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Primaries to End Medical Tyranny in Florida

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August 22, 2022

By James Grundvig

Since 2021, General Michael Flynn has inspired crowds of people and patriots to win back America with a simple directive: “Local action creates a national impact.”

During the monthly Reawakening Tours, he co-sponsors with Clay Clark—this year dubbed “The Great Awakening vs. The Great Reset”—General Flynn’s command focuses on Tuesday, August 23, 2022, in a couple of large states with critical votes in the primaries on significant issues.


In Florida, the primaries will cover various issues and seats, from legalizing cannabis with the agriculture commissioner up for a vote to several state congressional and senate seats, including many incumbents, such as Senator Mark Rubio. At the local level of county and municipal races, it’s where the rubber hits the road.

Make a difference vote:

Emerging from the COVID-19 hangover of the past two years and the infiltration of “wokeism,” gender fluidity, and critical race theory in the public schools, the threat to freedom and the Bill of Rights crystalized as major voting issues.

It took the near-death and medical kidnapping of a retired Sarasota medical doctor in Stephen Guffanti in August 2021, followed by the death of Gualter Tavares, to bring new talent into the political arena. Protests fueled by Tavares’ daughter, Michelle, the executive director at Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s organization, further brought the issue of patients’ rights and the freedom of choice into greater perspective.

As a result of the Sarasota Memorial Hospital maltreatment and alleged murder of several patients, on April 6, 2022, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill that guarantees “visitation rights for patients and their families.” In doing so, DeSantis removed one of the critical barriers from hospitals across the state by barring witnesses from potential crimes.

Over the past month, Dr. Stephen Guffanti gathered four widows who lost their husbands at the hands of Sarasota Memorial Hospital (SMH), blindly following the “Fauci Protocol” with a sprinkle of the CDC injected into the pogrom—or was it a program?

“Fauci Protocol” of Remdesivir

In an overview, the hospital visit turned into a deadly treatment for many went like this:

  • The injured patient goes to SMH ER
  • The ER staff immediately tests for Covid
  • With Covid (false) positive result, they send the patient’s family home
  • With no witnesses, they isolate the patient because the virus is “sooo contagious.”

From there, it was often a death sentence:

  • Ventilate the patient to restrict the breathing
  • Ignore all other health issues, like failing hearts and bacteria in the lungs
  • Once in a weakened state, put the ailing patient on Remdesivir
  • After five days of the kidney-squeezing drug, water fills the lungs
  • The patient grows weaker and weaker… until hospice medicine is deployed to finish the job

As many doctors reported, the hospitals were paid every step of the way by the CARES Act. Seven steps, from Covid positive test to death with a “Covid” caused by the city or county medical examiner.

Calling “sanctioned murder” or “incentivized killing,” the results were the same, and the act was deplorable and grotesque.

With corporate hospitals removing many staff members, replacing them by outsourced “contractors” is there little wonder of the bad treatment and law-breaking security guards committing crimes?

New Blood Needed at SMH Board

Tomorrow, up for grabs, are four board seats at the hyper-local level of Sarasota Memorial Hospital. Inspired by the dark truths, former New York law enforcement officer Vi Rohe joined with medical professionals in recently retired Dr. Joseph Charillo and a pair of determined RNs, Patricia Maraia and Bridgette Fiorucci.

Last Friday, I interviewed three of the four board members on “Unrestricted Truths” (Episode 168). Unfortunately, Bridgette Fiorucci did not join that show due to a scheduling conflict, but she provided a statement to American Media Periscope.

