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Pryme Minister Jennifer Eason – The Black Secret Society Illuminati Rothschild Elite | Wake Up Black America Episode 7

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6/2/2021 | 4:30PM | Wake Up Black America EP 7









13 replies on “Pryme Minister Jennifer Eason – The Black Secret Society Illuminati Rothschild Elite | Wake Up Black America Episode 7”

Fantastic show. Love you, both.
Jenn, your information explains so well, WTH is wrong with us, black people. The conditioning is real. Can’t wait for life without that stale programming.

This was absolutely amazing, very informative and enlightening. It’s time for Black American to be awaken from this stupidity of being Star struck, to a group of people that are from their own race, which have/are being used against us to hurt and hinder each other. Please continue to deep diving of this information. So much has been purposely hidden from the Black race, that we could not make sound and intelligent decisions regarding our people. Absolutely loved this!

Bravo! Well articulated! I’ve been a fan of you both. Jennifer I resonate with your upbringing and journey. You remind me of my eldest sister, so radiant and knowledgeable. I do agree that it’s up to the “common black folks” to help our communities. I often have to say “you don’t have to be a trump supporter, just support the truth.
I’m THE only member of my family who objects to the narrative thrown on us. I was born and raised in Colorado, currently stay in GA. All my life I was told you sound white. Are you white due to vernacular and hue. I’m a proud ADOS who trying to plant seeds or to give a different perspective on world events, celebrities, church, etc. I said all that to say this, THANK YOU!
I also just adore the Pryme your comical observations, love of hip hop and passion and courage for speaking your truth I also follow u on IG and you actually replied back. We are all discovering and learning and want to share with our family/friends. Unfortunately, they’re not able to receive a different message. But when they FIND OUT! Imma love them through it while reiterating I tried to tell you. ‍♀️ Thank you my beloveds, can’t wait for more episodes. I refuse to give up or give in to the nonsense! You both are phenomenal spreading truth and light.

Very well done. Thanks for bringing this information forward. Its not black or white to many of this. It’s the elite versus us peasants

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