How To Destroy America

Op Ed by James Madison of American Media Periscope Posted 2 February


The USA is being destroyed by ‘wokeness’ and political correctness. These are corrosive, liberty violating methodologies instituted by the left and leftists have no care whatsoever for the damage they are doing. I have said this many times before: With the Marxist left, the ends always justify the means, even when the same people will scream ‘tyranny’ if their opponents employed the same techniques.

Eradicating that which is common to all

The left wants to end all vestiges of patriotism which includes saying the pledge of allegiance in American schools or displaying the American flag. The stated reason for this is that they do not want to ‘offend’ anyone. This is insane. What other nation bans its own flag and accompanying salute because ‘others’ might feel offended? I have a simple remedy and, yes, I am willing to pay for it. Anyone who does not like these things is welcome to leave and I will pay for a one way ticket with the understanding that person will not return. The ‘woke’ philosophy that somehow patriotism represents something evil is not just the typical America hating of socialists. It is one of the core ways to undermine a multicultural society. When we have no common heroes or holidays we are a nation permanently divided and that is exactly what the leftists want.

Cancel Christianity

Anything Judeo-Christian such as the Ten Commandments, manger scenes for Christmas displays on government property and even the right to go to church during coronavirus are all unacceptable to the left but, as per usual, their bigotry only applies in this area. All other faiths are to be lionized because they constitute ‘multiculturalism’ and those faiths will be allowed to continue unmolested but Christians themselves now even earn the derision of ‘domestic terrorists’ to the sleaze on the left. Remember the last two Democrat National Conventions? Large groups in attendance actually decided to ‘boo’ during prayer.

Cancelling national heroes

All the Founding Fathers as well as the four Presidents on Mt Rushmore have been deemed unacceptable to the left. Some even wish to destroy the monument. Meanwhile, Columbus Day is taboo to celebrate and the left wants him labeled as an agent of genocide. Davy Crockett, James Bowie and Louis & Clark no longer need apply because cancel culture wants nothing of European heritage to be seen as admirable.

Turn people against each other

Identity politics is the standard for the left where people are taught that one is obligated to vote based upon his or her demographics. Yes, I am sure I just upset some snowflake out there by only saying ‘him or her’ but I make no apology for my ability to understand the binary difference in chromosomes that the left denies. Democrats already are branding people as traitors to their own kind for not obeying diktats to vote based upon identity. One of the most repulsive features were during the 2020 election was how black Republicans were referred to by Democrats as ‘skinfolk but not kinfolk’. In other words, these people were denied the right to be black by black Democrats who think they have the right to determine how everyone of one background will orient themselves politically. If you are a woman, the same is true because groups which claim to advocate for women will not accept conservatives. If you do not put on your pink hat and march in favor of abortion, infanticide and lesbianism then you are not wanted. Conservative women are treated with total contempt as is any woman who espouses being a traditional wife which they define as putting motherhood and family first. Recall the contempt for Lauren Boebert, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman and you have the idea. Additionally, the term #TradWife (‘traditional wife’) has been a social media trend which drew total derision from the left towards the remaining conservatives who they have not yet cancelled.

Diversity training that is nothing but anti-Caucasian

Coca-Cola is one of many American corporations that indoctrinate white employees with Critical Race Theory, including demands that they ‘try to be less white’. That statement appeared verbatim on a slide delivered in an online course produced by a bigot named Robin DiAngelo who can earn $40,000 for a half day talk spewing venom such as ‘to be less white is to: be less oppressive; be less arrogant; be less certain; be less defensive; be less ignorant; be more humble; listen; believe; break with apathy and break with white solidarity’. Conservative author and Blexit founder Candace Owens pointed out that if the course endeavored to teach employees how to ‘be less black, the world would implode and lawsuits would follow’. Mrs Owens continued ‘I genuinely hope these employees sue Coca-Cola for blatant racism and discrimination’. Robin DiAngelo is one of the leading peddlers of the critical race doctrine and is perhaps best known for her book ‘White Fragility’, which impugns white people for becoming angry, defensive or hostile when ‘confronted with the idea that they are complicit in systemic racism’. She completely dismisses the notion that a caucasian could actually be against bigotry.

