Plandemic 2.0 – Is the Mass Population Going to Fall for This Again? Lockdown, Masks, Testing, and Vaccine Mandates are Coming Back

August 26, 2023

By Caroline Chang, American Media Periscope

InfoWar’s Alex Jones reported information he had received from a TSA whistleblower. The official start to a new terror campaign concerning subvariants of Covid will start mid-September.

Biden Administration Preparing for Another Lockdown

The Biden Administration is already buying Covid-19 equipment, test kits, and hiring pandemic safety protocol enforcers. The Administration is again preparing to roll out new Covid lockdown restrictions, masks, testing, and vaccine mandates this fall.

Universities and colleges are already bringing back mask mandates for college students on some campuses and in classes. You are already starting to see more and more people wearing masks out in public.

The billionaire class is not hiding their intentions to lock us all down again. They are openly talking about it as if anything that was done in 2020 was helpful to the general public. The opposite is true. It has been proven that all the Covid restrictions that were forced upon us were only harmful to our health.

Will You Comply Again with Lies?

Will you comply again with the lies and propaganda? Now is the time to unite peacefully in mass numbers and stand up together against global tyranny that seeks to enslave us. This is not about politics at all, this is about health and freedom. Regardless of politics, we all want health and freedom for ourselves and family. Now is the time to make that decision.

This woke mentality with Covid lockdown and restrictions, human-caused climate change hoax, racial division manipulation, and gender confusion indoctrination leads us to a Transhumanism dystopian future. Anyone with eyes to see can see this is being thrust upon society by the wealthiest 1% of the world’s population. This is how the 1% has controlled the 99% for eons, with fear tactics and division.

Not Only Happening in the US

This is not just happening in the US. It’s also happening in the UK; the UK has also unleashed a new fear campaign. The fear campaign suggests that masks should be worn again. The mask that has been scientifically proven over and over again cannot protect anyone from a tiny viral particle even if there is a virus.

On the contrary, wearing a mask does not protect you, it actually is harmful to your health. All masks are harmful. It was even reported by the MSM New York Times that masks do not work, The Mask Mandates Did Nothing. Will Any Lessons Be Learned?

The Globalist Elite’s purpose of wearing a mask is symbolic of “Just shut up and comply with everything we tell you to do, no matter how nonsensical it might be.” All it’s honestly for is to harm your health, not protect you.

By wearing a mask, you are literally making yourself sick by cutting off your life force, your oxygen supply, the breath of life. While breathing in all the bacteria your body is trying to get rid of to stay healthy. The propaganda is that masks should be worn again because of the new subvariants BA.2.86 and EG.5, due to waning immunity and so-called human caused climate change..

MSM Refuses to Report the Truth

The mainstream News refuses to report the truth that it is the vaccinated who are getting sicker and dying in record numbers since the rollout of these shots. Especially young healthy athletes at the peak of their performance. Many countries have banned these shots for young people under 30 years old. Countries like Sweden, Germany, France, Finland, and Denmark. This has now become the pandemic of the vaccinated.

As many countries have banned these shots for young people, South Africa is suing their government to ban the Pfizer shots entirely in their country for all citizens because of the devastating harm these shots are causing.

Nevertheless, the US is giving these experimental bio-weapon shots to babies as young as six months old. As well as adding 4 Covid shots to the CDC Childhood Vaccines schedule. Bringing the CDC Childhood vaccines schedule to 76 does from birth to 18 years old. This means that Covid shots will become mandatory to attend school.

New Vaccines for New Subvariants

Because of these new subvariants, there needs to be new vaccines for them, and people will need more and more boosters because they do not protect against anything. This has been openly admitted, they were never even tested to stop transmission.

Anyone doing their own homework and watching the Highwire in 2020 while the trials of the Covid-19 vaccines were in progress learned that none of the Covid-19 vaccines were being tested to stop transmission. This information was not News to anyone who was following the vaccine trials.

