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America's Patriot Only Network

It’s Dark And It’s Light

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Fascinating period of time we are all going through, truly it is. When you look over here it’s dark. When you look over there, it’s light. We are waking up. The world is waking up. It’s Dark And It’s Light This is a slow process, but it will reach a point where it shifts into high gear. When will this be? Not sure. Could be later into next year, perhaps sooner. Those already awakened, will begin to see more and more and deeper and deeper. Then there are those still very much unaware and or unwilling to become aware. The unaware, will grow at some point exponentially. Even the unwilling too will become aware. This will grow, but in smaller numbers. Ignorance is not bliss. Then there are the brainwashed controlled individuals that will remain in the dark succumbed by evil, perhaps casualties, and as part of the enemy. But we are going from dark to light in this paradigm shift where evil is being exposed and truths are being revealed. This time is now upon us. Awaken now. The choice is yours. Oh world victorious! Dark to Light. The stage is being set. My articles and daily shows day by day, week by week and month by month helps us all to connect the dots pointing us to the light. Why? Because the light is there if you just look in the right places. What is light? Light of course can be defined in many way. In this context, I refer to light as good things. Revealing things. Truth. Solutions. The plan, and so on. Light can also in this context be defined as energy. Power. Purity. The light of God. And the light of God never fails. Buckle down. Watch what happens over the next several months. Stay the course, trust the plan. Freedom, it’s up to us. Get on board. Watch and share my daily live news show – “Making Sense Of The Madness” to help awaken and inform others. Like No Other JMC Sponsor Protect Your Assets Wisdom for Uncertain Times #greatawakening #indictments #PLANdemic #Q #QANON #treason

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