Exposing The World Health Organization as a Criminal Cartel From Its Inception Over 100 Years Ago

October 4, 2023

By Caroline Chang, AMP Journal, AMP News, Inc.

I had the honor of having Dr. David Martin as a guest on my podcast, Awake 2 Oneness Radio, in May 2020. I also met him in person at the ReAwaken America Tour in April 2022. He has all the documented evidence to bring down this Global Criminal Cabal that is named the World Health Organization (WHO).

Having all the documented evidence and facts is not new for Martin. He gathered all the evidence on Anthony Fauci’s criminal activities since the early 90’s and published the Fauci Dossier in January 2021. The 205-page Fauci Dossier has been in the hands of every Congress person, every law enforcement officer, and every mainstream News organization for over 2 years. The evidence that should have Anthoney Fauci in prison for life and beyond.

An Important Point – There Was Never a Pandemic

The important point that many do not understand is that COVID-19 is not a bioweapon, it has never been proven to even exist. Martin makes it clear that there was never a pandemic in 2020. All real-world data from Life Insurance companies and funeral home directors can prove that there were no excess deaths in 2020.

No excess deaths in 2020, which means there was never a pandemic. However, the same Life Insurance companies and funeral home directors can report that there was a drastic increase in deaths right after the rollout of the COVID-19 shots in 2021.

The COVID-19 injections are bioweapons, which makes perfect sense. The creators of this bioweapon wanted to be able to control it, which is why they created a fake pandemic, so people would want the injection. Many who did not want the shots were coerced and forced by threatening to take away their jobs.

There are many hundreds of people who regret getting those shots. However, there is not one person who did not get the shots that regret not getting them. I personally do not know anyone who died from so-called COVID. However, I know many people who have died from the shots.

Dr. David Martin – Presentation to the European Parliament on September 13, 2023

David Martin’s European Speaking Tour

Martin was on a European speaking tour last month and he spoke again to the European Parliament on September 13, 2023, as a member of a panel bravely exposing the WHO for the criminal organization it is and has always been. He first spoke at the European Parliament International Covid Summit in Brussels back in May.

In his presentation, he spells it all out in plain English. Stating that there is a small group of global elites whose ultimate goal is to depopulate the earth of most humans. The entire creation of the WHO stems back to the Eugenics Office from the early 1900s. Also, many people are unaware that Planned Parenthood also comes from the Eugenics project. The WHO is the advancement of the same genocidal program that began with the Carnegie Foundation’s Eugenics Office at Cold Spring Labs in 1913.

The WHO was formed by criminal conspirators, who decided to depopulate the entire human population for the purpose of their own sinister plans to control the whole human race. By using propaganda and fear-porn tactics to get people to agree to a toxic and deadly injection, which will start the process to genetically transform their DNA. Those that did not die from the injections, will eventually become Transhuman. That is why they keep coming out with more and more booster shots.

Their goal is to reduce the human population drastically, leaving only Transhuman hybrid human slaves that they can easily control. Because these hybrid humans will have no connection to their souls anymore.

Acceptable Death Rate

Martin states, “When the words acceptable death rate become part of an industrial norm, we have lost the plot of humanity and that’s not my words. Those were the words of the World Health Organization and of Pfizer and of Moderna…”

They have given themselves the authority to begin killing human beings as young as 6 months old, only for the purpose of advancing their goals for world domination. This seems like a plot from a Sci-Fi movie, however it is very real.

The WHO is a Criminal Cartel, and all documented evidence points to this fact. This is not an allegation; this is a provable fact. All the real-world data proves that there was no increase in deaths in 2020 worldwide. Life Insurance companies prove that the death rate in 2020 was actually lower for that year. Data from Zurich shows that in the year 2020, Life Insurance companies paid out 30 billion dollars less in claims.

The data is also echoed by the funeral home business and funeral home directors. Both industries, the life insurance industry and the funeral home business state that all-cause mortality did not increase dramatically until the rollout of the COVID-19 shots.

The Rockefeller Foundation International Health Commission – Copyright: Rockefeller Archive Center

The Formation of the WHO

The WHO diplomats met in the US to form the United Nations in 1945. Since the founding of the WHO, it has been nothing more than an organized criminal cartel. The WHO’s sole and singular intention has been to depopulate the earth, using the false claim that the world is overpopulated as their reasoning.

