wife of 47 years not to get the shot and influenced our daughter, her husband and 2 children not to. But I son who works for the agency and his wife had to but not his 2 sons. If you have children you wouldn’t want to see your own son die, I pray God will take me not him!!

it’s real simple: get the shot, and you will die in the next year. Don’t get the shot, and you will live. everything else disappears under that light.

All along i keep saying Trump. Is not innocent. For sure my 3 healthy friends ONLY TOOK JAB BECAUSE HE ENDORSED IT A COUPLE OF MOS BACK

Those two pictures of Biden early on in this video are two different people…the one on the right is the real man…different ears and smile on the man on the left…Biden’s actor with a skin mask!!

So, President Trump and the White hats who helped in 2 016AD to bring him to the presidency back then, served 4 years, then suddenly in March 2 020AD let the fake covid scam go along at full steam, allowing the mail in ballot vote to happen, let the US cities being burned last summer by BLM/ANTIFA+ the democrats sheering at this in TV and to crown the all lot, let the election of November 2 020AD to be stolen?
All of this to then back down without a fight!
Hum…! It is do damm easy! It does not make sense!

Such people, as you people in the show, myself and others are to principled person and I have reason to accept that the white hats who helped President Trump in 2 016AD are the same, andwhen put face to cliff, will not jump but fight to the bitter end. It seems to me that many things are on going behind the scenes. Time will tell, of course.

In the top of that, he allowed operation warp speed to happen, concerning the vaccine? What a name for that operation! There is more than a star trek movie to that! sounds like a coded operation to me.
I do not think for a second that president Donald Trump would have allowed a poison to be distributed to the world population, even if someone dared to threat him/his family with his/their life. No! So, it does not make sense!

I have comtemplated your worst case scenario for a while of what is possibly going to happen the next months and years, just in case.
My all neigbourghood here in my Scottish city has been vaccinated, but many like me refused to go along with that poison.
Therefore, we have planned ahead in case “things turn to pot” as one of the dialogue of Scott Ridley’s movie “Prometheus”.
Having said that, I remain optimistic that it would not turn this very bad, call it a gut feeling or something of that sort and my observation of “anomalies” I detected of what transpires in the USA since a man claiming to be “Joe Biden” was “inaugurated” as the US president on the 20th January 2 021AD, signing 17 initial “executive orders” in what appears to be the “white house” or is it not?

I hope I would be proven right, but nonetheless, the old adage says: do not keep all your eggs in one basket.

My message to retired Lt Scott Bennett, please keep your calm, if I may. What is done is done, we cannot go back, we only have to remain strong and go forward!

My Message to Ms Holly Seeliger, in a previous podcast, you talked about your research about the Pilgrims fathers, 1 620AD. I recomend you read the voluminous thesis of Kevin Phillips called the “Cousins’ wars”. It is very interesting. I was brought to this when reading Thierry Meyssan articles from 2 016AD in his “reseau voltaire- Voltaire’s network”.

May the Force be with us all!

“Link Below”: THE ISRAEL LOBBY’S POWER OVER CONGRESS: BOTH PARTIES OBEY: This shows “Trump Kissing Israel’s Behind, Like The Rest”: This is From Fetzer’s BitChute Channel: How Fetzer and Bennett keep playing “The Left Right Paradigm,” Amazes Me; At the least: “Scott Has Properly Outed Trump’s Roll In The Vaccine Genocide On Us And The Military”: Then he goes back to: “The Right Left Paradigm” (Anyone Pushing “The Paradigm” Is Playing Us For Fools, In Our Faces):

My comment this time is for the anthropologist in the video that professor Fetzer played in this podcast, telling us a possible nightmare/horror scenario.
He stated to those of us who did not take the poison to buy an hazmat suit and help to bury the bodies in the aftermath.
How nice and very ugly of him!

So, in this scenario, after all this mess deliberately created by others, to crown the all lot, people like us who refused the poison onto our bodies need to spend money for a suit for a dirty clean up operation!
I do not know if that anthropologist had close family members, who at the end of the war, were forced at gun point to bury dead people that the people with the guns slaughtered deliberately?
If that person does not have such members, I do and very close family members.
Many of them under that humiliating task have almost lost their mind because of what they saw and what they smell.
They told me that even in normal circumstances, this is very difficult and nerve wrecking!

By all means, that person in that video, can do that, go for it and very good luck with it!

As part of a better package option, I would suggest him to better buy some guns so that he and his people can put to task the globalists and communists scum of the likes of Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and that abominable thing that he call his wife, Obama and that abominable thing that he call his wife, fake Biden, the Clintons, the Bushes, the Blair, the who panoply…. but without the hazmat suits so that they can get a good taste for life of their degeneracy.

I simply won’t and I won’t clean up somebody else deliberate mess, if such scenario arises.

I am prepared for any eventualities when the time comes, under such described scenario, but the proposal from that anthropologist is simply a no go! I wish well with this!

I would disagree with the negative comment about asking who had taken the poison. I sure asked my surroundings but I did it discretly so that I know who has it or not when things may turn to pot.

look up jewish blood libel. then look up adrenochrome. Think Adrenochrome is something new? Think again. This practice of abducting CHRISTIAN CHILDREN and torturing them and murdering them for the adrenochrome has been going on for at least 2000 years. Don’t get it? Read their Talmud. you’ll get it then.

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