Yet still, so many people were in shock when this information came out in a European Parliament hearing, where a Pfizer executive openly admitted this fact. She even chuckled a little as she answered the question. Because she knew full well that Pfizer never claimed that they had tested for stopping transmission.

This fact is the reason no Covid shot mandate can ever be imposed on a population when it cannot stop transmission. It has been proven that you are 3 times more likely to contract so-called Covid if you have been vaccinated. Because it has been proven that the Covid shots weaken your natural immunity.

Most Covid Shot Injuries and Deaths Will Never Be Counted

“Covid vaccines have a disproportionate injury rate, with injuries including strokes, blood clots, heart attacks, amputations, and neurological conditions”, a senior Conservative UK MP has said, reported by The Daily Sceptic. Another side effect is sudden explosive cancer appearing overnight.

Speaking to the Pandemic Response and Recovery All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG), former Government Minister and APPG Co-Chair Esther McVey said: “A reporting system that misses as many as 98 out of 100 adverse reactions, inevitably misses safety signals.”

It is not that they have missed safety signals, the signals are in plain sight, and clear as day. This overwhelmingly alarming data is deliberately being ignored and hidden from the general population worldwide.

Mid-September They Plan the Roll Out

Mid-September they plan to roll out new variant vaccines. Despite all the death, harm, and devastation these shots have already caused over the past two and a half years.

Biden outright lied in September 2021, saying that hospitals were overrun with the unvaccinated and it had become a pandemic of the unvaccinated. When the exact opposite was true. The vaccinated are being hospitalized and dying much more than the unvaccinated.

There is not one person who did not get the Covid shots that regrets not getting vaccinated. However, there are millions who got the Covid shots that wish they had not.

The MSM News kept on reporting “safe and effective” even though they knew the opposite was the case. They knew how much harm these shots were causing and still kept up with the propaganda lie. People like Rachel Maddow, unapologetically kept pushing people to go against their better judgement and get vaccinated to help protect others. Which was an outright lie which I am sure she was fully complicit.

Permanent Office of Pandemic Preparedness

What is happening is not about a so-called virus at all. It is about scaring the public into getting a bio-weapon injection. Their goal is mass depopulation via global genocide. This is a military operation against its own citizens, this has always been a military operation. These shots were developed and administered by the US military.

Biden launched the permanent Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response Policy and named a military man as the director, Major General Paul Friedrichs.

Biometric Digital ID System

With their ambition for total control, the government is looking at the new Gates-funded Biometric Digital ID System. You will be completely controlled by the government and cannot do anything they do not allow you to do. Stating that this is needed because of the Covid-19 pandemic and the push for digital vaccine passports.

This has always been their original plan. They were hoping by now from the first fake pandemic in 2020 that this digital passport system would already be in place by now. However, there was too much pushback to this worldwide. This proves that We the People have all the power.

Therefore, they did not get away with it on their first attempt. Their goal is to have everyone on earth connected to a digital passport including newborn babies by 2030. The purpose of a digital passport system is to control everything a person can have access to their entire life; creating a global digital concentration camp.

Playing The Exact Same Playbook

That is why they are now playing the exact same playbook to get the job done this time. Are people going to just comply with these obvious lies again? That is the question.

We have been here before, and we have seen where it leads. We have all witnessed that every word we were told was a lie. There are just a few now that actually still believe the lies, most people can see clearly through the propaganda now.

However, will they still comply like they did in 2020 for fear of what will happen if they do not? Will the 99% of the world’s population continue to allow themselves to be controlled by the 1%? I think not!

Too many millions, if not billions are awake now. The Globalists are planning for this to happen within the next few weeks. They will be in for a big surprise when the majority of the world’s population says, “Hell No!”.

Author Bio:

Caroline Chang is a producer and podcast host of Awake 2 Oneness Radio for 8 years. She is also the founder of the KYLE Foundation (“Keep Your Light Expanding”), named after her son who is in spirit, and co-founder of Universal Oneness Alliance. Caroline has been on the frontline of the Truth and Freedom movement since March 2020, as well as a speaker, author, and mentor to many who are dealing with difficult life situations.

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