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Monkeypox Used to Cover-Up Jab Injuries

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July 26, 2022

By James Grundvig, American Media Periscope

People, especially the double-dosed, boosted individuals, are waking up to the mounting evidence that the cure is the epidemic, not the virus.

[Credit: James Grundvig “fixed” the WHO’s image.]

In January, insurance companies began to adapt and roll out “pandemic risk models” for their actuaries for 2022, nearly two years after the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in the West. Why? Did the new risk models tell them that a variable in the Covid fraud didn’t exist in 2020 but did in 2021? Did that force their hand to adopt a new risk model this year? Did that missing variable emerge from the Covid vaccine deaths and adverse events numbers?

This summer, it’s starting to seem that is the case across the board.


Monkeypox, you see, is the new disease of the month. It is designed to scare the unwitting to fall in line—again—in lockstep and blindly take the new Monkeypox vaccine being pushed on those who remain uninformed and compliant. Yet, outside of 99 percent of men who acquire the virus, with around 99 percent of those men being gay, the World Health Organization (WHO) apparently jumped the gun in declaring the “pox” the next global health emergency.

The threat of a disease spreading through society doesn’t exist. But don’t take my word for it. Listen to the nine WHO scientists that ruled against the declaration health emergency. That took place last Saturday, July 23 at the second emergency meeting.

On Monday, July 25, the WHO published its new “external” situation report on its findings. But if you believe the COVID-19 fraudsters the first time, you will likely fall in line with the same con that fooled you in 2020.

Why did the WHO’s General Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus unilaterally declare monkeypox a global health emergency? Why did he overrule the WHO’s scientific expert panel, which voted 9 to 6 against making such a declaration?

More importantly, which globalist pulled Tedros’ puppet strings to push him to override science and common sense on the monkeypox hoax while ignoring the WHO’s 6-phased, global pandemic framework? Monkeypox has yet to meet the definition of a pandemic by the WHO’s standards. Interesting, no?

  • Virus Expert Bill Gates?
  • Chinese Communist Party Chairman Xi Jinping?
  • World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab?

Does it even matter?

Remember, Tedros is the global health agent who wants to rule over all nations and across all sovereign borders imposing a worldwide pandemic treaty on them. Imagine what would come next, if national leaders sellout their countries? We would see a ceaseless train of pandemic tsunamis race across the globe.

In May, the WHO and many world leaders failed to ratify such a treaty. They failed, despite former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s big push to make it a “legally binding mechanism” for dozens of nations.

Add to that the pristine timing of the monkeypox outbreak plus declaration and it looks highly suspicious, with the WHO resuming pandemic treaty negotiations next week.

The world has changed significantly since May; that’s two months ago. Italian Premier Mario Dhragi resigned since then, joining “Bojo” as an ousted G7 leader now down to G5. The peoples of Armenia and Sri Lanka went full mutiny in overthrowing their defunct corrupt governments. Toss in the rabid farmers’ protests across Europe, particularly in Germany and The Netherlands, and it’s hard to see how the WHO will get such a pandemic treaty negotiated and signed—let alone executed.

MonkeyHoax is No Pandemic

The Marxist Tedros, who is used to deposing governments on behalf of his shadow masters, had no problem overruling his panel of sciencists and medical experts on the monkeypox emergency. Since that’s the case, Tedros won’t have any qualms doing the same when the global cult needs the next pandemic to lock down the world. Marburg disease, which has killed a grand total of two (2) people—just two in Ghana—will be the ensuing virus hoax. Bet on the WHO declaring a global health emergency on Marburg at some point this fall.

From the WHO’s findings on monkeypox, the CCP-influenced agency stated: “This is the first time that many monkeypox cases and clusters have been reported concurrently in non-endemic and endemic countries in widely disparate geographical areas.”

[Credit:; Countries with “confirmed” cases of monkeypox reported to the WHO since May 2022.]

These are the countries where their populations received two doses and one to two boosters of the harmful and lethal COVID-19 vaccines.

What a coincidence. Except in 2022, there is no such thing as a coincidence; nothing is too extreme or too conspiratorial. So what are we looking at in terms of truth?

Is Monkeypox a Cover-Up for an AIDS Vaccine ?

With Anthony Fauci’s involvement with COVID-19 from day one, his appointment to the White House Task Force, and his long history of funding HIV/AIDS vaccines for decades, the answer was short, direct, and immediately came.

A team of nine scientists from India, led by Prashant Pradhan et al., identified the markers of HIV-1, G-120 spike proteins to SARS-CoV-2 novel virus. They made this discovery in a published study of the genomic sequence super early, pre-pandemic on January 30, 2020. That’s six weeks before the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 pandemic on March 11.

Naturally, that the globalists attacked that study less than 24 hours after publication. It caused quite a stir.

Titled “Uncanny similarity of unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike protein to HIV-1 gp120 and Gag,” the scientists withdrew the paper under withering criticism and fierce institutional and financial pressure.

Two and a half years later, we are seeing an explosion of acute and rare cancers in the Covid vaccinated, with skin blisters that mimic monkeypox, and a surge in shingles cases, among other autoimmune diseases. All absent in the non-Covid vaccine year of 2020.

In the words of Dr. Judy Mikovitz—who I interviewed multiple times during AMP Media’s sponsored “Path to Truth Conference” in mid-June—what we are witnessing isn’t a monkeypox outbreak but “Vaccine AIDS,” as she defined the second wave of Covid jab injuries and deaths. These numbers will skyrocket in September and October when new wild influenza and coronaviruses circulate in the Northern Hemisphere, bringing on a second dark winter that Joe Biden promised America would happen during his presidential debates with then President Donald Trump two years ago.

Neither this author, the AMP Media team, nor Dr. Judy Mikovits, among others, stand alone on this subject.


The editorial team at the published a well-researched article titled: “Official Documents suggest Monkeypox is a coverup for damage done to Immune System by COVID Vaccination resulting in Shingles, Autoimmune Blistering Disease & Herpes Infection

The article posted on July 26 opens:

“Official Documents suggest monkeypox is a coverup for damage done to Immune System by COVID Vaccination resulting in Shingles, Autoimmune Blistering Disease & Herpes Infection.

“Do you not find it curious how in the space of 50 years, monkeypox has never really gotten off the ground outside of a couple of countries in Africa, but then within two years of the alleged emergence of Covid-19, monkeypox is suddenly in every Western nation and being hyped up by public health authorities and the mainstream media?”

Yes, the timing is more than curious. Throw in Tedros overriding an expert panel’s decision not to declare an emergency; or the outbreak doesn’t meet the definition of the WHO’s pandemic 6-phase framework; or that the ghost virus is infecting mostly men engaged in promiscuous unprotected sex, and we are back in Tony Fauci’s 1980s AIDs hellhole.

The only question remains: When will enough people connect the dots that blink in front of their eyes like red beacons?

Such as Birx’s faux mea culpa and Fauci’s plethora of COVID-19 lies and the HIV spike proteins inserts found in the novel virus, and the biomanufacturing of the mRNA spike proteins Covid bioweapons.

All of the captured data on deaths by a thousand jabs. The virus-bioweapon pandemic is the crimes being perpetrated by the global shadow government with the help of the Covid Death Cult (CDC), and other health agencies.

Note, we are deep into their transhuman genocide.

We must wake up those still asleep to the horrors being inflicted on them, poisoning their minds, bodies, and souls.

It’s time to end the vaccine carnage.

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