‘Military Option’: AMP Media with Juan O Savin

September 19, 2022

Foreword by James Grundvig, American Media Periscope

In order to cross the threshold to the “new paradigm” we must first travel through the dark birth canal to be delivered. Yes, we need God to deliver us through the “Great Unveiling” in the Apocalypse of the Book of Revelation, in which all truths will be revealed. But escorting us along the way and ensuring victor the “military option” is and has been the only way.

On “Unrestricted Truths” (Episode 172) “The Coming Lockdowns 2.0 with Juan O Savin and my cohost Josh Reid,” we delved into what that military option might look like.

[Credit: AMP Media Episode 172, captured by Kerry Cassidy Project Camelot]

Then, last Thursday’s “UT/Defcon 5” show (Episode 185), “The Storm Landed with Juan O Savin and Josh Reid,” Juan updated his latest intel, including the military white hats most likely day to move from covert to overt response should come on Saturday, October 29, 2022.

Why that date?

  • 93 years to the day of the bankers’ engineered demolition of the U.S. Stock Market that ushered in the Great Depression;
  • ’93’ is the Illuminati number for the Cabal’s “hello” greeting;
  • October 29, “harvest of Halloween” weekend is the day the Cabal celebrates the “goddess of Chaos.”

[*Note: I will cover the numerology of ’93’ this Wednesday (9/21) on AMP News.]

However, we still have a lot of real estate in 40 biblical days to October 29. A lot can and will happen, including President Trump’s arrest by the Deep State, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris being removed by the Democrats via the 25th amendment, the global financial markets collapse, the vaccinated waking up to being poisoned, and the masses continuing to waking up at “warp speed” to governments’ corruption and financial crimes worldwide.

Just look at the people of Lebanon destroying and looting at least ten banks as that Mid-East country descends into anarchy and bankruptcy. Lebanese had enough. That forced Lebanon to close the banks nationwide for three days due to security issues.

Not to be outdone, Greece citizens, students, and teachers launched massive protests to the crimes committed by its government on the people.

Over the weekend, if you didn’t see the President Trump “Save America Rally” on Saturday night in Youngstown, Ohio, he dropped three bombshells.

  1. 2020 was the year China unleashed the virus, but the pandemic year was 2021 (he alluded to vaccine bioweapons were the cause for the first time);
  2. President Trump (paraphrasing): “I am sure most of you don’t know that only 25 people have even been president of the United States… Think about that statement”
  3. The big curtain call exit at the end of the rally, showing President Trump walking off stage with an odd looking American Flag hanging in the background–its stars blacked out communicating “Give No Quarter” to the enemy.

Meaning, from here on out, the Military White Hats will be scorched earth, unrestricted warfare, “shoot to kill” order of the “Belligerent Occupants” in Washington, D.C., per articles 11.3 and 11.4 of the Military Law of War Manual.

Game on!

[Credit: Anonymous Patriot on Twitter.]

When people complain and whine about nothing happening, it’s total utter nonsense. To the jabbed sheep, maybe there’s nothing happening. But as I explained in my recent article two obelisks of Baal worship have been toppled–Pope/Vatican City and Queen/City of London–with the last one to be toppled soon in the Swamp of Washington, D.C., and its Baal’s Shaft monument.

Forty days of incredible change and the collapse of all Babylonian financial control systems to free the people of the world from Cabal bondage enslaved to a lifetime of debt.

Soon, game over.

~ James Grundvig, Editor in Chief, AMP News


The following article, written by patriot researcher and longtime investigative journalist, Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot, has gone viral. Kerry sent the article to me over the weekend. And her analysis of the Juan O Savin episode is spot on and other great insights she shared.

Kerry Cassidy will be a guest on “Unrestricted Truths” tomorrow at 8 pm ET. You don’t want to miss that.

Coming on “Unrestricted Truths” tonight is Juan O Savin, decoding the semaphore blacked-out American Flag from the Trump rally. That will air tonight at 8 pm ET.

Please share and post this article.

~ James Grundvig


[Credit: AMP Media]


By Kerry Cassidy

September 17, 2022

Juan O Savin states the above clearly in this VERY IMPORTANT VIDEO.

I spoke to the American Media Periscope’s James Grundvig and they are putting the video on their front page… 

It is very recent and contains unequivocal statements by Juan O Savin about what’s about to happen…

Military Thinking and Journalistic Spin”

By Kerry Cassidy

August 30, 2022

ARTICLE by Kerry Cassidy

What absolves prior knowledge of a crime in this case is the WAR we are in with the CABAL/NWO explained in a famous speech by KENNEDY here…

”For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day.

It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.”—President John F. Kennedy

Recommended SHOW:

Coming Lockdowns 2.0 with Juan O Savin and Josh Reid | Unrestricted Truths Ep. 172


[Credit: AMP Media via Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot]

Josh Reid has 10 years in the Navy and is clearly a white hat.  He briefly talks about the term Devolution being slightly wrong and the SAP Programs Hillary was seeding to China. (Evidence related to this may be coming forward by way of the Mar A Lago FBI Raid).  However, here is something being overlooked here in both these cases.

