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Covid Death Cult’s (CDC) Last Stand

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August 19, 2022

By James Grundvig, American Media Periscope

We are coming to the end of the road for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The unholy temple of health, populated with false prophets, pharma shills, and charlatans masquerading as medical doctors and scientists, has lost all credibility on the street and in the scientific community.

[Credit: Image montage created by James Grundvig]

With nowhere to turn, the predators who are now the prey figured they had to get out in front of the Deborah Birx mea culpa story, where the “Scarf Lady” stated that as a member of the White House Covid Task Force, “made up the Covid rules” as they went along in the pandemic year of 2020 and beyond.

The about-face is shocking.

The announcement from CDC Director Rochelle Walensky to Big Media outlets, admitting that the CDC made “Covid mistakes,” is fascinating on many fronts. First, there is no press release of Walensky’s statement on the CDC pressroom webpage. Second, the 180-degree turn is an event that the Covid Death Cult never did in its 75-year history. That is major news, too.

CBS News: “Startling Admission coming out of the CDC on Covid mistakes…”

More importantly, the timing of the announcement went virtually unnoticed even by the critics of the CDC. Sandwiched between Birx’s admissions of guilt and the coming autumn “mass die-off” as a result of the second winter of the COVID-19 vaccinations, the CDC not only apologized for its mind-blowing lies and mistakes—without admitting to the lies—but it also emphasized the agency needs a “structural overhaul” at the top.

I can assure you that if the Vietnam veterans that Agent Orange poisoned; and if the service members who suffered from Gulf War Illness (GWI); and if the parents of the vaccine-damaged children, whose lives were destroyed by autism and autoimmune diseases, would weigh in on the health agency’s structural overhaul the directives for change would be vocal and come in waves.

Demolition of the CDC

Before emptying the grandiose glass palace of the CDC headquarters in Druid Hills, Georgia, the victims of the agency’s depopulation agenda must demand an investigation that will lead to indictments. That would be followed by military tribunals for the top brass before they are “overhauled” with punishment to fit the crimes against humanity.

Then, and only then, should the U.S. military move in, demolish the headquarters, and give the land back to the people and state of Georgia.

That is the only type of overhaul the Vietnam veterans, GWI survivors, and parents of the CDC’s childhood vaccine injuries would accept to slake their thirst for government betrayal at the highest levels. Anything short of that would be a crime and a travesty.

A true investigation would need to cast a greater net. First, it must include past CDC directors from Tom Frieden to Merck’s Julie Gerberding all the way back to the 1970s. Then, add Anthony Fauci, his bioethics wife, and Francis Collins at the NIH, among others. Of course, the list must also target past and present FDA executives, including Pfizer board member and Trump FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb. Finally, we cannot forget the Luciferians who run the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). But then the indictments need to round up all the pimps, “johns,” and harlots that Big Pharma and Anthony Fauci sponsored through the years in academic institutions, the United Nations, and the World Health Organization.

A wider probe should include the U.S. Department of Defense, Hunter Biden’s Metabiota, scores of other offshore NGOs, the U.K.’s NHS, MI5 & MI6 spy agencies, NATO, and other stealth entities that built 46 Biolabs in Ukraine and dozens of other such labs in Asia, Africa, and South America.

Do note that the 1947 Nuremberg Tribunal failed to capture and execute all of the 4th Reich Nazis that infiltrated the United States government after World War II, along with those criminals who fled not just to North and South America, but also Western Ukraine with the aid of the Red Cross and the Vatican.

New investigations need to be launched to revisit the CDC Agent Orange “cover-up” studies of the 1980s, the 1970s fluoridation program aimed at children in urban centers, the GWI victims, as well as the millions of children suffering from spectrum disorders. The probe needs to go back to the gutted National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (H.R. 5546).

That Act was an abomination of science, medicine, and health, and a sell-out of the American people to the globalist elite.

