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New York’s Nuclear Strike False Flag Scenario

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July 12, 2022

By James Grundvig, American Media Periscope

The long covert phase of World War III went kinetic and out in the open when the military white hats destroyed the Georgia Guidestones on July 6. So yes, 2022 is starting to feel like 1776, but this time for the entire world.

[Credit: New York City]

Since the attack of the Baal worshipping, human depopulating monolith, the mass revolt of the people in Sri Lanka and Armenia overthrew their governments, storming their respective presidential palaces. Not covered in the mainstream media, other events unfolded at lightning speed.

Here’s a short list:

  • Dutch farmers revolt against the “nitrogen” regulations
  • Dutch fireman joined the farmers
  • Dutch citizens joined in clogging the highways
  • British Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigned
  • German farmers joined the Dutch in mass protests
  • Italians protested in front of their parliament building
  • Mass protests erupted in Albania, Brazil, Greece, and Poland
  • Baal’s Obelisk in the Philippines destroyed
  • Vatican City explosion and fires erupted underground
  • Amsterdam port tunnel explosion and fire

A synthetic lab meat plant, funded by the Gates Foundation, set on fire and allowed to burn to the ground

Next up for political removal by the people are governments in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands this summer. The masses are awakening to the crimes against humanity and the financial servitude that has enslaved them in a lifetime of debt, poverty, and worsening health.

What do the black hats and puppet governments have left amid all their defeats?

What tools of disruption does the cornered prey possess to fight back?

Because winning now with the millions and soon billions of people waking up is out of the question for the globalist cabal. They are running out of time. They have lost the war. But they will remain dangerous in the fight to the end.

The end for them comes when the financial collapse occurs and the removal of the Washington, D.C., “Belligerent Occupants” masquerading as “officials” and authority leaders.

New York City’s Nuclear Drill Advert

Beyond the deception and censorship controls implemented by Big Media and Big Tech, which don’t have a long shelf-life, what do some of the remaining arrows look like in the globalists’ quiver?

We are aware of the disruption to supply chains and the attacks on gas pipelines and food processing plants. Add low-grade schools and urban shootings, real or false flags, and the black hats cannot pull off another 9/11 attack on two different targets of magnitude.

So, what remains in their arsenal?

Beyond provoking Russia into a greater proxy war outside of Ukraine, the cabal can fool the public in specific locations on certain incidences. One such scenario popped up yesterday in New York. On the surface, the brief video warns what New Yorkers should do in case of a nuclear attack. It might seem innocuous, but it’s a clear set up for a future bait and switch event.

The black hats that control New York and the Biden regime’s federal agencies could ramp up a drill or simulation of a nuclear attack. Naturally, that would include blasting air raid sirens, a “War of the Worlds” radio hoax announcement, a Project Blue Beam of fake—but real looking—incoming missiles or nuclear explosion. It could even include the psyop of an atomic device hidden in the city.

With all of the mainstream media broadcasting the same warnings, with the emergency broadcast system mirroring those alerts, the city of eight million people would comply to a great degree.

With the perception of a nuclear strike, the people would be scared and compliant—something monkeypox can no longer do. They would follow orders. And those orders would be simple.

  1. Don’t stay in your car; get inside.

2. Stay away from the windows, and cower in the center of the rooms.

3. Stay tuned.

Now, while 95 percent of the population follows these simple steps, they would become victim to this sleight of hand scenario.

5G Antenna Density in Cities

One of the reasons I left New York City: The worst-case scenario.

In the event of a locked-down Manhattan—all bridges and tunnels closed—it would take less than a week for the store shelves to empty, people to lose their minds, and many of their spirits broken. In that state of chaos, pulling off a false nuclear attack would keep the people trembling in fear inside their homes, offices, and apartments.

Without them knowing it, the black hats could turn on the 5G antenna arrays, crank up the juice above 60 GHz, where it becomes weaponized as a microwave, and boil the people like frogs, slowly, gradually. In the most minor case, it would sterilize most citizens. But on the other end of the spectrum, it could turn many mRNA vaccinated adults into zombies, right out of the CDC’s “Zombie Preparedness” graphic novel. Others would simply succumb and die.

Is this nuclear-5G scenario a stretch? Not by the global shadow government that is losing power daily with a quickening pace. And if such a scenario does happen in any city this year, expect strong reprisal from the people. Look no further than Sri Lanka.

Yes, New York City is still behind the build-out of the 5G infrastructure. Bureaucratically impotent and incompetent City Hall leadership.

Perhaps that is the blessing in disguise. It’s akin to the COVID-19 pandemic not being as deadly as hyped, advertised and promoted in 2020.

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