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Has the British Empire Taken America?

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Has the British Empire Taken America?




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6 replies on “Has the British Empire Taken America?”

I believe this is Alexandra Bruce speaking on some of these breaking news items and she is very difficult to understand. Her voice fades in and out and her emphasis is often on the wrong words and all in all, you can only catch a few words so you never really get the whole message. She either needs a better sound system or someone else should be doing these. When the gentleman speaks on these broadcasts you can understand every word.

I agree with the comment re Alexandra and the inability to fully hear her broadcast. She has incredible information and I have a very high regard for her investigative journalism but hearing her is extremely difficult. When the audio is difficult to comprehend, perhaps providing captioning would rectify the issue. Thanks so much!

My grandfather used to say, if two little fishes in the bottom of the ocean fight with each other, it has to be the british who instigated the fight, but I think he was a bit naive !
He couldn’t pinpoint which british.
From what I’ve seen in real life, the british people are some of the most beautiful Christian people in the world, they genuinely believe in Christian doctrines, love, peace and harmony.
But there’s 1% of Brits who are non-Christian, who are the very anti-Christ, they own and control all the british banks as well as the royal family, they are the ones who have been screwing the whole world for centuries, they came to the UK from a tiny little country on the other side of the planet and took over the entire british economic and political systems.
Since then, every single catastrophe on this planet was planned, funded and executed by these Evil people.
Even the American civil war was planned, funded and executed by them.
All world wars were planned, funded and executed by the same Evil people.
They’re still active today but with much bigger budget.
They still make less than 1% of world population, therefore they can be squashed very easily.

I am British and I am Roman Catholic and we have a growing Muslim community getting stronger every single day. Won’t be long until we are in the minority sadly

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