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People Are A Target Rich Environment For Pharma | MSOM Ep.305

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5 replies on “People Are A Target Rich Environment For Pharma | MSOM Ep.305”

I am a resident of North Carolina and am a spouse of an active duty military soldier at Fort Bragg. I am reaching out because I have seen how you stand against this tyranny that is happening against our nation. I have reached out to my senate and unfortunately it doesn’t seem like they are willing to listen or help. I am trying to find resources into what will or can be done with active military service members whom are being forced to get the kill shot. There are some that knows the severity of what is can and will do to their health. Our military men and women really need help in this and September 1st, they are finalizing them mandatory. If this shot effects the health and wellness of our services members than we will be a weak defenseless system on America soil and the tyranny saga will not end until everyone gets the beast mark of Satan’s work in this madness and humanity is no longer.

Im anxious to hear your feedback or a potential broadcast on this topic to help us. Please help!

May god continue to shield us and shed light and bless our nation.

Have you contacted The America’s Frontline Doctors? They have a list of Doctors and Lawyers who may be able to help.
Attorney Joey Gilbert will answer your call today. He’s listed on the God Bless! Try Sidney Powell, Attorney, Defending the Republic. Org. She may have some answers.

God bless and help keep you from this utter evil.
Do not let your husband take the Satanic vaccine.
Contact Frontline Doctors for help.

I highly respect Thomas Renz. We need more people like him. Praying that God will bless him and his efforts. Thank you for everything your doing.

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