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Everything is a Lie – Especially Joe Biden

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60-Day Matrix Report No. 1

September 6, 2022

By James Grundvig, American Media Periscope

September shot off like a rocket. Maniacal Joe Biden delivered a hate speech on par with Adolf Hitler. Although Google Images scrubbed the Hitler double-fisted, raised hands image from his speech in Philadelphia, make no mistake when a sports journalist calls out the dark theater, Biden-as-Hitler was the sermon. The blood-red background framed the American flag in honor of, I guess, Dracula was a nice touch to match Biden’s fiery words. But it wasn’t very presidential.

[Credit: Image montage created by James Grundvig.]

With Joe Biden inciting civil war against 80 million President Trump voters, it set the table two ways. First, Biden telegraphed the Deep State’s plan to arrest President Donald Trump at some point this fall. I have lunar rocks to sell you if you believe the Big Media lie or Attorney General Merrick Garland that any such indictment would come after the midterm election. Not a chance. It’s going to happen well before November 8, 2022.

The second objective achieved: They laser targeted the resisters to the Nazi World Order Agenda 2030 plan, also known as the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset and Bill Gates’s “vaccinate the world” mantra.

[Credit: Meme created by AMP Media]

Other truth bombs dropped over Labor Day weekend included President Trump winning a court motion for a special master to review the FBI-raid documents seized from Mar-a-Lago. Many journalists connected Joe Biden to being the mastermind behind the FBI raid. Biden declared political war against all dissenters of the Uniparty in Socialist-Democrats and RINOs.

Joe Biden’s rage turned another boring speaking engagement into watercooler talk the next day running viral in all homes, businesses, and watering holes across America.

Energy Crisis in Europe

Another turning point blew up in Italy. After the farmers’ revolt this summer, the Italian people, already sick of the COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020, rebelled against exploding energy prices, seeing up to 500 percent higher costs added to their bills. The same issue cropped up in protests across Scotland.

The economic impact sprung leaks in the globalist’s dam, with the people in Naples, Bologna, and a dozen other Italian cities burning their energy bills in the city centers. Fed up, the middle-class revolted against the aggressors, turning back time in using candles to light their homes.

[Credit: Image montage created by James Grundvig]

Exposing the Covid Vaccine Truth

Even bigger news overflowed from a Madrid science lab. Independent from other such investigations into the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the COVID-19 injections—mislabeled vaccines—after 20,000 hours of research, the La Quinta Columna lab concluded everything about the Covid plandemic was a lie.

No mRNA platform. No pandemic virus.

In their research, they stated that the specific coronavirus didn’t exist in 2020. Instead, what poisoned the elderly and adults, from Wuhan, China, to Northern Italy, in the autumn of 2019 were graphene oxide-laden flu shots. No Covid. Just graphene oxide toxicity.

In a 10-minute video (transcribed and published tomorrow on AMP News) and a 75-page report, the Madrid scientists backed their claims and took it a step further. They found no traces of mRNA platform in any of the Covid vaccines. That’s the second time in a week I heard that assertion from a virologist I spoke with, who worked with 18 other labs worldwide.

If the shots are poison, then there are no health benefits for the recipients of the Covid vaccines. The people have been lied to, deceived, and coerced into taking poisonous, highly toxic shots. This autumn’s flu shots will be more of the same; maybe worse. Absent of the mRNA platform in the flu vaccines, the injections will be loaded with graphene oxide.

Since there appears to be no mRNA platform, then what has Dr. Robert Malone been doing on the conference circuit the past year and a half? Misleading the public? Gaslighting the people? Distracting the populace from learning the truth about the kill shots? What purpose has Malone served beyond wasting time, energy, and redirecting the public’s attention away from the truth?

Everything is a Lie

When everything is a lie, it’s only a matter of time before the people, still trapped in “mass formation” hypnosis, wake up to the hardcore truth. That is when the Big Everything Bubble will burst, exposing not just the financial fraud behind the money pandemic, but also the genocide-by-vaccine plan administered by corrupt governments of the West. When people put the financial fraud with the Covid fraud in the same basket, they will see the hidden hand of the global shadow government pulling the puppet strings.

The globalists sought to depopulate the world by 93 percent by 2030. But they failed.


Author’s note:

During a recent interview with Juan O Savin (Episode 172) on UT’s “Defcon 5” show, he mentioned, “… in the next sixty days…” and it hit me. He referred to the coming seismic shift that will upend the existing world order from socioeconomic and geopolitical vistas. His words—”sixty days”—hung in the air and ignited what needed to be done in pulling all of the key information across many events that are about to change the world.

The need to structure data, or in this case, critical information inspired me to create an Excel master spreadsheet called the “60- Day Matrix Report.”

I didn’t design the weekly report to be some prediction tool. Instead, I wanted to capture the fluid, thermodynamic changes that will occur across twelve (12) categories over the next sixty (60) days, using ten (10) tags in the legend below.

[Credit: The 60-Day Matrix Legend created by James Grundvig]

Coming off a long career in construction management on projects of scale in the New York City, where I cranked out thousands of change orders and estimated complex projects, I realized the coming collapse, aka the bursting of the “Everything Bubble,” needed to be tracked, monitored, and updated daily. Not to predict outcomes or dates but to pinpoint events and plot points in the globalists’ soap opera, “As the World Burns.”

Linking the events across domains, subjects, and nations will provide insights like watching a column of tumbling dominoes or chess moves at the end of a match.

What better way to capture all of the critical signals, data points, and information during these inverted times than in the Excel spreadsheet that I call the “Big Board.” From the master file, I will produce weekly “60-Day Matrix” (60D) reports.

Every day I will update the 60D Matrix file. Color-coded with unique tags in a system that will reveal at a 30,000-foot high elevation how the events interlock in the contracting historical tapestry of the ancient Babylonian “Beast System.”

On subsequent Mondays until Halloween Monday, I will connect the dots between the significant events that transpire and reach back to the summer, including the FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago, the CDC waving the white flag on “Covid mistakes,” the Biden regime being incapacitated, and Russia to holding tribunals for Ukrainian POWs—and others—to be carried out in Mariupol.

I will also incorporate new events, not yet listed on the spreadsheet, as they unfold.

~ James Grundvig, Editor-in-Chief AMP News.

Find a PDF of the 60-Day Matrix file here:

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