Old School Thinkers are in for a Rude (Great) Awakening

May 24, 2023

Op-Ed by James Grundvig, American Media Periscope

Through the threshold year of 2023, it’s becoming increasingly clear with each passing day that the 2020 pandemic was “planned,” that the Covid bioweapons were designed and executed to depopulate the human race, and that both the Biden regime–like most puppet governments in the West–and the fiat banking system are facades of fraud and corruption.

As the undressing of the Deep State continues to awake the slumbering masses, the “normies,” the Biden remorse voters, and the double-dosed and triple boosted, they will see through the lies and propaganda. They will notice the orchestration and the pulling of the puppet strings. They will begin to understand that they were born into, grew up in, and lived inside the Matrix. Then, they will soon see others who have unplugged from the Matrix.

Once awake. They can never go back to sleep.

[Credit: Anonymous patriot digital touch up the famous 2017 President Trump photo.]

“If you can’t define your enemy, you can’t defeat them.” ~ James Grundvig

We Are Not Returning to 2019

After the release of the Durham Report, many of the awake patriots and pundits trashed the report for both “slow rolling” its release and not recommending any of the 61 criminals plus thousands of other treasonous Deep State actors, who helped develop and execute the coup of the United States government, for prosecution. The reason, statute of limitations for many of the crimes expired since the Durham Special Counsel was launch on October 28, 20217.

My reaction to their Durham reaction: Really?

Where have these so-called experts been for the past seven years? Thank you for your service and all you have done. You served the country in a great capacity, as a whole, and Americans in bringing the truth as you saw it unfold since President Trump’s first term.

However, for those “Old School Thinkers” who believe we are going back to the old, corrupt, Crown Corporation that controlled America, and enslaved and robbed its citizens for 150 years–news flash!– that won’t be happening. We will not go back to 2019. Ever.


Let’s start with the chided Durham Report.

“Done in 30” was a public post a number of years ago that told us precisely when the Durham Report would be released. Not in 30 days. Not in 30 weeks. But, yes, in 30 months. And it was done in 30 months on May 12, 2023, the signed of John Durham’s memorandum on U.S. Dept. of Justice letterhead. 30 months exactly one week from the stolen U.S. presidential election, when on November 10, 2020, the Democrats and its socialist Western nations declared a Joe Biden victory.

What was the main purpose of the Durham Report?

  • To convict criminals?
  • To end the FBI?
  • To decapitate the renegade Biden regime?

No. No. And no.

The Durham Report was designed to expose the traitors, the lengths and resources they expended, and show the American public, without a shadow of doubt, that the “Deep State” does exist. Even mainstream media can no longer claim the Deep State is a “conspiracy theory” or look adroit and pretend it doesn’t exist. The Durham Special Counsel also proved that our federal government agencies and bureaus are not only captured operations, but that they also have been infiltrated.

As we came to learn from the past two election cycles, with President Trump exposing the corruption in all of the U.S. maritime courts, from local, state, federal, appeals, and on up to the Supreme Court that they are a collective biased wasteland of justice, captured by the Crown with blackmail assets controlled by the Cabal.

Thus, when tens of thousands of criminals, traitors, and seditious actors are to be tried it will not happen in any U.S. maritime, BAR-compromised court anywhere in the world. It won’t take years to try them, deliver a verdict or mete out the punishment for their crimes.

It will be the U.S. military–not the clerks and budget hawks in the Pentagon–that will run the military tribunals.

Both the military “White Hats” and President Donald J. Trump showed their hand all the way back in 2016 before Trump was elected POTUS 45.

With the Old School crowd ignoring clear evidence of a new game in town to be carried out in a new theater of jurisdiction war, then they don’t know where the path of truth and justice will lead to; and they definitely don’t know how this story will end and what comes next.

Updating the Law of War Manual

The 1,204 Law of War Manual was updated in May 2016.

On page three, the U.S. DoD updated the Law of War Manual in the signed letter below. They did so for nearly one year, between June 2015 to May 2016.

