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CDC Tracking Covid ‘2000 Mules’

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May 9, 2022

By James Grundvig, American Media Periscope

The double-edged sword of the smartphone cuts both ways. On the one hand, it created a digital panopticon for Communist China’s social credit system to enforce government mandates and compliance. In the West, it provided the opportunity to the rollout the health and vaccine passports to ensure compliance while creating a caste system of the Covid inoculated versus the unvaccinated.

On the other hand, smartphones empowered citizen reporters and “digital soldiers” to record crimes and share information via stealth social media channels, skirting Big Tech gatekeepers.

[Credit: 2,000 Mules]

In such a fluid environment, greased by the COVID-19 lockdowns, Politifact and the San Jose Mercury News missed the mark in panning Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary film, 2,000 Mules.

2000 Mules

The movie provided ample evidence for the 2020 presidential election theft committed by the Democratic Party to shoe in its “man,” Joe Biden, at any cost. To criticize the mining of smartphone data at the core of the film as a “faulty premise” (Politifact) wreaks lame at best and outright fraud of counter-intel propaganda of the highest order. The Mercury News states, in its headlines, “True the Vote makes false assumptions based on phone-tracking data.”

That’s interesting, especially in a week when Motherboard’s FOIA request exposed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for using “taxpayer dollars to buy citizens’ phone location data for COVID tracking,” according to the Convention of States.

Motherboard statement:

“The documents reveal the expansive plan the CDC had last year to use location data from a highly controversial data broker. SafeGraph, the company the CDC paid $420,000 for access to one year of data, includes Peter Thiel and the former head of Saudi intelligence among its investors. Google banned the company from the Play Store in June.”

CDC Vs. True the Vote

With not a single Big Media outlet reporting what the CDC did in purchasing mobile phone tracking data and comparing it to what the Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of the True the Vote organization (est. 2016) did at the center of 2,000 Mules, illuminates the doublespeak and double standards that come out of the Democrats and mainstream news. No, the 2020 presidential election was neither fair nor secure.

Shockingly, the CDC tracked K-12 data of school children and parents during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Still, it’s a lark to believe the “false assumptions” when True the Vote used the same evidentiary technique to expose the ballot harvesting, ballot box stuffing, and the dirty voter rolls weeks before and leading up to Election Day., as the CDC did in tracking offenders of COVID-19 lockdown mandates.

[Credit: 2,000 Mules/]

In watching, 2,000 Mules over the weekend (available here, here, or here), it becomes clear that foreign and domestic agents, criminals, and traitors orchestrated a grand theft and coup of the November 3, 2020, U.S. presidential election.

Analyzing “10 trillion signals” from cell phones transmitting and receiving data, we know far more than “2,000 Mules” were used to carry out the analog voter fraud in the critical swing states.

True the Vote also compiled video evidence in many—but not all—dropbox locations of mules stuffing 3-5 ballots per drop-off trip. Add the Georgia whistleblower claiming ballot trafficking in orders of magnitude, in concert with the film and that’s just the “tip of the iceberg” of how the election was stolen, according to Maria Zack, founder and CEO of Nations in Action.

Last month before the Kansas legislator, Maria Zack gave a one-hour presentation that convinced the state’s leaders to pass Nations in Action election audit request. Since December 2020, Ms. Zack holds proof of an international conspiracy leveraging digital vote switching, in the wee hours, by Italian military satellites together with British MI6, the U.S. CIA, and likely other intel operatives from Germany, China and NATO..

D’Souza’s 2,000 Mules is worth watching. The detective work by True the Vote and journalists roundtable that closes out the film brings this one new spoke in the election theft wheel to light. There are many others.

The Gateway Pundit reported this morning that the Wisconsin Election Commission took down the state’s 7.2 million voting roll history due to the film’s release.

One must ask: What are the state officials hiding?

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