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Populism Is Here To Stay | MSOM Ep.296

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Populism Is Here To Stay | MSOM Ep.296

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Nearly 60% of Americans are concerned about running out of money.

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18 replies on “Populism Is Here To Stay | MSOM Ep.296”

I totally agree,VERY frustrating!!!! She is either being hacked deliberately or has completely crappy equipment to work with whatever the case may be it needs to get fixed!!!!! Before she tries to come back on the program.

I look up to Donald Jefferies and hope ge stays healthy for years to come. The Deel State tries to surround him in order to control him. He understands that anx handles the situation beautifully. What the Deep State did on 9/11 has resulted in me believing our nation is hijacked by criminal international and domestic white supremacist zionists. The white WASPs and white Catholics are puppets to their Deep State. And tomorrow the African American, Asian, Arab, and Hispanic Americans who may lead this country will also be puppets – until we have MASSIVE BANKING REFORM then everything will change for the better! When we get MASSIVE BANKING REFORM, the wealth and power will transfer from the 1% back to the 99%. This needs to be done quickly because the Deep State can murder leaders and cover it up or nurder thousands in the 9/11 and Middle East wars or murder millions like bolshevism, WW2, etc.. I fear the Deep State and cross myself often to pray for wisdom and protection.

We know the DS is moving fast, and illegally. Are the efforts of the patriots trying to get things done correctly, going to work fast enough for us, to make a dent in the multitude of things taking place? There is a lot of talk about exposing the DS. To who? The military, and upper echelon of the govt., including most 3 letter agencies already know about, and have proof of their crimes. The aprox. 80% of Americans that voted for Trump, are fully aware of the DS crimes regarding the election. At least 60% of the population knows the Covid vaccines are not good. That same 60% is tired of the mask mandates. A good number of people are aware of what’s going on in schools, and are pushing back. This includes both masks, and CRT. People have been pushing back in several ways, on unconstitutional laws coming out. Anyone that’s gone to the gas station, or grocery store a couple times in the past couple of months are fully aware that the economy is going downhill fast. Exposure, and evidence alone, without legal action, and consequences against the guilty parties, doesn’t give the desired results. It seems like the criminals are outpacing the patriots. The system seems to be going at a snail’s pace, while Americans suffer. Hopefully, the system will get busy, and kick into a faster mode soon, before it’s too late.

I love the content very important information. I could only listen part way because the mic was so bad. I’m wandering about John if he is ok. The last video I seen him he was coughing and was very sick. I pray he is ok.

If 1% of the population was able to steal and rightly own 99% of the country’s wealth, and 99% of the population are left with 1% of the country’s wealth and they’re ok with that, they’re not doing anything about it, they’re not fighting for their stolen wealth, stolen rights, stolen freedoms, then the 1% elites should either enslave the 99% of the population or just get rid of them because they’re
just stupid sheep, might as well bring in all new cheap labour migrants.
The true Americans are nowhere to be seen, or most likely don’t exist anymore.

Love the shows. Thanks for what everyone at AMP does. Is it possible for you to put a Chromecast button on the videos, to be able to watch them on a tv? Or maybe something is already there that I’m missing? Thanks

Please give us a update on John Michael Chambers. Please do something about your equipment. Very hard to follow and you have such good information.

Talk about it talk talk. They forgot ALPHA. why did they not mention ALPHA?
You need to invite Dr Judy Mikovits and ask her EDUCATED EXPERIENCED opinion why maybe why did Fauci forget to MENTION ALPHA VARIANT….I BET SHE KNOWS….

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