The 120-year-old U.S. military document needed to be aligned with the Geneva Conventions on the international law of warfare. One must ask, why did the U.S. DoD begin this process back in 2015, before Donald Trump was elected and sworn into office two years later?

It was done to bring the U.S. military White Hats in alignment with international codes, laws, and conduct of war, so that when the “Storm” erupts at some point this summer, U.S. military officers, advisors, and servicemen cannot be tried, on some future date, in international courts and tribunals awhen they remove the traitors around the world and expel of them post-conviction.

The Law of War Manual was also used to warn those U.S. Senators and Congress members, along with the defective Biden cabinet members that they were given one year to leave Washington, D.C., and vacate the federal office buildings under articles 11.3 and 11.4 of the U.S. Military Law of War Manual for “Belligerent Occupants.”

Two and a half years later, it’s clear that the rogue Biden regime actors are still holding ground in the former British Crown maritime port city of Washington, D.C.

President Trump Rebuilds Guantanamo Bay

Old Schoolers also forgot about the big stick that went along with updating the Law of War Manual. President Trump’s $500 million infusion to overhaul and upgrade of the military detention, court, and evidence rooms at Gitmo.

On August 24, 2017, the Miami Herald published the story, “Trump’s Pentagon Wants to Spend Almost $500 Million on Guantánamo Construction.”

According to the article, written by Carol Rosenberg, it stated: [Emphasis ours]

“Behind the scenes, the U.S. military is planning for nearly a half-billion dollars in new construction during the Trump administration, including:

  • “A Navy request to build a $250 million 5-bed hospital …
  • In two other major projects, Congress is poised to give the Army $124 million to build new barracks for 848 prison troops to be ready four years from now.
  • And on a different corner of the base…
  • The Pentagon is soliciting bids of up to $100 million to build a…
  • Skeletal structure for a 13,000-migrant tent city and housing for 5,000 U.S. forces.”

This was done not to close down the base or release 9/11 terrorists still geld captive there. No, the construction was done to increase the size of the prison facilities, build a very large migrant tent city, and construct additional housing for “5,000 U.S. forces.”

How did the Old Schoolers forget about this and, perhaps worse, not tie the Gitmo expansion to updating the U.S. DoD Law of War Manual?

But I digress.

Old School Thinkers Are Stuck in the Past

As stated above, the sole purpose of the Durham Report was to prove that the Deep State exists while identifying the criminal traitors and actors–done more to awaken the American public than for the upcoming (or ongoing) military tribunals.

When I heard the statute of limitations expired argument, that the Durham Report was somehow deliberately delayed and released late, or that our corrupt U.S. court and justice system cannot adjudicate tens of thousands of accomplices for the treasonous coup d’etat, it appears that the Old Schoolers seem to have no idea what’s going to happen during and after the Storm.

If the Old School Thinkers spent a little time on Twitter this year, under the new ownership of Elon Musk, they would have noticed a marked change.

For instance, go watch the video clip at the top of this article showcasing a construction crew milling about at the crash site of the Pentagon on 9/11. One would notice that no plane fuselage, folded aluminum wreckage, wings, seats, bodies, personal articles, and luggage, or any sort of debris field existed after the so-called crash. Odd, no?

Thus, one must ask the question: Why are we seeing this video and others like it being leaked into public psyche in 2023, pulled out of the memory hole, showing a Tomahawk cruise missile striking the Pentagon–and not a hijacked American Airlines plane?

  • Why did truth teller SG Anon arrive on the scene in August 2022 to bring a new perspective, a different voice, and a deliberate cadence to wake up the normies?
  • Why did Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., enter the 2024 presidential race in April?
  • Why are leaks of false flag operations, with never before seen images or footage, proliferating across social media platforms?
  • Why did Elon Musk acquire Twitter at the end of October 2022?
  • Why was the FTX money laundering operation exposed on Election Day 2022?
  • Why did the Cabal-operated banks collapse earlier this spring, with is dark money laundering operations being exposed?

