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America's Patriot Only Network

Patriots Stand Up With John Di Lemme | MSOM Ep. 311

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Patriots Stand Up With John Di Lemme | MSOM Ep. 311

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10 replies on “Patriots Stand Up With John Di Lemme | MSOM Ep. 311”

Hello John, it’s so nice to hear from you. I’m ready to join this fight. I’ve been praying that God will be on our side. God bless us all. reports on a major decision by the Canadian Supreme Court that any powers the Alberta government has to legally enforce any restrictions related to COVID – 19 are illegal . Consequently, the Alberta government has cancelled all restrictions. No more lockdowns; no more masks and no more vaccines can be enforced by government. This will spread throughout Canada, the USA and eventually the rest of the world.

So glad to see you John!!! Been praying for your wellness and spreading the AMP news with my community. Stay safe and be well. Where we go one we go all! Love all u guys!! Godbless!

I’m From Southern California. A true patriot and a strong conservative. I really want to join a group of patriots in our area. I just found out today that my 20 year old son who goes to college will have to do covid swab test twice a week because he’s the only one that is not vaccinated in there class. This is really sad what’s going on right now.
In the next few weeks, I might be force to be vaccinated from my work place.

John Di Lemme was one of your best guests yet. He’s a product of eastern seaboard America from the second half of the twentieth century like me, and in THAT WORLD, you said what you MEANT, and you MEANT what you said. And BACKED IT UP when necessary. The lies that pour out of the mouths of our enemies are going to be used to HANG THEM. 911 was the BEGINNING OF THE END of the international group of INSANE CRIMINALS who use war to make money. To be a part of 911 and the cover-up in ANY WAY makes them GUILTY of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, and they truly don’t deserve TO LIVE ON EARTH with US. WAKE UP AMERICA. We OWE our forefathers our BEST for what we have been blessed with. Thanks AMP! Hey Sandy!!! Best to All- TW

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