Micronations, Terramar Project, and Human Trafficking: What do they have in common?

Ghislaine Maxwell coming out of the hatch of her Terramar Project submarine.

We have lived in a world of fiction. Our entire lives synthetic and artificial as the system we were born under. Most people have grown up with the belief that when the rule of law is applied it is done so evenly; that democracies provide a level playing field of fairness and opportunity; and that governments, in general, will look after their people.

Four years of downing red pills on the corrupt legacy system that allegedly had our “backs,” we have come to learn that artifact is a fraud. When combined with COVID-19 decimation of economies, the system was weaponized against our rights and freedoms. If we want to survive the COVID tyranny we must look deeper for the truth and uncover it.

In the West, people have been enslaved since birth—without knowing it. When born into the system, they are given “birth bonds” that are traded in an opaque market. As people grow up, they are told to write their NAMES IN CAPS on government issued applications, driver’s license, passports, and school tests distributed by the education agencies. Without knowing why it was important to write in CAPS, people gave away much of their rights. In doing so, they have consented into the fiat monetary system without being truly informed.

We were incorporated from day one. A strawman with no real rights and little power. All of it was an illusion of freedom. That “incorpseration” made us the ‘walking dead’ in the world of maritime law. Law of the sea, not law of the land. It explains why when we enter into a court of law, under the British Bar Association, we look up at a judge on the bow of a ship while walk the plank to our judgment, not as individuals but as business entities, or “persons.”

From the election coup to the wire erected around Washington, DC, with the “belligerent occupiers” inside, we have come to learn that the United States Inc., a service corporation, came to an end after 150 years of looting our wealth, while infiltrating the Republic of the United States where they installed their rules, usury laws, and debt craft, with the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank and the formation of the IRS a century ago. The parasitic fiat banking system was designed to make us poor, permanently enslaving us with onerous contracts and inflationary loss of buying power.

When one enters the United Nations in New York City, that person is no longer in New York or the United States, but international territory. The same applies to foreign consulates and embassies. Also in the U.S., there are dozens of tribal nations that exist physically within the borders of the country, but are sovereign and have their own rule of law.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Terramar Project

Before Jeffrey Epstein was arrested in July 2019, Ghislaine Maxwell was the founder of Terramar Project in 2012. Within a week of the human trafficker’s arrest, Maxwell closed down her United Nations-sponsored NGO. Why?

In March 2014, Ghislaine Maxwell promoted Terramar Project as a vision to restore the oceans and clean them of pollution. She presented her virtuous ideas on the need to learn more about the “high seas”—45 percent of the surface of the planet. At a UN conference, she was introduced by Amir Dossal, who at the time was the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the International Telecommunication Union for Global Partnerships. The UN brought Terramar Project into the fold of the UN’s Sustainable Oceans Alliance.

That day, Dossal said: “I want to introduce the founder of the Terramar Project. She controls the oceans around the world… If you look up the website, you have the option to buy up parts of the ocean through her… I invite my dear friend, Ghislaine Maxwell, to tell us how to own the oceans…”

Maxwell opened with the lie, “I am representing civil society,” and went on with her presentation without informing the audience that she was actually representing the interests of Jeffrey Epstein and the Clinton Foundation, which seeded her project with millions of dollars in funding.

Terramar Project was always going to be more than saving the oceans from humanity. It was more likely going to be used as a spoke in a vast ocean transport network to traffic humans. Terramar owned its own submarine. Thus, one could extrapolate that the Project would one day have a fleet of submarines. For what purpose?

When the FBI raided Epstein Island, they discovered an underwater port to dock submarines, many levels below the labyrinth of occult worship rooms. So, did the Terramar submarine offer an escape vehicle for Epstein and Maxwell? Or would it have been used to shuttle victims and criminal participants between Epstein Island and Water Island, located nearby on St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands?

More interesting than proximity of the two islands, is that Joe Biden’s brother James owns Water Island with a population of 182 people.

During the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell at the house of Scott Borgerson in New Hampshire last summer, a new layer of the Terramar Project had been peeled back. At the time, Borgerson was CEO of Cargometrics, which billed itself as a “maritime innovation company” that is going to “digitize global shipping.”

Art in Embassies Program

We learned from the Evergreen container ship rescue operation, which shutdown the Suez Canal during Holy Week—Egypt continues to impound the ship and its cargo in Great Bitter Lake—that global shipping trade is the backbone of the $150 billion human trafficking market. Like all mafia criminal enterprises, the major players need a façade of legitimacy, a Disney-clean corporate image behind them in terms of reach, power, muscle, money and networks.

Was Borgerson’s Cargometrics one of those “legitimate” front-facing companies that hid an illicit revenue stream tapped into the black market? We don’t know yet. What we do know is that two months after Maxwell’s arrest, Cargometrics CEO Scott Borgerson was forced to resign from the company he founded.

Maritime shipping, logistics, and transport is global, multidimensional industry with many leading players. One of them is the U.S. State Dept.’s Art in Embassies division (est. 1963) with its lesser known Foundation of Art Preservation in Embassies (FAPE, est. 1986) unit. On the surface, this isn’t noteworthy until one digs below the surface and sees the links to John and Tony Podesta, Jeffrey Epstein, and others in the so-called pedo club. What makes the State Dept.’s Art in Embassies program interesting is Masterpiece International NGO, which was setup to provide secure delivery of artwork, with clearance to bypass customs and security checks in foreign ports.

This brings us back to Terramar. During Ghislaine Maxwell’s October 2020 testimony, when asked about her citizenship, she answered, “Terramar.” That seems cofounding at first. But when one examines it closer, we learn that some unit in the United Nations had given passports in the name of Terramar a sovereign territory.

With sovereign passport in hand, a maritime territory like Terramar would have provided lifetime immunity by the UN from crimes. That dream didn’t come to fruition with the collapse of Terramar Project, however.

Micronations Around the World

Micronations were brought to my attention last week by a Facebook poster called Mythical Creatures of the World. He did it in the context that sovereign territories, or micronations within the United States, might provide services beyond “vanity” projects, such as safe havens for dark actors.

When looking into micronations, a small spit of rock, North Dumpling Island, wedged between Fisher Island, NY, and New London, CT, acquired by Dean Kamen, founder of Segway, in 1986 for $2.5 million. On the isle today, sits a lighthouse, a few buildings, and a wind turbine. Then there is artwork of a mini Stonehenge; what the owner calls “Clonehenge.”

Artwork? Or is it Epstein Island temple occultism?

Other micronations, such as the Republic of Molossia, located west of Reno, NV, sit on a tiny 1.28 acres of land. There are so many of them around the world that Google Maps has a program to locate them.

Several micronations have attempted to purchase sovereign lands. Others have sought to secure their rights based on historical claims. The bigger question becomes: Are some of the micronations sovereign? If so, do they have diplomatic immunity in the way that Ghislaine Maxwell sought for Terramar Project, ruled by maritime law of the sea and not law of the land?

Do they pay taxes to states, municipalities, and the federal government?

Do they have hidden agreements with corrupt agents within the government?

A decade ago, micronations would have been overlooked as a curiosity. But in the debris field of COVID-19 plandemic, nothing is fringe or extreme anymore.

Remember, Vatican City is a first micronation. It has a population of 825 citizens living on 121 acres in the middle of Rome. The Vatican also has been accused, over the last several years, to be heavily involved in child sex trafficking and other transnational crimes.

What 2021 is showing us, nothing is what it seems. Question everything.

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