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Lin’s Message On The Great Awakening, The Second Harvest, The True Great Reset. Lin’s Making of Q.

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John Michael Chambers interviews Lin Wood in this captivating episode of Making Sense Of The Madness | MSOM EP. 181

6/10/2021 | 5:30 PM | MSOM

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Nearly 60% of Americans are concerned about running out of money.





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26 replies on “Lin’s Message On The Great Awakening, The Second Harvest, The True Great Reset. Lin’s Making of Q.”

Thank you JMC and JG, always like to hear from Lin Wood. I never knew what he said about the inauguration being 17 minutes early, and the live broadcast not showing the singer the same on all channels. That was new info for me. GOD WINS!!!

John, I so enjoy your show and the guests you have on.
I want to give you some advice on your cough/chest cold. If you will get some zinc lozenges with vitamin C and echinacia, one every four hours will knock that mess out of you in no time. Then take 1000 mgs of vitamin C every day to keep your immune system humming. I have done this ever day for years, am almost 71 years old, and I rarely if ever get sick, not even the flu!
Hopes this advice helps! Keep up the good work!

Satan is the god of this world!!Just look around you,evil permeates in all directions!,but don’t lose heart Light of TRUTH will expose the Darkness,and GOD will purge this world,and reastablish HEAVEN here on Earth!!

This episode gave me so much HOPE! I absolutely LOVE Lins messages, I follow him on telegram. Great show as always gentlemen. Keep up the good work! WWG1WGA ♥

All thatLin has said thatGod willsaveAmerica is in prophecy..Alleluia… love Lin and appreciate how hard he is working to expose the truth and wake up America

Thanks so much this needs to get out every where. We need to turn to God get rid of the pagan holidays that Satan has introduced to replace Gods Holidays. The origin of St. Nicholas or Later turned to Santa Claus came to the house gave a gift to put under your tree in trade for your child that they sacrificed. Does it not all make sense it is all connected. Easter the worship of Istar associated with child sacrifice. Gods Holidays are about His plan for man kind Pass Over is not Easter. Easter is a counterfeit (God’s Plan for mankind revealed by His Sabbath and Holy Days)

God’s grace proved me true, supported by this video.
Surrounded by lukewarm Catholics who ” ho hum ” this info.
This video reignited the fire in me to get restarted.

Great and God Bless Mr. Lin Wood. I have a worry though. I saw President Trump doing a short interview. He had on a blue tie and quoted a bad quote that was untrue. It had to do with Arizona. My old brain is not remembering to well either. I am concerned that he is having mental brobalems due to the VACCINE. He needs to do something to reverse its effects. I believe it is possible.

I’m just now finding out about this site!
I LOVE it and hearing TRUTH!
God Bless all of you, and God protect each and every one of you from all of the EVIL in this world! We all knew Trump was fighting evil, we just didn’t know HOW EVIL these people were, or the extent they would go to!
Again, God protect and surround you all with his embrace and love!
We, the People, are forever grateful and indebted to you brave men and women.

He’s right, we’re living in a time that the Bible calls “The End Times”. Jesus Christ will come for his Church, but not before exposing the Satanic Evil that has enslaved humanity for so many decades. It all makes sense now.

Everyone on this channel have one common thread … We are all God fearing, God loving children of our Heavenly Father in search of truth. JMC hats off to you sir and James too for shining the light. Another truth – our medical world leaders, FDA, and big pharma is corrupt. STOP taking a lot of the “medicine “ many tell us is necessary. 8 years ago I discovered Heart disease continues to be #1 killer of humanity and after reading “medical acceptance “ on Angioprim’s site you’ll understand why. Angioprim contains all natural pharmaceutical grade Amino Acids that cleanse plaque from arteries.

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