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GREAT AWAKENINGS | November 5th, 2021

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11/05/2021 | Great Awakenings

LT. Scott Bennett:





One reply on “GREAT AWAKENINGS | November 5th, 2021”

I have heard and seen the frustration you have towards Donald Trump. I am a little disappointed and perplexed by your reaction. Didn’t Trump over deliver and implement things no other Chief Executive ever accomplish? I believe his base would heartily agree that he over delivered. . . promises made, promises kept.
He has a dual persona he must maintain, if he hopes to continue to be as successful as he was in his first term, especially with the main stream media who wants to crucify him at every turn.
I am surprised, that you being versed as an expert in military psy-op operations, fail to see this. This is why Trump says things that do not register or resonate with time frames and things we believe and think he should say.
He is consulting with 200 military white hat generals every day, with information and intelligence only his eyes are privy to see. This information is guiding him in the decision making process that affects many.
I know others who are getting frustrated because of the timing element involved. I believe Donald Trump‘s election of 2016 was God’s grace poured out upon America, that this country and its leaders would repent of their sins, and that evil-doers in all levels of our society would be exposed and brought to justice.
No one sworn to uphold our Constitution and violated its sacred covenant should escape. It is defined as treason. It is a capital offense punishable by death. No prison sentences. No taxpayer support of life sentenced offenders in prison. Don’t forget, Scott, of the depth and scope of corruption at all levels and institutions in our country.
Also, do not forget the timing element. I believe God put Donald Trump into office for those four years. I believe God will put Trump back in office for another four years; however, this involves God’s timetable not yours or mine.
Show a little faith and trust in a man who proved himself for four years to us. Donald Trump demonstrated to his base, and to all freedom loving Americans, when his life, family, reputation, and office were under relentless and daily attack from a media that hated his guts and wanted him and his base silenced.
I don’t know where your bitterness and frustration with Trump are coming from, but it is not going to do you good to continue on this rant and negative bent you have toward our beloved President. I am willing to give you a second chance, if you are willing to give Trump grace. You will lose your audience and viewership if you continue in this negative, anti-Trump vein.

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