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The Truth About “Vaccine” Ingredients with Alexandra Bruce | MSOM Ep.362

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In this episode of “Making Sense of the Madness” Sean Morgan interviews Alexandra Bruce from about the Republicans who are standing up to AG Garland’s targeting of concerned parents. We get a sneak peak of Tucker Carleson’s 1/6 documentary and Alexandra features the research of several doctors who have inspected vials of the “vaccines”. 

Alexandra Bruce:

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2 replies on “The Truth About “Vaccine” Ingredients with Alexandra Bruce | MSOM Ep.362”

This was a good discussion. I always like to see what Alexandra brings to the table to report on as well as hear what she has to say about the topics she’s featuring. I subscribe to Forbidden Knowledge TV and I really appreciate receiving the diversity of pertinent information that Alexandra disseminates via that platform.

Re Dr. Fleming…Stew Peters and Dr. Judy also have a good discussion about what Alexandra and Sean were talking about concerning Dr. Fleming.

Re Clif High and his prediction for something happening in the world between the 24th and 28th of Oct that would produce major “emotional release language”…I was keeping my eyes and ears open expecting some major event to occur but nothing was fitting the bill. However, it occurred to me after witnessing a couple of people I know have emotional melt downs that caused them to vent with incredible enthusiasm (over the phone), what if the “event” I was looking for was that; i.e., individuals (100s of millions of individuals around the world) experiencing varying degrees of emotional melt downs within a certain period of time that caused them to vent in one way or another?

Re people “disappearing”…I suggest monitoring the obituaries and taking note of the numbers on a weekly basis. This is one way to “see” the numbers of people that are “disappearing.”

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