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From ‘No Quarter’ to “Pandemic is Over”

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September 20, 2022

By James Grundvig, American Media Periscope

Last week, as people focused on the plunging stock market and FedEx CEO admitting that the world is in a global recession, newly minted King Charles quietly declared he is contemplating stepping down and abdicating his son Prince William to succeed him in the throne.

[Credit: Anonymous Patriot on social media; submitted by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot]

Naturally mainstream media failed to cover that unusual public thought by Charles on Friday, September 16. At 73-years-old, the former prince looks world weary, out to lunch, with something much deeper gnawing inside him. Downtrodden beyond the death of his 96-year-old mother, what is eating Charles we might never know.

But in chess parlance, with the queen removed its “endgame” and when the king falls or steps down, it will be “checkmate” against the global Cabal and Deep State–the true enemy of the people.

The real fireworks began on Saturday night (9/17/22) when President Donald Trump gave a powerful, nearly two-hour speech in Youngstown, Ohio. With Trump canceling the October event–will he be arrested?–“Save America Rally” looks like it might come to a temporary pause for the remainder of the year.

Buried in the speech were two nuanced messages. First, President Trump stated that “China must be held accountable for unleashing the virus in 2020,” but that he recognizes the real pandemic year being 2021, due to the Covid bioweapons without saying the “vaccine” word.

More importantly, he spoke directly to the enemy of Americans, when he made his second key point, stating:

“Most of you don’t know this, but there have only been 25 people ever to being president of the United States…” he paused, and coyly added, “Think about that statement.”

President Trump referred to the fact that he dissolved USA INC., in which the British Crown and the City of London ruled America through the maritime port of Washington, D.C, from 1871 to 2021.

Since that’s the case, the next president of the U.S. will be No. 19, not 46 or 47.

American “Give No Quarter” Flag

When President Trump concluded his speech, he walked off stage with the rear curtain drawn open revealing an odd looking American Flag with the 50 stars “blacked out.”

Decoded by Juan O Savin on last night’s show of “Unrestricted Truths” (Episode 187) “Give No Quarter,” he explained that President Trump was sending a final message to the Deep State and the foreign “Belligerent Occupants” inhabiting United States territory to surrender or be shown “no quarter” in a scorched earth military reprisal coming this autumn.

The weekend spectacularly ended with Joe Biden stating the “Pandemic is Over” in a 60 Minutes interview.

In a major gaffe to Big Pharma, the “enemy inside the wire” is now in panic as the corruption and fraudemic will soon be exposed.

What comes next?

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