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Open Borders – A Communist Plot | MSOM Ep.283

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6/15/2021 | 5:30 PM | MSOM Ep.283

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Nearly 60% of Americans are concerned about running out of money.






36 replies on “Open Borders – A Communist Plot | MSOM Ep.283”

Hello John,
First….I hope you getting plenty of rest and have a speedy recovery. Wanted to bring up a thought. ….particularly about the recent show you had on with Leigh Dundas as a guest. Great show by the way.

So, just wanted to point out that at around 032:11 in the time stamp of THAT video.. ….. Your guest speaker Leigh Dundas is transparent about her position about the so called “Q Plan!”.
She goes on to say and I quote……………..(“TO THINK THAT AN FDR OR A CHURCHILL IS GONNA RESCUE US AGAINST HITLER…… IN WW11, IS HIGHLY FALACIOUS AND IT’S DELUSIONAL THINKING!”)…….. She goes on to say it’s (“Up to us…the Patriots to save America “)…. point is….this is your guest …a guest whose narrative is contrary to your narrative when it comes to the (Q PLAN). You also had Mike Adams on your show recently.. You know Patriot Mike, owner and founder of Brighteon! Anyway, he too holds the position that we are headed for a doom and gloom PLAN…and not the Q plan…

He doesn’t believe Trump is to be re instated and that the Rebublic WON’T BE restored.
Just go to to see for yourself. So..ill be bringining this up in our June Zoom conferemce…..but I wanted you to watch Mike Adams OTHER VIDEOS on his website first….. so we have an interesting topic to discuss in rhw upcoming zoom conference.

…..Only for now… .If Mike and Leigh are wrong about the Q plan….or a plan that Trump is ( NOT) coming back this year…..then, to be consitent with logic….If they are both wrong abour that……then how can we take them on thier word for ANYTHING ELSE they talk about?

They would not be deemed a credible source…..again, if we are being consistent with logic?

Much thanks to dear John Michael Chambers for making the efforts today in briefings! Though there seem to be a sound tech issue on his side, nevertheless, it was such an honor and a blessing to hear JMC:)
All patriots awaiting and anticipating to see John Michael Chambers back SOON! Please selfcare and get well:) You are a very important voice to America and the US Patriots. You have managed to create most crucial platform during this era in history of America and the world! Thanks to you and your team, you are fighting on a digital place, to help save America, and bringing real truth!
Thank Sean Morgan for the superb work he presents on AMP. A great back up for John. Hope we can see and hear James Grundvig as well here! It’s hard waiting for him to Friday, since he is an equally crucial voice! G-d blesses you all, and shall redeem America:) THANK PRESIDENT DJ TRUMP, and US MILITARY, for helping fight for AMERICA and help in the journey to heal PLANET EARTH! This will soon be a global revival for HUMANITY! LET’S US ALL, continue help contribute plus help support the great causes! We shall ALL march on, and continue to fight this very challenging battle to the end, until shall see the LIGHT SHINING UPON US, PATRIOTS! MAGA!

John it was so nice to hear from You tonight . I have been concern
for You . I’m glad You are on the road to good Health . Thank God for Good Doctors . Take care ,Stay Safe , and God Bless You

We are in excellent hands with Sean Morgan. John , thank you for all your tireless efforts making AMP happen. Rest easy and get well soon. Praying for your quick recovery!!!


I find tonight’s announcement the very definition of the word “irony”. The fact that you’ve been unfortunate to fall victim to the symptoms of this “shedding” after so much discussion and warnings of the “anti-vax vaccine”. The good news is this just solidifies all the testimonies from the wonderful brave doctors we’ve been listening to HERE and hopefully now this will give you John an even louder voice to deliver God’s message to your listeners “far and wide”!!!!!!!!
Godspeed John and Get Well Soon! ❤️

Thank you all so much! Amapola is PRECIOUS! Love all her insight! God bless you all. Good to hear from you JMC, praying for you to get better.

Wow. Excellent job Sean. It is sad that only now, at 64 years of age, I truly love and appreciate being in the united States of America even with the harsh lessons we are experiencing. Thank you American Media Periscope for being the beacon of truth and education.

Dear John,
I tune in to most of ur shows & get great solace & hope from the content therein. I have been very worried about that cough you have for weeks that does not seem to be abating at all.
Thankfully you are now taking time off to enable your body to heal.
Look after yourself John, you’ve left a great guy in charge whilst you are recouperating.
I will b praying for you.
I tell everyone I meet to tune into American Media Periscope we have nothing like it in our country.
Many blessings John. Trust in God he will never let you down.

Get rest to get better quickly. How can one tell if one effected by shedding. My symptoms near similar. Where would one start to investigate that with what type of doctor.
God bless AMP stay well. We are staying the course and trusting the plan

Glad you are ok and on the mend. Love that Sean is your cohost! He is incredibly intelligent and speaks so eloquently to spread the messages. James has powerhouse shows too!

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