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New Medical Tyranny Push | SM Ep.30

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My guess: Within next few months election fraud will cause electors being recalled, Jan 6 will not provide cover, late fall the vaccinated dying & hospitalized and inflation will be obvious. ANTI/BLM riots then Democrat mayors & governors will call out and hog tie National Guard, then Biden Admin (Austin Milley) will declare martial law. The Winter will be exciting!

The current scare tactic is in regards to the Delta Variant. Between those that have been vaccinated, and those that have recovered from Covid-19 (let’s not forget them), which are the majority of the people, they already have some degree of immunity to Covid-19. There is no accurate test for the Delta Variant. This begs the question of why so much testing?

The tests(which the CDC has now admitted, give a high percentage of false positives) are the first level of the controls they have in place. So most of the people tested will be rated positive, which means that statistically they become “cases”, that kicks the numbers up, and helps promote the fear factor. Also those who test positive, even if they are asymptomatic, have to self-isolate for ten days, or whatever it is, so there’s a control on the movement of thousands of people who won’t go on to develop Covid because they never had it in the first place. I’m in UK, it’s no different here. The world needs America to win this whole fight, because if you win, we all win, and those responsible are properly punished. WWG1WGA.

I find forcing experimental drugs on the military every bit as terrifying as forcing them on the general population. I get that we are at war and there will be casualties (the vaxxed), but we canNOT allow the military to be taken out in this fashion.

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