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Fall of the Monarchy

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September 12, 2022

By James Grundvig, American Media Periscope

60-Day Matrix Report – No. 2

In a week that defined why I created the 60-Day Matrix spreadsheet, there were a lot of geopolitical events, plot points, and movements churning through the Old World Order. The prelude to the 9/11 events on its 21st anniversary of remembrance of the Cabal’s attack on the United States of America, the victims in New York City and the Pentagon on that tragic day, the White Hats removed the “Queen” from the chessboard in the psyop of Good versus Evil war.

[Credit: Image montage created by James Grundvig]

Yes, most doubt there is an “invisible hand” of the White Hats pushing back on the Cabal. But that pool of people continues to shrink day by day as more corruption and collusion gets exposed. Add President Trump’s skill to “declass” and expose the fraud at all levels of government and across major institutions, and one should look no further than the number 1776. From the first Q post on October 28, 2017—the same day the Durham Special Counsel launched—to the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, 2022, it is precisely 1776 days.

Why is that significant? For one, the Black Hats use spells, gematria, and numerology to control the narrative and condition the masses to think and believe a certain way. Last Decade, the White Hats deployed a counter-occult messaging, word swordsmanship, and numerology.

Take the Cabal’s 9/11 (square root of 9 = 3 x 11 = 33). It matches the World Health Organization waiting six weeks to declare the 2020 global pandemic emergency on March 11 (3 x 11 = 33). 9/11 and C19 side by side dates comparison and one can see how the game is played. Another, the U.S. DoD’s “Red Contagion” mock pandemic drill, which killed 150 million people in its simulation, was precisely 666 days from May 15, 2018, to March 11, 2020.

With the White Hats hitting back at the global Cabal with critical numbers, such as 1776—”Let Freedom Ring!”—they turned the tables against the Cabal in a big way. More of these types of reveals will come over the next 45 days.

Week No. 2 – Notable Events

Beyond the death of Queen Elizabeth and the ushering in the new king of England, Charles declared 17 (Q) days of mourning as opposed to the requisite ten days from royalty protocol. Why the extra week? Why 17? Did King Charles change it to signify the White Hats were in control? Or did he tip his hat one last time to Osiris?

The energy crisis exploded across Europe with a staggering 500 percent increase in consumers’ and small businesses’ energy bills. People took to town and city squares in Italy, Scotland, and elsewhere in an act of defiance and solidarity. They burned their energy bills in metal drums before the local parliament buildings.

Autumn is still more than a week away, but the people are rebelling. They are getting ahead of the cold winter freeze as the Biden Regime, the United Kingdom, and the European Union continue to commit “energy suicide.” On the wrong side of this crisis, the people of Europe will suffer this winter. On the good side, all the energy dictates from the EU socialists will backfire on the master planners, exposing the green-for-wealth transfer scheme, climate change propaganda, revealing bureaucrats can neither lead a nation nor troubleshoot real-world problems.

As I have been saying on my show, “Unrestricted Truths,” since the spring conflict between Russia and Ukraine began, there isn’t one level-headed, pragmatic leader in Europe that moved to negotiate a peace deal and ended the looming catastrophe that is about to implode the European economy and EU experiment of a “one state order.” Just remember, in May, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson torpedoed any peace talks by pressuring Zelensky to shelve the idea.

On the 60-Day Matrix the energy crisis is an “Event Connector” (EC). It links directly to the undermining of the European economy. Like a raging torrent that scours and undercuts bridge piers in a swollen river, with millions of people no longer paying their energy bills, the shortfall of revenue in public and private sector power companies will force the next destructive step. EU banks will print more “Too Big to Fail” bailout money, sparking further inflationary pressure on currencies and finance.

Such a vicious negative feedback loop will accelerate, exposing other gaps and weaknesses in the globalization financial web, flow of money, and logistics and supply chains. Like the 2008 Fixed Income Crash in the United States, Big Banks don’t want to be left holding the moneybag when counterparty-risk pops the bubble. That is coming in a large way. Instead of a 2008 banking crisis, the coming crash in 2022 will be multiples larger consuming Big Banks and entire nations. We saw this play out in Sri Lanka and other tiny countries. The money virus illiquidity will spread to first-world nations.

The Catch-22 of European nations bailing out the energy suppliers boils down to the fears expressed by Belgium Prime Minister Alexander De Croo: It’s a “no choice intervention to stem severe social unrest.”

President Trump Baits the FBI

Did President Donald Trump bait and then set a trap for the Deep State’s arm of the FBI? It seems that’s the case. According to Bioclandestine’s article, “This is Decals,” his opening paragraphs reads:

“HUGE revelations pertaining to the content of the documents seized by the FBI from Mar-a-Lago. Trump made some comments to Newsmax and now today Devin Nunes saying he thinks that the docs are about Russiagate.

“In Report today from Newsmax, Trump claims he kept them under Executive Privilege, to PROTECT THEM FROM BEING DESTROYED BY THE DEEP STATE.” [Emphasis Bioclandestine]

The more we watch the Mar-a-Lago saga unfold, the more we can see the master chess match President Trump is playing against the Deep State. He not only preserved the documents but also moved them into evidence in a declassification through the Special Masters.

In closing, the CDC is back to pushing flu vaccines for the children’s return to school programs this semester. Don’t fall for it. As I reported last week, this year’s flu shots contain graphene oxide nanoparticles. They are the same mRNA platform, Big Pharma told us, as the Covid bioweapons.

Proceed at your own risk.


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~ James Grundvig, Editor-in-Chief at AMP News.

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