Furthermore, the probe would need to extend to such false flags as the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing of the Murrah Building. On that fateful April 19 day, the blast killed 168 people. In addition, the bombing also destroyed Vietnam and Gulf War veterans’ health records that went up in smoke with the Clintons’ Whitewater records.

All of the above a miraculous episode of timing. There are no coincidences.

CDC’s Tsunami of Lies

For decades the CDC lied to the American people about everything. The brief list includes the origins of cancer, AIDS, and an array of other diseases, while attacking and suppressing natural medicines and treatments. For the people who became awake only recently, during the 2020 Covid mandates and lockdowns, and for those who still need to wake up to being poisoned by the Covid clot shots falsely labeled vaccines, the daily lies and fabrications broadcast by the agency should surprise no one by now. In 1947, the globalists chartered the CDC to become the 4th Reich disinformation instrument of Big Pharma and the U.S. DoD.  

Let’s recap a few of the CDC’s Covid mistakes and whoppers.

Social Distancing – an epic, see-through fraud for many people, hoodwink the majority. The six feet separation served two purposes for the Cabal. First, humans’ hearts connect in a positive frequency with people at a limit of six feet. The “love frequency” isn’t a myth after all. Also, if one stood between people and parallel lines, that person would be separated by 6-6-6 feet of social distancing. Clever, huh?

If you don’t believe in the CDC casting spells on people, then you are currently under a spell known as “mass formation” psychosis. It’s a kind of “herd” mentality with a false security blanket and safety in numbers hypnosis.

PCR Testing – Covered ad nauseam in 2020 by real scientists and medical doctors, including the late inventor Kary Mullis, PCR tests should never ever have been used for the Covid pandemic or any pandemic going forward. The PCR test is neither a “gold standard” nor an indicator of anyone being sick with SARS-CoV-2 or any other virus. With test cycles juiced above 35, all RNA fragments produce a false positive. Totally worthless unless deployed in a psyop pantomime.

Asymptomatic – Another CDC/Anthony Fauci con job. There is no such thing as an asymptomatic carrier. As Dr. Judy Mikovits stated repeatedly, it’s all about “viral load.” If a healthy person doesn’t have a load high enough of a particular virus, that person’s immune system cleared the virus out of the body. End of story.

Masks – The fantasy that masks somehow stop the spread of the virus is a fool’s errand. But it worked to subjugate the masses and sent them to the mass formation trance.

Whether N95 or the disposable synthetic blue face-diapers made in China, masks never did and never will stop nano-sized particles from infiltrating the fabrics. Physically impossible. With many non-scientists demonstrating that truth by blowing bong smoke through various masks, and construction workers showing how the N95 masks covered their faces after wearing them in clouds of sheetrock dust… that should have been enough visual evidence to stop the mask wearing madness weeks after “flatten the curve” failed to appear.

In closing, for the CDC to regain public trust, it needs to develop new science-based, counter-Covid policies.

First, the CDC must eliminate all mask policies for people who travel and work in the office. It must come clean on the fake science of mask-wearing. It also needs to educate the public on immune systems—the natural built in mask that every individual hosts. Lectures on Vitamin B, C, and D with nutrition, sunlight, and exercise should be included.

Next, the CDC needs to tell the truth about the lethal Covid vaccines that are poisoning millions of people and killing as many as 10,000 victims a day, with a likely explosion of vaccine AIDS this fall.

The agency needs to put a moratorium on all bioweapon shots, while reveal all of the clinic data during Operation War Speed’s 2020 vaccine trials, while break off its funding ties with the vaccine manufacturers.

The FDA must also join the health ‘sea change’ by declaring that the abused Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) is over. At the same time, the NIH must offer up criminal mastermind Anthony Fauci’s sordid past on a silver platter to investigators by blowing the whistle on his crimes against humanity that stretch back to the early 1980s and the AIDS and soft-tissue cancer epidemics.

Anything short of these actions and the Covid Death Cult will only be committing more crimes until the pandemic of lies finally ends.

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