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Get YOUR FREE COPY today of the book “Misconceptions and Course Corrections – A Collection of Critical Essays for Our Times” “I read your book and I felt so connected. Although it imparted some sad and scary information, it still had a lighthearted, human feel. You put such depth into everything you say and make each statement a thought provoking mystery for us to solve only to find that the answer is so simple: Love. I have complete faith that the human race has the ability to turn things around and make the world a better place for future generations.” – Jeanette, New York We covered some of the Misconceptions in the previous blog. Here now the Course Corrections. Course Corrections Finding one’s true inner voice, seizing the day, and creating an extraordinary life Cleansing the circles of our lives to make way for meaningful relations Overcoming loneliness How to attract all you want in life and how to repel what you do not want in life Creating balance and harmony in one’s life in spite of the challenging times Creating moments, being alone, and why this is important Easing the friction of life through conceptual understanding and quality communication Unleashing the healing and powerful tool – kindness Overcoming the obstacles to attaining contentment and happiness Miraculous results of practicing an “attitude of gratitude” How to predict the future… your future The secret to living in harmony with others even if we disagree How to create and care for a healthy body How to spot and identify truth from lies in daily local, regional, and global events Overcoming jealousy How and why the conditions of our lives are directly proportionate to the feelings and love we have for ourselves Embracing death How to escape our darkest moments How to help others to “see the light” How to calm and eliminate racism (which left alone to the natural progression barely exists in actual fact) How to make money and be happy doing it Ten things that the people who love their lives are doing differently – you should know these A call to the artists of the world – the artists duty in creating a better culture One collective voice in light and love as the masses begin to awaken in this paradigm shift of consciousness This collection of essays is a must read if you’re looking for a bright, insightful view into the life we lead as humans. This is not a “sales pitch book” to purchase any tangible products or investments. This collection of essays, written in a simple straightforward narrative, are rich in content, enlightening, empowering, and is transformational. Watch this 1:08 video here. “Misconceptions and Course Corrections, A Collection of Critical Essays for Our Times” by transformational author John Michael Chambers – 37 chapters. 282 pages. 67,000+ words. 300+ links, resources, and action items. Learn more. Kindle download here for just $10.00 or subscribe for a FREE PDF copy of the book below. Where are you at in The Process? If you would like a private consultation lick here. I would be happy to talk with you. Subscribe to my blog site and receive a FREE COPY of my book “Misconceptions and Course Corrections – A Collection of Critical Essays for Our Times”. #overcomelonliness #makingmoney #creatingbalance #attraction #creativeliving #predictingfuture #escapedarkness #overcomingdepression #overcomeobstacles #livinginharmony

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