[Credit: Anonymous patriot. https://twitter.com/patriotofga3/status/1661203923812712448]

You don’t need to be a forensic medical examiner or an anthropologist to see that the former, original Elon Musk has been replaced by the new White Hat-installed Elon Musk (an actor wearing a mask). They are two different men. It’s not even a close resemblance. Skull thickness is a dead giveaway. So are the eyes, along with other details.

2023: The Completion of the Cycle

Old School Thinkers might not recognize the counter-Illuminati game being played against the Cabal. Sometimes it’s all in the numbers.

2023 = 2+0+2+3 = 7.

Seven is God’s number for the completion of a cycle. Seven days to create the earth and heaven. Seven days in a week. And so on.

But how can one overlook the big, huge date of November 22, 2023? The 60th year anniversary of the JFK Assassination? It’s a huge Mt. Everest date in American history and it’s happening at the end of this year.

I can’t overlook it. So why is everyone, especially the Old Schoolers who are only talking about 2024? 2024 is the next presidential election year. But that is a long way off with many economic and geopolitical events to happen between now and the end of next year.

Sorry, Old Schoolers, I am zeroed on the JFK date. This year. Done in 60. As in 60 years.

The JFK date is 182 days (5 months, 29 days) from the writing and publication of this article to that special historical moment that forever changed American history.

To me, it represents when the White Hats were formed and why. When the 77 U.S. military generals and admirals met in deep secret, after the assassination, to create a master plan to infiltrate the Cabal, the Luciferians, and the Illuminati, learn how they code, communicate, cast spells, and worship their demonic deities, then develop a decades-long master plan to defeat them at their own game of symbols, words, and numerology.

The 77 White Hats aged out over time and were replaced by 200 admirals and generals in the 1990s, and likely again over the past decade. They recruited Donald J. Trump to become the face and voice of the movement.

Today, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., censored for 18 years on the vaccines harming an entire generation of children, is now a keynote at crypto summit and resurrecting America conferences in order to speak directly to and red pill the Democrat base and other Americans who need to understand what happened, how we got here in this debt-soaked, war-fueled world of chaos and violence.

[Credit” Anonymous patriot on Twitter]

The ‘New Dawn’ Will be for New Thinkers

We are never going back to the 2019 system of corruption and inequity. We won’t return to the world of fascist corporate gatekeepers. Governments that collude with industry to enrich themselves. As for the evil Babylonian bankers that kept the global masses poor and in poverty for millennia since the time of Jesus Christ and the money changers, we won’t be living in their world any longer as hedge funds, printing money out of thin air, soaring inflation, and taxing people to their grave go the way of the dodo bird to extinction.

Their dark world is already on the way out. Soon gone.

All Old School Thinkers need to see is the seismic, economic-geopolitical shifts that the BRICS alliance brings with its growing numbers of new member nations and Texas on its way to create a gold-backed digital currency (QFS?), to see that corrupt system will continue to die on the vine before the global Reset and the Storm stun the masses from their lifelong slumber.

What comes after the financial crash?

Well, Donald J. Trump doesn’t post major red pills on Truth Social to be recognized. Dropping “World War III” on Sunday, no less, should make it clear that the world is headed for a nuclear conflict.

As such, those still living in and plugged into the Matrix will be shocked awake by the one-two punch of the global financial crash and the nuclear showdown.

If you remember where you were on the 9/11 attacks 21 years ago, then you will definitely never forget where you will be when nuclear armageddon day flashes across the sky. The scare event will be magnitudes bigger than the Mossad-CIA attacks launched on September 11, 2021.

And the Cabal will be defeated at its own game.

Will the one-two punch happen this year or next year? I believe it will happen before the 60th anniversary of the JFK Assassination. That means it will happen in less than 182 days.

Why do I believe that? White Hat numerology.

11-22-2023 = 2+4+7 = 13

13, as we know from living in the Illuminati Matrix, is the devil hoax number. No one can find a 13th floor anywhere in New York City, whether in a residential or commercial building. I know. I lived there for three decades and worked in the construction industry going side hundreds of those buildings.

In a moment of poetic justice, the Cabal will end with its own hoax number–13–being rammed down its decrepit throat and reborn as a victory of light to humanity. That is my belief.

And what a crowning achievement that will be.

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