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Lt. Gen McInerney & Maria Zack Breaking News On The Election Fraud – Sean Morgan Signs Of Turning The Tide Across The Globe | MSOM Ep.280

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Lt. Gen McInerney & Maria Zack Breaking News On The Election Fraud – Sean Morgan Signs Of Turning The Tide Across The Globe | MSOM Ep.280

John Michael Chambers is joined his Co-Host Sean Morgan in this exciting interview with Lt. Gen Thomas McInerney & Maria Zack. Stay Informed Patriots!

6/9/2021 | 5:30 PM | MSOM

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Nearly 60% of Americans are concerned about running out of money.






20 replies on “Lt. Gen McInerney & Maria Zack Breaking News On The Election Fraud – Sean Morgan Signs Of Turning The Tide Across The Globe | MSOM Ep.280”

I’m very disappointed. I’ve been paying 9.99 for premium and every time I try to watch the program all I get is small portions of about about 7 words and then it cuts out for about 15 seconds. then back in for a couple seconds then back out. this goes on continually. I have tried both at live times and at later times. I really don’t know what to do. I can’t afford this and not be able to watch the show. please tell me what is going on. I really want to watch and hear the program.

I believe it’s your internet provider attempting to Suppress your viewing. You may want to try DuckDuckGo as your search engine. I have no problem viewing AMP. However I have had problems forwarding the podcast and believe it’s my internet provider and it google. I do not have the premium viewing do you my financial status retired disabled. GOD BLESS MR CHAMBERS AND YOU ALL.

Yes, wake up America!!!!

Ivermectin and hydroxyChloraquinlin is not approve by the WHO or theFDA to treat Covid. Neither was the Covid vaccines. Please I beg you not to get the vaccine. Google Dr Sherry Tenpenny. The vaccines are genocide. The virus was the cause and effect to get the deadly vaccines in the arms of they people to reduce the population and allow AI 5to replace humans in manufacturing and every facet of life except human reproduction. Covid is 97% curable with the correct medication. Why would someone take poisonous vaccine that has cause death and disabilities. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!

hydroxy has been use for 70 years to fight malaria. whether the FDA “approves” it for covid is IRRELEVANT! It is already PROVEN SAFE for most everyone who take the”proper dosage! DON”T LISTEN TO THE PROPAGANDA FROM THE LEFT!

We all appreciate Michael Chambers’s amazing coverage of the real events as they unfold.
I hate to see you suffering from health issues at this crucial time in your messages.
Please look into Oil of Oregano if you haven’t already. It works wonders for respiratory problems of all kinds. Natural remedies will conquer most viruses’ with proper research and diligent application.

Dear American media periscope.
I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your dedication and passion to source the truth regarding The absolute madness that is going on around the world at the moment.
Can you please address this video For me, and respond in kind.
I have believed and supported President Trump since 2015. As I believe he is the great hope not only for the USA but to remove the deep swamp from the world. Please tell me my beliefs have not fallen short of the truth. Meaning! I have not been blindsided. Much love to you all ❤️


Some patriots are great people but believe in many cuIt beliefs.
I started watching and so much truth was coming through. I had to stop several times as these people had so much truth but their belief of Jews, nonbelief of Jesus was not my belief at all. But I would stop and pray & just dismiss the things I knew were true. I would have to go right back to the video again. It is AMAZING what Trump has done for our country.
This goes back to the beginning of Trumps Presidency and what was going on behind the scenes, it was absolutely astonishing the things he accomplished I 2017 & 2018. All because he loves our country and the CHILDREN, we have lost through sex trafficking, being murdered, satanic rituals, adrenochrome and pure evil who the people involved in this all over the world & running our country. Nobody can imagine what he has gone through with getting rid of swamp people. They are the most disgusting people, and nobody wants to know that people are this deranged. He has it all and Nothing can Stop what is coming.
PLEASE PRAY for these people so they will come to the Lord.

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