Again, as Martin has stated, these are not allegations, this is backed up with proven documentation and facts from their own written statements. “This is actually provable by their own words in their own hand,” states Martin.

The WHO uses a four-step process to execute every one of its nefarious plans. They begin by planning an exercise, then they fund that exercise, then they create the false rationale for the exercise, and then finally they deploy the exercise.

All of this began with the International Health Commission which was created on June 27, 1913, for the promotion of public sanitation and the spread of scientific medicine. Then the very next year the Clayton Antitrust Act of 1914 was signed. When the Clayton Act was passed, it set in motion 110 years ago, the criminal conspiracy, which we now know as the World Health Organization (WHO).

The global pandemic was never a health emergency. It was an organized crime exercise using propaganda, fraudulent information, fake science, and extortion, to coordinate a scheme to instill terror in the public to have them change their behavior and accept an experimental injection. That’s what it was and always has been.

The theory that there was even an outbreak of something is falsifiable from all the data, from fake testing, to create fake cases, to making fake death reports. If there truly was an outbreak of something, none of this would have had to be fake. The true data is unambiguous and undeniable, we did not have a pandemic.

The WHO’s Intention Was to Commit Crimes

When the WHO was founded, its intent was to commit crimes, as written in its founding documentation. They wrote absolute immunity from prosecution for all their actions into their article of incorporation. In their own documentation, it states they grant themselves immunity from personal arrest, or detention, and immunity from all legal actions.

If an organization didn’t intend to commit a crime, why would they need to give the organization permanent and absolute immunity from every form of prosecution, and that they cannot even be investigated for any crime? This does not even meet the standards for diplomatic immunity, it goes far above and beyond diplomatic immunity.

The WHO is a criminal organization, and this is stated by their own hand in writing. The WHO created their own law to protect themselves against crimes they knew they were going to commit. Within 5 years, they authorized the real purpose of the WHO in writing. Then Director General, Dr. George Brock Chisholm, advocated that population control would be its primary objective. Does that sound like public health?

Dr. David Martin

The WHO Is an Organized Criminal Cartel

The WHO is an organized criminal cartel, which is operating legally because it creates its own laws. This is an organized crime organization that gave itself absolute immunity and then executed its plans on an unaware human society that was clueless of its real intentions.

There is an 88% controlling interest in the WHO. If we look at the organization’s donations, 88% of its donations come from one organization, the Gates Foundation. This constitutes a violation of the law in Europe and the US.

This is not an independent charitably funded organization, under the tax laws, this constitutes directed donations which specifically are forbidden and do not have any place anywhere in the charter of the WHO or any other UN-affiliated organizations.

The countless crimes that the WHO is engaging in, which now is leading to the murder of babies and children, global terrorism, and mass global genocide.  

A Key Driver Is the Media

An official statement was made on the record by the criminal cabal in 2011 by the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board of the WHO. “A key driver is the media, and the economics will follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of the process.”

There is no need for any more investigations, it is all already in writing and very well documented that the entire pandemic was a well-executive plan to depopulate the earth deployed by the WHO and other globalist organizations. The criminals have admitted to this in their own words.

This is all known by everyone in the US Congress, and not one Congress person is willing to address this truth. The US government is in bed with this criminal cartel, and we cannot expect the government in its current form to do anything about this. We the People have to stand up for our constitutional rights and come together to form a new way.

Because this corrupt government cannot be fixed and will do nothing to actually help We the People, it is up to us. Don’t forget that Biden is poised to sign the WHO Pandemic Treaty, when I say that the government is in bed with the WHO, I mean it.

(Dr. David Martin – Presentation to the European Parliament on September 13, 2023)

Author Bio:

Caroline Chang is a producer and podcast host of Awake 2 Oneness Radio for 8 years. She is also the founder of the KYLE Foundation (“Keep Your Light Expanding”), named after her son who is in spirit, and co-founder of Universal Oneness Alliance. Caroline has been on the frontline of the Truth and Freedom movement since March 2020, as well as a speaker, author, and mentor to many who are dealing with difficult life situations.

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