Censorship and lying by the media

Fair coverage of candidates and elections have been gone for years and the left has a stranglehold on all media except talk radio in the US. The former big alphabet networks of ABC, CBS and NBC are irrelevant as are MSNBC and CNN. 92% of media on three continents is controlled by six massive corporate conglomerates and they collude to produce the same narrative. They have by choice and desire undermined our republic and replaced it with anti conservative propaganda. The tech giants like Facebook, Twitter and Google are even worse because they control a lion’s share of the internet world. To make matters worse, people who have grown up in the internet era do not know they are being lied to because they have not been taught what bias is and how to detect it… which is exactly what the left wants.

Politicized teacher’s unions and anti-American curricula

I need to be very specific on this one. I am NOT criticizing unions, nor am I attacking ALL teachers or ALL teachers’ unions. I am focusing upon the National Education Association (NEA), the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and the California Teachers Association (CTA). Why do I choose these? These are massive groups which have outgrown their stated purpose which was to represent the interests in educators in collective bargaining. These groups are massive political machines and always advocate leftist policies. Unless you live in a right to work state, teachers can be compelled to join one of these groups and in some cases their union dues are used ‘to support candidates favorable to education’. This is a blatant lie. ‘Candidates favorable to education’ is a code word for every leftist, every time. There are enough quiet teachers who know their jobs will be threatened if they reveal they are conservatives and these people should not have to fund socialist indoctrinators. From pushing America hating curriculums such as the 1619 Project or Critical Race Theory, all these groups are doing is working for the interests of leftist propaganda, not the greater good of students. Textbooks in classrooms today feature historical revisionism designed to make the US look bad. One of the most egregious but commonly used examples is Howard Zinn’s ‘People’s History of the United States’ which is little more than a Marxist history of US vilification. The United States is not perfect but we may be the only nation which teaches its own children to dishonor their home and its founders.

Democrats apply rules for themselves that they will not accept for Republicans

Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks won an Iowa US Representative district by just six votes. The losing Democrat has asked Speaker Pelosi to throw out the results. There is no Constitutional mandate for the US Congress to adjudicate election results. The election was certified by the state, as per Constitutional policy, yet Democrats seem to think they have every right to overturn this only weeks after they allowed massive fraud to alter the outcome of a Presidential election. The only thing that matters to them is that their candidate wins; ‘fairness’ is simply not on their agenda.

Loose Constructionist Judges

The left have appointed judges who use vague terms like ‘the Constitution is a living document’ which is nothing but code for ‘the Constitution means whatever we say it does’. They have no care for original intent and they will simply find creative ways, no matter how horrendous the violation of our founding document, in order to justify their agenda. From Mr Obama’s Unaffordable Health Care Act to the fifty years of Roe vs Wade, the nation cannot afford to have judges whose hubris makes them think they can alter the intent of the very core documents of our nation.

Second Amendment

Despite the Constitutional guarantee of the right to keep and bear arms, Democrats are planning massive gun control legislation and they simply do not care about Constitutionality. The Founding Fathers were strong advocates of an armed populace because the understood that it is better for the government to fear its citizens than citizens to fear the government. Every dictator of the 20th century began with confiscation of guns and if you need a recent example of what happens when gun control is combined with ‘democratic socialism’, you need only look as far as Venezuela. The people of Venezuela were hoodwinked by the lie of ‘democratic socialism’ and soon after they lost their rights to self defense. By 2019 the government was killing unarmed protestors who could not get enough food.

Encourage Civil Disorder

Who were responsible for months of riots in 2020? No, it is not Trump supporters or the GOP. We had at least four months of Antifa and BLM destroying, looting and burning places like Seattle and Portland. None were subject to the masks or distancing rules that destroyed thousands of people’s businesses across the nation and the complicit politicians like Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland and ‘Mayor Jenny’ of Seattle told the police to stand down and allow rampant destruction and even the seizure of police precincts. Much of this was funded by Democrat mega donor George Soros because the people who kept getting arrested were usually from out of town. Also, recall then Senator Kamala Harris set up a fund to bail out this rabble so they could continue their rampage. 

The United States stands at a crossroads. If we take any more steps in the wrong direction, it will be too late. Worse yet, it may already be too late. If they people who are in office now get their way, the USA as we know it will be unrecognizable in only a few years.

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