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Importance of Primary Elections

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The following is insider “intel” on the critical importance of primary elections in the United States, by Reinette Senum for California Governor.

From her website–Elect Reinette–she clearly states:

“I’m not a Democrat. I am not a Republican. I am a Californian.”

[Credit: Reinette Senum; montage image by James Grundvig]

Candidate Senum’s mission: “To Leave The World Better Than When We Found It.” Reinette’s blog, The Foghorn Express, captures her “stories, hypothesis, and possibilities beyond fog.” 

The Following Are Reinette’s Top 10 Elements for Primary Voting and Elections


1. “We have been led to believe that between the primary and general elections, the general election is the most important of the two. Nothing could be further from the truth: Those who vote in the primary election (June 7th in CA), have essentially “set the ball up at the net” to determine the political fate for the next 4 years no matter the general election outcome in November.”

2. “An important Rule of Thumb to remember: 80% of people agree on 90% of the issues. The division we have been led to believe exists is nothing more than smoke and mirrors, with the intention to keep us divided and hopeless.”

3. “However, the media gives so little coverage to the primaries, that those in the middle generally do not participate, and wait for the general election to vote for the top two vote-getters that came out of the primary in June. Who does generally show up at the primary elections? The most extreme from the left and right.”

4. “We actually have the power to remove Newson once and for all, not in the general election in November, BUT in the June primary. This is how….”

5. “The numbers are actually in our favor. There are 40 million Californians. 22 million of which are registered voters. In the 2018 primary, only 7 million registered voters actually voted. And of those, only 2.343 million actually voted for Newsom (10% of registered voters). These were the voters who set the ball up at the net for the November general election.”

6. “The media barely covers the upcoming primary elections because they do not want the 80 percenters “in the middle” to get fired up to make real change and show up at the primary election…. because it’s really this election that determines the next 4 years!”

7. “We actually have the power to vote out Newson, not in the general election in November, BUT in June. If those who generally only vote in November, actually vote in the primary in JUNE, it’s a game-changer!!! It is how the 80 percenters can bring our elections back to the center….”

8. “It’s also imperative that we spend just a little time researching the other candidates who have been set up by big-monied-corporate-interests to be Newsom’s “competition.” They are ALL funded by Big Money. It’s imperative people go onto, research who is funding these candidates, and actually look at their track record of public service. Follow the money. Be aware of who endorses them. Who contributes to their campaign. Which candidates pop up on the google ads, and who these candidates have been doing business with over the last few years. This tells you everything you need to know.” 

9. “Our lives are at stake here and that of our children’s children… but the numbers are actually in our favor… we just don’t know this. The system cannot handle spontaneity no matter HOW MUCH those in power attempt to rig the system. It will only take a million or two additional (and unexpected) votes in June to completely monkey-wrench their plans no matter how many “mules” they have harvesting ballots.”

10. “This is the most important video you can share. This clearly demonstrates how much power IS  actually in our hands. We’ve got this. We just have to show up NOW! And stop voting for a different wing of the same bird. Big money has infiltrated both sides equally!”

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*Special Note For Californian Voters

“Do not send your ballot through the mail (unless you have no choice and are out of town). Take your ballot to your official elections office. Drop off at their ballot boxes ONLY. Any other boxes, on street corners, in libraries, or in other “convenient” locations are not necessarily owned by your county elections office and may be privately owned by a corporation. Best to drop off ballots on election day if you can. Also, you can vote for any candidate of any or no political affiliation.”

For those of you who do not live in California…. much of this general information still applies to you and your respective state.



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