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I’m Running Against The Media

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Perception Is Realty

The media has portrayed Trump as a racist, con man, bigot, womanizer baby abuser and so on even comparing him to Hitler. His statements (okay a bit over the top on occasion) have for the most part been completely blown out of proportion, taken out of context, twisted, perverted and turned into complete lies.

As I sated in a previous post I challenge anyone to bring forth factual evidence of such charges the media and its mindless regurgitators have made against Trump. They wont, because they can’t.

The truth is Trump has played them like a fiddle, gaining perhaps billions of dollars in media coverage for free. Trump having been relentlessly hit hard by a bought and paid for corrupt media, counter punches while busting up and exposing this government media complex for what it is as their newspapers fail and cable network ratings plummet.

This was well put by a political and social activist on FB. “The truth is, Donald Trump is not only running against the most crooked candidate to ever run for the presidency, Hillary Clinton, he is also running against some of the most crooked lying subsidized International corporate mainstream media outfits to ever exist in human history”.

Michael Vincent, and Take a look at this post you will see that Trump will Pulverize Clinton on his way to a landslide victory to the White House.

Proper real time non skewed polling, voter and election fraud should rapidly become the next area of focus as this is the only way in my opinion that Hillary Clinton can win this race that is by stealing the election.

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This eye opening book may be a great tool to pass along to others in the effort to shift the pendulum from division to unity against the real merchants of chaos. For more information on this book click here. Podcast Commentary

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