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Biden Regime’s Assault on Food and Energy

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June 10, 2020

By James Grundvig, American Media Periscope

The Biden regime’s assault on the food and energy sectors puts the American economy in great peril. With seven large farm fires erupting across the United States in just the past two weeks, the pace and frequency of such attacks have increased rapidly. 

[Credit: Focus Food Plant Fire, Seattle Times]

As President Trump showed, the communists and 4th Reich Nazis infiltrated every level of the U.S. federal government, across all agencies, including the Department of Defense. Now we are witnessing the gradual and swift degradation of our domestic supply chains, food resources, and logistics networks.

Since Joe Biden’s inauguration day, more than ninety arson fires, derailment of fertilizer trains, and cyber-sabotaging of critical food distribution hubs have occurred. The latest is a Minnesota egg production facility that killed tens of thousands of chickens. Those attacks are neither random nor copycat-type crimes. And they aren’t slowing down but picking up speed.

For more than one year, American Media Periscope show hosts John Michael Chambers, Sean Morgan, and I have covered the disruptions to the U.S. supply chain, logistics, and container shipping bottlenecks.

China Delays

As reported earlier this year, China’s draconian lockdowns of Shanghai, Shenzhen, and other major cities with the CCP’s “zero Covid” policy continue to undermine a once robust economy. Those actions, with the “endemic” clearly over in the West, have crippled China’s manufacturing base.

Moreover, by strangling its capital flows, the CCP created financial downdrafts in its tech sector and real estate markets. The lockdowns further exacerbated delays in overseas shipping.

Yes, the U.S. West Coast ports are not nearly as overcrowded with container ships as in the months before. However, that is not due to efficiencies in logistics and trucking but the lack of ships still stuck overseas in politically-driven logjams. It will take months for the restarts in plants and factories to deliver goods to the port, load ships, and allow them to exit mainland China for oversea distribution.

Yesterday’s article, “Cracks in the Solar Panel Industry Widen,” showed how regulations alone could destroy 90 percent of the “competition” in any sector by launching a phantom investigation and putting a moratorium on products made upstream in the supply chain.

Trucking Industry Falls Next

In a phone interview with a West Coast logistics source, he said, “The independent trucking industry is dying fast and will be dead by September. The truckers can’t make enough money on trips. Most of them, who are quitting now, cannot even sell their decade-old trucks due to California’s brutal emissions regulations. So they will be bankrupt soon.”

The question becomes, do those independent truckers who fall out of the workforce count in the unemployment numbers? Or are they left to hang out to dry?

With diesel and fuel prices soaring and Biden’s record inflation—the most in 40 years—energy prices are expected to ripple through the food and consumer goods markets. Everything will be more expensive. No exceptions. As a reminder, food and energy consumed daily are not counted in the core consumer price index (CPI). Thus, the actual inflation number for people is far greater than 8.6%.

AMP Media’s precious metals sponsor, Dr. Kirk Elliott, who did his Ph.D. thesis on real inflation, figured that number is 2.2 times the advertised government watered-down inflation price. In this case, 8.6% x 2.2 = 18.92%.

That painful number is closer to the actual costs for consumers and companies. And it will only get far worse from here.

Where Does the United States Go From Here?

Isabella County in Michigan has already blown through its fuel budget in June. So with 20 days left in the month, the county sheriff announced that it wouldn’t respond to “all” emergencies, according to AMP Media’s new show host Josh Reid of Defcon 5.

Yesterday, on Defcon 5, featured guest Juan O Savin, a “contractor” leading a team in taking down the Soviet Union from within by any economic means possible, spoke about the old plan.

During the Reagan Administration, Juan recounted how the subverted rare household items, aviation chips, and other manufacturing odds and ends by purchasing them in bulk from Soviet generals. They bought the items with real Russian rubles that snapped holes in the Soviet manufacturing base and disrupted supply chains. He said the rubles were 40 to $1USD before the operation started. By the time the Soviet Union began to collapse, the rubles cost more than 200 to $1USD.

He concluded that the globalist Deep State rolled out the same playbook he deployed 30 years ago and has now weaponized it against the American economy, trying to bring it to its knees.

In Juan’s long-range view, the American people will soon be shocked awake and jump at the chance to restart America’s robust manufacturing base as we did after the Battle of Midway 80 years ago on June 7, 1942.

Midway was America’s turning point. And we will have another event in 2022 that will be equally important to that battle in the Pacific Ocean.

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