Pushing Putin To Nuclear War:

April 1, 2022 James Grundvig, American Media Periscope

Germany and France Ignites the Fuse

Emmanuel Macron stepped on two political landmines with ten days to go until the French presidential election.

First, the French Senate exposed the misappropriation of one billion euros of taxpayer’s money to fund the U.S. consultancy McKinsey and Company, among other firms, during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Then, trumping that disaster in public policy, France and Germany scoffed at Vladimir Putin’s threat to shut down Russia’s gas pipeline to Europe if they didn’t pay for the energy in rubles—and not U.S. dollars.

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In the latter, French billionaire Philippe Argillier sees both the rejection of Putin’s demand and the taunting manner in which the European governments carried it out as dangerous, possibly leading to war as soon as next week.

“The man in the shadows” as Philippe Argillier became known in 2005, was a handle he earned working behind the scenes consulting for foreign presidents across Africa and the European continent. That insider view on behind-the-scenes business meets geopolitics introduced Argillier to the “Shadow Government,” a stealthy, global ruling body and precursor to the New World Order. Yes, the one-world government.

A seat at the money changers’ table enabled Philippe Argillier to collect thousands of contracts, agreements, communications, bank wires, and more and store the information on an IT platform he calls the “Intel Databanks.”

In a three-way phone call on Thursday, the French businessman with U.S. citizenship told Maria Zack, founder of Nations in Action, and this author that “You don’t push Putin. That could lead to a bad situation. It could lead to war.”

In Argillier’s view, the worst-case scenario would be a nuclear war. He warned that a trigger for that war could start in “three days.”

The French Senate Landmine

On March 16, the French Senate published report “No. 578 — Senate Regular Session 2021-2022,” made on “behalf of the commission of inquiry on the growing influence of private consulting firms on public policy.”

The 380-page report arrived at a single conclusion, calling the rapid growth of the French government “A sprawling phenomenon: The growing influence of consulting firms on public policy.”

A sub-headline from the report reads:

            “State council spending exceeds one billion euros ($1.1 billion USD) in 2021 and

have more than doubled during the five years.”

On page 8, the Senate called that hefty sum paid for consultancy services “crazy pognon.” Pognon is a French slang term for “dough” or cash.

“In 2021, state consulting expenditures in the broad sense exceeded one billion euros, including:

  • 893.9 million for ministries.”
  • 171.9 million for 44 operators (i.e., consultants).”

McKinsey wasn’t the only consultant firm used by Macron. But its payouts versus its deliverables were the most suspect and egregious.

For example, 4 million euros went to McKinsey to reform Aide Personnalisée au Logement (APL) or “housing benefits” in France’s socialist system. McKinsey also earned nearly 13 million euros for COVID-19 consultancy. Then add $1 million for an aborted pension reform plan comprised of one PowerPoint deck and a 50-page booklet. And in another aborted program on the “future of the teaching profession,” McKinsey earned more than $500,000.

These consultant abuses sparked outrage in France and Macron’s opposition parties, smelling blood on a president who refused to debate.

The public blowback reached a feverish pitch against Emmanuel Macron on March 30, forcing the Shadow Government media outlets in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal to finally report on the corruption.

The WSJ published its article with the incendiary headline:

“France’s Macron Under Fire for Hiring McKinsey for Covid Vaccine Rollout.”

In a feeble response to dampen the outrage, McKinsey provided a one-liner that the commotion was a “tax issue” and had complied with all applicable tax laws and regulations in France.

Unfortunately for McKinsey, they have been pegged as the day one consultant for the former New York Governor Cuomo’s decision to bring infected sick coronavirus patients into nursing homes across New York State. That unsound, lousy advice resulted in the deaths of more than 15,000 senior citizens. In addition, at least four other states hired McKinsey and ran similar Covid nursing home programs.

In this author’s opinion, McKinsey will one day be a central target of a criminal probe when the COVID-19 scandal is investigated in the U.S. for crimes against humanity.

Why did the Public Health Ministry of France order 4.47 billion masks for a nation of 67 million people? Who consulted President Macron and the French Ministry of Health to make that purchase? And were those masks procured from Communist China? Did McKinsey have a hand in this wasteful decision-making?

According to the French Senate report, 4.47 billion masks equate to “31,200 truck journeys throughout France.” So, the billions of masks purchased weren’t the only costs associated with that Covid line item.