Make a difference vote:  

[Credit: Bridgette Fiorucci, RN, Board Candidate.}

Bridgette Fiorucci, RN

“We are very fortunate to have some of the top physicians in the country taking care of our patients. However, when your doctor has to follow a protocol rather than taking care of the patient in front of them, you have to wonder who is benefitting, the patient or the hospital. Politics should never inhibit a physician’s ability to have an open conversation with a patient about the options and course of their care. Likewise, non-medical professionals should not have a say in the medical treatment of patients. It is the board’s responsibility to ensure that medical providers have all the treatment options available to them to provide top-notch medical care for the patients of Sarasota. [Emphasis ours]

“I am a Registered Nurse currently working in the Emergency Room at Sarasota Memorial Hospital, specializing in Sexual Assault Nursing Exams. I have been an RN since 1995. I have worked in various hospitals over the years, from large University hospitals like Loyola University Medical Center and Detroit Medical Center to community hospitals like SMH. I have worked in almost every department, from the ER to the ICU. I have seen numerous approaches to healthcare, some great and some not so good. Regardless of being rated one of the nation’s top 100 hospitals, our patients and staff’s safety is a cause for concern. The divisive atmosphere has caused seasoned staff to leave for “greener pastures” and instead filled our hospital with contract workers who have no ties to our community, which definitely affects the care of our loved ones.

“All of us who live in this community needs to have confidence in our doctors and hospital. I want to restore that confidence to the public. I want to give control back to the physicians and patients in care decisions. I want to regain the quality of care and make patient and staff safety a priority. For the past two years, money has prioritized people at SMH. I want to help change that. I am Bridgette Fiorucci, and I am running for the Sarasota County Hospital Board, central district seat two, and I want your vote on August 23.”

[Credit: Images montage of 5 victims; photos courtesy of the widows.]

The SMH Widows Respond

Last Thursday, on “Unrestricted Truths” (Episode 167), I hosted three of the four widows, including Dr. Stephen Guffanti. He has read all of the late husbands’ medical charts to provide analysis of treatments, alleged malpractice, and even worse.

Widow – Donna

“Hospital protocols need to change. Each patient is unique. Why should treatments be the same for all…. Protect patients at Sarasota Memorial Hospital by electing Board members with medical knowledge and background. Allow physicians to manage care with a patient-centered focus.” [Emphasis ours]

Melodie McKeel

“There need to be investigations conducted at this hospital. So many lives have been ended due to mistreatment, neglect, and denial of life-saving medications. Protocols need to be adjusted. Not all patients are the same, and doctors need to be able to have the freedom to treat each patient according to their needs. Patient and family rights have been violated over and over again. This needs to stop, and those responsible need to be held accountable.” [Emphasis ours]

Widow – Cynthia Schrock

“No family member should ever be separated from a loved one in the hospital. Isolation and human touch are vital for healing.

“My world turned upside down in 22 days. My household went from a household of 5 to 2 in 3 weeks. All because a doctor decided to treat my husband for COVID instead of his heart attack. I know nothing will bring my husband back. But, I also believe that the medical professionals who chose protocol over patient care need to be held accountable.” [Emphasis ours]

Widow – Brenda Pastorick

“It was torture not getting to be with my husband, who had slight dementia and eventually could not even dial the phone or answer when I called… So I had to call daily and ask if someone could go into his room and dial me up on the phone, which did not happen several times—they were too busy, I guess. [Emphasis ours.]

“So, he must have thought we all had deserted him. I know one nurse said he asked her to hold his hand one day—he must have felt so lonely!… I had to call the nurses’ station to bring him ice water, as they were not responding to his requests.

“Thank God, Gov. DeSantis has declared that families can no longer be kept from relatives in Florida hospitals.”

[Credit: Dr. Stephen Guffanti.]

Stephen Guffanti, MD

“The ultimate responsibility lies with the Hospital Board, nine people who are mostly businessmen. They don’t know enough medicine to ask the right questions or understand the answers. Sarasota Memorial Hospital has excellent doctors and nurses that need to be freed to treat patients. To get that freedom, we need to replace the current board with medical personnel Bridgette Fiorucci, Patricia Maraia, and Dr. Joseph Chirillo. We also need a Victor Rohe, who has investigated hundreds of homicides. If these deaths were deliberate, he would find out.” [Emphasis ours]

Make a difference vote:  

You must be the advocate of change.

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