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Michael K Jaco – Seal Team Six | MSOM Ep.286

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Michael K Jaco – Seal Team Six | MSOM Ep.286

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Nearly 60% of Americans are concerned about running out of money.





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36 replies on “Michael K Jaco – Seal Team Six | MSOM Ep.286”

I would let James take Johns place instead of Sean. It appears to me that no one is watching AMP . My computer says only 4 are watching.

James Grundvig has 2 of his own shows now, plus writing reports for AMP. Sean is very intelligent, and capable, so please be patient and considerate.

James has two of his own shows pus joins us weekly on Thursdays at MSOM. Sean is doing a great job of which I am grateful. Ill be back stronger then ever and the best is yet to come. MSOSM still collectively is being viewed by tens of thousands across all platforms Thanks for caring and following…

I really like Sean Morgan. He asks insightful questions and gives the guest ample time to answer. He is intelligent and kind. I look forward to his show.

Such a wealth of information!!! I feel spiritually encouraged after watching this wonderful Patriot warrior. I would like to request an entire show on the information regarding reversing the affects of the vaccine since I have loved ones who didn’t believe my warnings and I’m worried sick about their future. Thank you Sean for an amazing interview!!!!

A bunch of BS! Are you going to “forgive” blood thirst Satanic Evil, pedophiles, raping and slicing babies alive, while drinking their blood?!!!
We need James Grundvig to cover full time, until JMC returns! Enough with BS! No thanks.

It’s great you interview a variety of guests on your show, but let’s be honest and call Michael Jaco’s teaching what it is – New Age Spiritualism.
This can be very deceptive for Christians as quite often it is sprinkled with scriptural terms.
1 Thessalonians 5:21 ‘Test all things; hold fast what is good’
He says he knew it was the Archangel Michael because he looked like pictures and a statue of him!
2 Corinthians 11:14 ‘…For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light.’
Satan is an equal opportunity deceiver and will even use ‘good outcomes’ if it suits his longer term agenda.
Christians believe in the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ, and his death, burial and resurrection for our salvation – not many ways to enlightenment.
Acts 4:12 ‘Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.’

great show with Michael Jaco, I have been a strong intuitive my whole life, but not as strong as I could have been because I had so many negative events and influences growing up and while I was in the military.. what I do know is, every time I didn’t trust my intuition.. I suffered the consequences, now I am old, I still have a lot of negativity that hinders my ability.. listening to Michael helped me to understand how this negativity affects your spirituality .. thank you and God bless

Hi, is anyone else having trouble loading/opening the videos today? Usually I don’t know have any trouble and know I’m having trouble sending a message and placing a comment

How can you avoid people who have had the jab?? They’re EVERYWHERE! Even my hubby got it, which disappointed me greatly but what can I do? I’m not going to divorce him because he got the jab. How do we know which are the good vac’s and which aren’t??

I have been listening to MSOM for a few months now and have appreciated its style. I have received information that was corroborated by other news sources while limiting its content to only a smaller percentage of personal narratives. Also, I have not expected the host to challenge the guest speakers dialogue. However with no disclaimer, I am tempted to believe that by having the guest on the show, the person has been vetted as credible Therefore, when the guest jettisons into personal “spiritual” experiences not verified by another source I have found to be credible, I am finding it difficult not to call “foul.” How can I credential a guest’s personal “spiritual” intuition? I moved the dial on Mondays speaker 4 times to get past his experiential narrative and then gave up. The most helpful shows for me are those which provide news stories and opinions I can document.

Sean is doing a great job. I enjoy the speakers and the hosts.
The show is informative and hope driven. Keep up the good work and fight these demons.
God bless you all.

Just like China has exported the covid 19 to the US as a retaliation to Trump’s trade war against China, they’re now faking their crackdown on mining bitcoin in China to export it to America to destroy the American dollar and use the global digital currency.

These two criticisms of Sean and his guest miss the mark completely. So what if former Seal Jaco is not an orthodox Christian. Would you ban the Dalai Lama on the same grounds. The interview unpacked tons of information I was happy to be presented with for the first time. Sean’s aggregation of ‘Awakening and Q related ‘news is quickly becoming a must watch for many. Sean has a talent for finding and presenting the hidden and quirky to the mainstream. Exposing the brilliant Furber to a wider audience is an example of this ability.A burgeoning talent on display.

I am sitting here laughing. First I call Sean Scott and then I call John Michael Chambers…John Michaels. I apologize guys. I must have really got wrapped up in Scotts video and interview! It really was amazing! I will try to do better next time I promise! LOL

Excellent interview Sean. Love me some Michael Jaco and feel so fortunate to have stumbled upon this informative episode. WhT the world needs now, is love, sweet love.

I like Sean! He isn’t a fear monger. I appreciate his calm nature but then again I’m not a fan of drama. People saying nobody’s watching is wrong. Some of us work during these hours. I really think people thrive on the fear pushers. I can’t stand it. Life is better when it’s peaceful especially when the DS is running amuck.
Thanks Sean and AMP. Miss your face John. Get well

I wonder where does the demon go when you send the person Love From Afar and the demon leaves the person then where does it go? Does it just attached to someone else? Then you’re killing someone who doesn’t have a demon anymore and the demon gets a hold of someone else I’m not sure about this plan. Can Michael tell us where the demons go?

the FBI knew ahead of time about false flags, and you, SEAN, just listed a bunch of false flags with CRISIS actors and ZERO fatalities. Like Sandy Hook. LIke Pulse Night Club. Crisis actors and zero fatalities.

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