The sword that President Macron is falling on started with the promise of a “massive reduction in social contributions, supposed to create more than a million jobs:

in a scenario of a reduction in contributions of 30 billion, up to 1.36 million additional jobs could be created at horizon 2022 on the condition of targeting reductions on wages below 1.4 SMIC and also acting on mobility and skills.” [pg. 180]

That sword could also wound Macron’s presidency if he triggered World War III with Russia.

The Brink of Nuclear War

First, President Putin and Russia aren’t fighting Europeans pe se; certainly not the people. Putin, a former KGB intelligence officer, set out to expose the Shadow Government and the dark plans it commissioned via its 38 members.

Part of the Covid master plan included the erection of two dozen Biolabs in Ukraine that began in 2003 in the United States military-health agency complex under Bush No. 43, earmarking $274 million for a “biosurveillance initiative.”

Last autumn, Philippe Argillier revealed six members of the Shadow Government during interviews on AMP Media’s Unrestricted Truths, along with another U.S.-based outlet.

The six names Argillier revealed include:

  • Michael Bloomberg
  • George Soros
  • Bill Gates
  • Jeff Bezos
  • Warren Buffett
  • Charlie Munger

Argillier also confirmed that Mark Zuckerberg was not one of the 38 members.

In a recent interview on AMP, Philippe Argillier claimed that his Intel Databanks prevented President Macron from sending French troops to Ukraine, as he threatened to release some uncompromising material on Macron.

Suppose all of this is accurate, which aligns with other intel sources. In that case, President Putin and Russia are fighting not the Ukrainian people or European nations, but the Cabal’s Shadow Government infiltrating into states’ administrations and leadership roles. Perhaps that is why Western media tried so hard to cover up, misdirect, lie, repurpose old war footage, and blame Russia, Russia, and Russia for the military operation in Ukraine.

The covert war we are fighting in America, with its propaganda, lies, and censorship, is the same covert war Vladimir Putin aims to expose the architects and planners of the globalist takeover of the world.

From Jack Maxey to Philippe Argillier

In the past month, American investigative journalist Jack Maxey had enough in trying to reveal the corruption through political channels in Washington, DC, and U.S. mainstream media. Like Argillier, Maxey realized that he had to get the contents of the Hunter Biden laptop out to the public since the FBI had failed to do its job.

It took CNN, the New York Times, Washington Post more than 500 days to authenticate that the emails on the laptop were real and finally begin to report its content. The ‘Laptop From Hell’ has divided Big Media companies on reporting on the story, which ABC, CBS, and MSNBC remain on the sideline.

To force the issue, Jack Maxey took a different route. He vowed he to share and distribute the laptop contents with law enforcement agencies around the world, including the 3,000+ county sheriffs in the United States, requesting that they start to make arrests against the conspirators.

That prompted Republicans in Congress to finally take action—”action they would not have taken,” Jack Maxey told me in a phone conversation on Wednesday—after one year of seeking their help to expose the malicious fraud and deep corruption in the highest levels of the U.S. government.

Total News Blackout

Burning with the same frustration as Maxey, Philippe Argillier, president of the French Human Rights Unity (Rassemblement des Droits de l’Homme or RDH) and owner of four (4) Intel Databanks, he also took a different route.

On March 14, he secured two floors at the Parisian palace for two weeks. Then he invited more than 100 French journalists, TV reporters, and radio hosts to come see the trove of insider documents he held in his possession. Seeking full transparency, Philippe Argillier wanted to show the media he had the goods on scores of corrupt politicians, including backroom deals with the Shadow Government in France, across Europe, and elsewhere.

To his anger—not his surprise—not a single French media representative or journalist responded to his two invitation letters or took his phone calls. It was a total news blackout, a blackout directed by the Shadow Government, which controls all six major multinational news corporations that feed lies and propaganda around the world.

To prove that he tried to warn the people of France and Europe of the dangers that lie ahead with their leaders, Argillier shared his media letters and the 100 email addresses with AMP Media. [They will be published on Monday in a follow-up article on AMP News.]

For Philippe Argiller, the pushing of Vladimir Putin by Macron and Germany was a risk too significant to remain quiet and not provide some proof that he did what he could to warn his fellow Europeans of the imminent danger that could escalate rapidly into a geopolitical catastrophe next week.

For Jack Maxey and Philippe Argillier, bringing the pervasive, systemic corruption to light to help save humanity from “troubled waters” are their only objectives.

# # #

Part II – is coming on Monday, April 4, 2022.

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