Failure of the U.S. Government

April 8, 2022, by James Grundvig, American Media Periscope

The corruption runs deep. It runs wide. And it has been flowing out of the Washington, DC, swamp for decades. Beyond the COVID-19 money laundering operation and the Russiagate Hoax, other troubling signs have emerged this year.

They include Jack Maxey’s vow to dump the Hunter Biden laptop information to law enforcement agencies worldwide. Philippe Argillier’s threat to release criminal contracts on the 38 members of the global “Shadow Government” from his four intel databanks.

[Philippe Argillier (L), Maria Zack (C), Jack Maxey (T)]

And Maria Zack’s steadfast resolve to show how a dark offshore network of the CIA, Communist China, and European intelligence agencies stole the presidential election on November 3, 2020 using military satellites.

Why does it take three U.S. citizens to do the work of the U.S. State Dept., the U.S. Dept. of Justice, the FBI, and other federal and state law enforcement agencies? Yes, French billionaire Phillipe Argillier is also an American citizen.

What has happened to the U.S. Congress and Senate? Have all our representatives been bought off, infiltrated, and blackmailed by the Shadow Government?

And why is corporate America, the Fortune 500, seeking to destroy free-market capitalism and sell out the American people to the globalists plotting our demise, in concert with the United Nations, the World Bank, IMF, and the World Economic Forum?

‘Competition is a Sin’

Industrialist John D. Rockefeller’s most famous quote boils down to four words: “Competition is a sin.”

Why is competition a sin? Competition is not written as a sin in any religious text or books on theology. Competition isn’t one of the Seven Cardinal Sins. It isn’t mentioned in Noah’s Seven Laws. And one cannot find it in the Ten Commandments. Even Dante’s “Devine Comedy” doesn’t list competition as a sin in any thirty-three cantos in the opening book on “Hell.”

That’s because competition isn’t a sin. But unfortunately, it has always been the blood-parasitic mindset of monopolists, the murderers of competitors, and destroyers of competition who are the sinners.

A century ago, the grandfather of modern, petroleum-based, synthetic medicine set up the United States to fall, along with his billionaire bankers and industrialists of the day.

Since COVID-19 locked down communities and shuttered the competition—the “non-essential” small to medium-sized businesses—pushing the middle class on the dole of the socialist federal government, the politicians and corporate leaders would have gotten away with the crime of the century except for some critical setbacks.

Those who helped finance Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci’s 2020 coronavirus pandemic didn’t anticipate the virus being a dud in terms of killing off tens of millions of people. But, without the staged horror showing scores of deformed, blistering bodies in the streets of U.S. cities, it took the wind out of the sails of the second phase of the plan to “vaccinate every human in the world.”

With incriminating source documents being released by Pfizer by court order, people have awakened to the Big Pharma agenda and the crimes.

Not to be outdone on criminality at the highest level of governments and their intel agencies, the Durham Probe is about to explode on the scene, taking down the Hilary Clinton “insurance policy,” the FBI, the U.S. DOJ, and Barrack Obama and many architects in his administration.

Three Unsung Heroes

The one common denominator that all three American citizens have in common and in spades is frustration with the corrupt U.S. government. It was grinding frustration that spurred them into action to break away from the usual chain-of-command and federal hierarchies.

A latticework that the trio, who are working independently, could see for themselves what COVID-19 and the 2020 election coup produce: Corruption at every level of government, in every regulatory agency, in all mainstream media outlets, and the Big Tech information gatekeepers.

All three took an off-the-road approach to get their damning information heard, noticed, and in the public record.

In Maria Zack’s case—she is the founder of Nations in Action. When Mike Pompeo, as the U.S. Secretary of State in the Trump Administration didn’t take up the crimes she exposed or review the hard evidence, a different route had to be taken.

Nevertheless, Ms. Zack managed to go before the Kansas State Senate and insert her findings in a 55-minute presentation now recorded in the public record. The stealthy steps she took to avoid opposition from canceling her speaking publicly can be found in the AMP Media interview on the show “Unrestricted Truths” earlier this week.

In the case of Philippe Argillier, he has no intentions to publish the contents of the intel databanks. As he said in a phone conversation, “I am not Julian Assange. I use the intel databanks for leverage and strategic reasons” in the behind-the-scenes battle against the members of the Shadow Government.

In early March, Argillier emailed more than 300 French newspaper, television, magazine, radio, and media reporters and journalists to meet him over a two-week period in the Parisian Palace Hotel on Champs Elysees. He invited them to see the contents, contracts, and agreements between the globalists in person as proof that the intel databanks exist.

But not a single one of the 300 media representatives took up the offer. Beyond a Chinese delegation on human rights, no one visited Mr. Argillier. At that point, he knew the Shadow Government owned the six Big Media corporations and told their employees to stand down or face stiff consequences.

Philippe Argillier has given up as he continues to use the information on the databanks as a tool of leverage to contain Rothschild-trained globalist Emmanuel Macron, who is up for reelection in France next week. I interviewed Philippe Argillier a few weeks ago on “Pandora’s Intel Box.”

Hunter Biden ‘Laptop From Hell’

In speaking to Jack Maxey last week in Switzerland, his frustration turned into decisive action and now searing anger. First, he was astounded at how corrupt the U.S. government was, from rotting head to toe. Then, the former co-host of Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast said he was “ashamed to be an American.”

After one year of trying to get anyone in Congress, in either party but particularly RINOs, to enter the Hunter Biden Laptop into the public record, Jack Maxey did something unique. He stated that he was going to publish the contents from the laptop and send them to all of the world’s law enforcement agencies.

In particular, he called on the U.S. county sheriffs to review the contents—which have been confirmed and authenticated by the New York Times and Washington Post 500 days after the FBI received them—and arrest the criminals in state and federal government that have committed heinous acts, crimes, and treason.

That threat shocked the U.S. Congress and Senate into action. Hearings were quickly set up while Rep. Matt Gaetz took the extraordinary step and entering Hunter’s laptop hard drive into the congressional record at the end of March.

Many questions will circle the political carrion that will spoil the battlefield once the truth comes out.

Why did the United States federal government fail to act on investigating the laptop, a computer that stored classified documents in it?

Why does it take a brave American citizen to bring crimes into the public domain when that is the task of law enforcement agencies?

One can only hope that the evidence pulled out of the laptop by Jack Maxey and his forensic team hits a convergence point this spring when the Durham Probe leads to the arrests of the scores of corrupt government officials.

After 28 months of COVID-19 destruction of the competition in the American people, we need a turning point. We must right the ship that has been blown far off course by globalists who have infiltrated and taken over our government and its agencies once designed to serve the people.

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