First Reid talks about how Hillary was selling info about and from some our Special Access Programs aka black projects to the Chinese. (Special Access Programs (SAP)….which were probably USAP Programs (unacknowledged special access programs) but that a judge said they couldn’t talk about it or go to court over it because it was (above top secret) and even the judge didn’t have clearance to hear the case… Think about this. SO THE CHINESE CAN HAVE INSIDE INFO ON OUR SAP PROGRAMS BUT NOT OUR AMERICANS??!!!!  This is typical government versus the people National Security thinking.

Josh Reid goes on to talk about how it’s not quite “devolution” (what Patel Patriot has laid out documenting it very well by the way) but Reid takes issue with the use of the word “devolution” to refer to a planned transfer of power…  Here is a definition:   “Devolution, which can be instituted constitutionally or legislatively, implies a transfer of substantial, or even complete, power and authority for a range of important governmental functions from a national or central government to subordinate regional governments (e.g., provinces or states) or local governments (e.g., municipalities or metropolitan entities) such that the regional or local governments are invested with substantial rights of autonomous self-government. ” http://encyclopedia.federalism.org/index.php/Devolution

Actually I take issue with the use of “devolution” since in the definition it says “subordinate”… which would be incorrect in reference to the COG actions take by Trump and team both before and after the election steal.  And significantly the totally legal “shadow government” the Trump team and the military put in place after Biden was sworn in is in no way “subordinate” to the Biden/CCP NWO occupying government set up ‘on the hill’.  But then Reid says that they didn’t plan for the ‘steal’ of the election that they acted AFTER THE FACT which is not actually accurate.  Because if you follow the sequence of events, Trump and team as I have said in previous articles and videos, knew that the election in 2020 would be stolen (because all the others had also been stolen) and the set in motion plans to expose the steal in 2020 even years in advance.  That sequence of events is outlined with supporting documentation very well in Patel Patriot’s series of articles called Devolution.link.

One could take issue with what constitutes “action” by the military and what doesn’t but in the end if you review COG and Devolution you will see so many “actions” were taken both before and after the actual “steal” on November 3rd took place that planning had to be part of it far in advance.  And the military were actively working with Trump in this way especially one might surmise, SPACE FORCE.

There is also a reference to Trump’s recent announcement about the actions of the FBI concerning the Hunter Biden laptop and is now calling for a new election.  What is concerning here is why is this sudden change of focus from all the evidence of the steal the White Hats have?  It would appear the contents of the Hunter-Biden laptop is going to reach center stage soon in this drama:

Looks like the Trump team is trying to CHANGE THE NARRATIVE in response to the main stream media dominating story that the election was completely fair and above-board, when nothing could be further from the truth… But also possibly because it’s a very dicey place to be to have ADVANCE KNOWLEDGE OF A CRIME about to be committed and do nothing to stop it.   But this approach in the interest of ‘waking up the people’ has been the White Hat modus operandi since the beginning…  Because in revealing knowledge of a crime it is assumed one CAN STOP IT.  However, in the case of the deep state versus the white hats as Kennedy says in the above introductory quote, what they and we are up against is a military-industrial-political-pharmaceutical complex that dominates every aspect of our lives.  At the time before the election that was not advisable in that light for the White Hats to go up against the state in that way. They couldn’t stop it.  They needed to expose it. So they are not in theory culpable due to advance knowlege of the steal–in part also because if they actually went public before the election, we would probably have gone into a civil war.

To their credit, they announced the fact of the upcoming steal.  Trump did this numerous times before the 2020 election.  His team knew it was going to happen and they planned for it.  Planned for how they would expose it and handle the complicity of the justice department and congress in the steal.  Which amounted to passing certain executive orders and…”Christopher C. Miller. The “former” Acting Secretary of Defense (Sec Def Miller), was promoted by President Donald J. Trump on November 9th, 2020. (linked below)

“Within days his promotion to Sec Def, Christopher Miller and Trump began making moves within the DoD and Pentagon that many considered unusual. ..”—Patel Patriot, Devolution.linkhttps://patelpatriot.substack.com/p/devolution-part-3

Planning for an attack and putting certain legal support for the plans is what COG is all about.  Within COG is devolution.  It is a little known fact that Bush instigated a shadow government provided for within the COG plans within days of 911.   When devolution was put in place or became “active” is more of a detail that we are talking about.  

Does the good intention absolve you of everything else that follows?  This is always the question.  And this will come forward when the White Hats attempt to absolve Trump of complicity in the whole VAX debacle.  The fact is the incident (the election steal) required to trigger either COG or Devolution did happen and a shadow government was put in place before Trump appeared to “leave office”.  My understanding is that Trump in setting up the shadow government acted along with the military as was their duty to preserve and protect our Republic in the face of the “Digital Pearl Harbor” election steal and takeover and invasion by not one but several foreign powers including but not limited to the CCP, MI6, Italy, Germany and others.  When this is fully revealed the American public who have been either asleep or complicit will have a wake up call of monumental proportions. — Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot

“Without debate, without criticism, no Administration and no country can succeed– and no republic can survive.” —PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY

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