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Drug War. chaos, an Invasion At The Border With Rancher Mike Miller – Rainbow Tyranny with Sean Morgan | MSOM Ep.275

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6/1/2021 | 5:30 PM | MSOM

Drug War. chaos, an Invasion At The Border With Rancher Mike Miller – Rainbow Tyranny with Sean Morgan | MSOM Ep.275

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Nearly 60% of Americans are concerned about running out of money.





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24 replies on “Drug War. chaos, an Invasion At The Border With Rancher Mike Miller – Rainbow Tyranny with Sean Morgan | MSOM Ep.275”

Thank you JMC for the great efforts in fighting for saving America Trump! “The truth shall set US free”, indeed! To all due respect to the important guests on your show, Making Sense Out of The Madness. Thank Sean Morgan for the good journalistic presentations. Nevertheless, I wish to point out that since we all agree that truth matters, therefore, I would like to point out that in terms of sequence on the three main religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, is the correct order in the historical sequence of events.
Secondly, as the fake corporate and fake admin sending “tax payer money” factually, it was rather sent to the terrorists, enemy of Israel, and NOT the other way around.

Thank you for letting the patriot premium member, be permitted to express their opinions, with most honest and truthful intents, basing it solely on truth of important matters in this world that SOON WILL CHANGE FOREVER:) Thank G-d to DJ Trump, the Patriots and US Veterans of the America, who scarified their lives for the good of mankind! “The Great Awakening”, is here to stay and shall continue until “we the people”, shall help in the global war against tyranny. May truth set US free and be be restored on this earth. May G-d bless his righteous people and our heroes, US Veterans who fought tyranny both abroad and here in the USA, who continue to fight for our freedom and liberty!

So, I emailed you you at your email to
[email protected]
But no answer.
So now….. I am attempting to copy and paste what I wrote there…..and paste it here, in hopes you will answer me here.

Was wondering if you plan on bringing guests like Dr. Steve Pizencik on your show? He deffinetly has a backround on CIA and supports the narrative that The 2020 election was a sting operation. He also has spoken many times about Shin Zu..(Art of War).. on other Patriot platforms.
That being said… I feel he would be an excellent guest…. as his ideology is pretty much on par with yours. I feel and myself included, that many listeners would appreciate him as a guest on your show.
David Icke would be another good one.
Oh, there’s also Candece Owens.

So, how about it? Any of these 3 speakers a possibility for a future spot on your show?


We get many e-mails and do outr best to respond. I personally do not go into that account for daily e-mail checking. We are reaching out to Steve – we have access to Candice but this is a WIP. Icke would be great-thx for suggestions…

Judaism has nothing to do with Christianity. jews don’t even know who some of the major prophets are, let alone minor prophets. so, have a clue. the vast majority of jews who are religious embrace the Talmud (over 90%) and not the Torah (books of Moses). The Talmud is devil worship, period, plain and simple. it blasphemes Jesus, God, Mary, says the books of Christians must be burned, considers murdering Christians a sacrifice to (their) god , and their god is lucifer.

The gay community has had a vocal, active, and strong lobby for quite a few years now. I think there are a majority of gays that are against pedophilia. They need to be speaking out, instead of letting pedophiles tack onto their movement.

I’m grateful for all the people that like Mike Miller are standing up and risking their lives to fight for the freedom of our country.

JMC, I’ve been following you for a while, thank you for another great show

John> I am forwarding your shows and asking my friends to join AMP. They are saying that my forward link from Making Sense of the Madness comes up as Suspicious. So they do not want to open it. Is there a way around this?

Where is the 6/2 show. Making sense of the madness brought me to the AMP network. Also what happened to Saturday’s 5/29 Reset with the economist? You guys promoted it.

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