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Going Deep With Gene Decode | MSOM Ep.306

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30 replies on “Going Deep With Gene Decode | MSOM Ep.306”

Gene Decode is a 2000% fraud. The moon landings were faked. it’s been proven beyond any shadow of any doubt. I wouldn’t believe a thing this clown says if his lips came notarized. every time I listen to him, he lies. what good is he? Since he lies all the time, even if he DID give good intel, we would have no way to know, no way to separate fact from his delusional BS.

AMP, you can do better. you’re supposed to be CREDIBLE news source. Leave the seance crowd to CNN.

Jerry you are ignorant and uninformed
Gene has been decoding the DUMBS and tunnels around the world. I have been listening to him for a yr. children have been rescued from adrenochrome harvesting child sacrifice, rape sodomy and child sacrifice. Hundreds of tunnels. There are naps that go back to Atlantis.
All will be confirmed very soon.
It is all about the children.

@Jerry – where does he say it wasn’t fake? You’re not capable of listening properly. Gene Decode surely is a man of integrity – whereas YOU are either a paid troll or just a very dumb troll (as your last sentence suggests) – or both. Get lost.

Gene Decode has good Intel ,but he is a habitual liar regarding his personal life testemonies.His stories,keep changing and stretches the truth! He is a FRAUD..My B.S. Detector went off after about 10 minutes of him speaking.You can do better AMP…

I have followed him for two years straight and NOT ONCE have any of his “stories” (as you call them) changed. Try to listen a bit closer. If/whenever he gets something wrong, he ALWAYS owns it and corrects it, explaining WHY he got it wrong.

Try to expand your thinking here…….BOTH the moon landing AND the faking of the moon landing happened. They did a photo shoot in LA so they’d have something to show the people, not knowing what the outcome would be.

Most things are not “either/or” They’re usually BOTH but society and the media have conditioned us to believe it has to be one or the other…….yet another attempt at predictable CABAL DIVISIVNESS……

Wake up, brother. And don’t judge another fellow human being fighting for the cause. We have plenty of REAL enemies out there to battle.

Gene has a lot of inconsistencies in his stories. This year alone b2t has lost 100s if not more followers because of gene and his fantasies. Gene on either patriot dave or nicholas vinamin lately and said he learned all about the dumbs from phil schnieder. So he studied phils intel and coordinates on dumbs and ran with it. He claims he is an alpha draco from another planet. Says God created aliens too and humans were made as gate keepers. Not a Christian man. His stories to individuals who have asked the same questions each time they ask the answers are different. Wake up people they are paytriots and gross income in 2020 for b2t LLC WAS 1 MILLION DOLLARS. please research his info like i have he is wrong 85% of the time. Been with b2t for over 2 years and finally left along with a lot of people. You cannot confront him oersonally on wrong information he chews you out and says your full of demons. God Bless all. Your hanging onto a man who doest show his face and a fake name. Even with so many putting their necks out for the truth.b2t has turned into a cult and a bunch of jezebel spirits fighting to be on top..
I have tons of proof and when the time is right i will release it. Hes just an old bald man looking for money. He has lost credibility with a lot of people its only a matter of time before he is exposed. I pray all these platforms wake up. If you want to keep worshipping the Golden Calf go right ahead.

b2t is played by the same actor as Mark Sargent

Gene is just mocking truthers, he looks suspiciously like kibbutzer
whatsisname .>the actor from roger rabbit

I observed 3 chinook in formation it was either Saturday or Sunday flying in from the west end of Flaming Gorge at approximately 200 feet less and disappeared to the south but did not go north up the toward the full length of the Gorge. But here is what is stranger yet on the second day after my siting a cloud built up in the morning then after awhile I heard numerous explosions but it was in rapid succession not like thunder. After about a half hour the explosions stopped the cloud then moved northward toward Lucerne Camp Ground then just broke up and went away, Then I observed smoke or a haze all-round for 3 days it covered the Mountains South of Lucerne Camp grounds. Could it had been a DUMBS operation. I will try to get ahold of Gene Decode for confirmation. Did you have any siting’s of those Chinook Hellos’ ? They where black with no markings. Was there a DUMDS Just south of Lucerne Campground on the The Flaming Gorge Resevour

Why was the Cabal not stopped long before? Why have they accumulated so much power and wealth? Hasn’t anyone resisted them before? Why was this kept a secret from the average person?

Because they made sure that anyone who knew anything was compromised. They would (and still do) frame everyone in their “club” by drugging them, then videotaping them doing something (usually w children) that they don’t even know they’re doing, drugs, etc…..and threaten them with it if they even ‘think’ of talking.

Many have come out talking against them and have resisted them before and most all have been killed. Remember that the media (all the media) works for the CABAL so they, too, have to say what they’re told and have a daily gun to their head. For many years, society was content enough not to pay attention to anomalies and just went about their business. Not until 9/11 and the internet, have we FINALLY been able to start waking up to everything that has been kept from us. Sure, they’ve been data mining our personal info and selling it from the onset but…….we’ve been learning heaps and loads about THEM.

I saw gene in his interview about the galactic talk. I really like him but his picture of the three stars is really an artist rendition. what he says about the small little star being our sun is NOT true. If you go to the nasa site you will find out about binary star systems and three star systems in our “galaxy “. Our sun is in our “SOLAR SYSTEM”. We do not have 3 stars. Gene you really need to research better. It misleads people.

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